Detox from Cocaine

Detox from Cocaine

Addiction to cocaine can happen without warning, and due to its potency and power, many people become addicted after just a few doses.

Although it causes severe harm to the user, cocaine also affects the lives of others, including the user’s family, friends and coworkers.

Once addiction has set in, it is very difficult to break, and even if a person tries to stop taking cocaine, the psychological and physiological side effects are so unpleasant that most people turn back to the drug. With proper help and treatment, you can break your cocaine addiction, and depending on how long you have taken it and the amount of your dose at the time you quit, the length of time it will take to rid your body of its toxic side effects will vary.

Is It Necessary?

Cocaine detox is very important for people who are addicted and are looking to break their addiction. If, when you stop taking cocaine for a period of time, you experience withdrawal symptoms like depression, cocaine cravings, feelings of fatigue, muscle pain and vomiting/nausea, you are addicted to cocaine and you should seek the help of a qualified detox facility like The Canyon.


The intake of cocaine into your body produces an intense rush of pleasurable and euphoric feelings.

However, once this initial high wears off, you’re left with feelings of depression, cocaine cravings, lethargy and anxiety. Because these symptoms occur during cocaine detox, medications are typically prescribed to help you deal with the unpleasantness. Withdrawal symptoms can last anywhere from a few days to as long as a week, depending largely upon how long you have been taking cocaine and the amount of the dose you are used to. For people who have been taking cocaine for a long period of time or who are extremely addicted to the substance, inpatient residential treatment centers are the best option since they allow you to focus on getting better without any outside distractions.


When cocaine is taken, it interferes with the brain’s natural pleasure and reward system. This system operates by releasing dopamine into the brain in response to pleasurable events. The dopamine is then picked up by other brain cells, which communicates those happy feelings to your consciousness. The dopamine is then released back into the brain and re-absorbed by the cells that originally secreted it so that it will be available for use later. When cocaine enters the picture, this cycle is disturbed. The cocaine causes a massive release of dopamine into the brain and then blocks the dopamine from being re-absorbed, resulting in feelings of depression and fatigue. With prolonged use, these symptoms only get worse.


Detox at The Canyon MalibuAt The Canyon, our treatment program will help you reclaim your personal goals and dreams and help you to develop an authentic relationship with yourself. A variety of alternative and evidence based therapies are implemented to help you break your cycle of cocaine addiction while you are in the care of our trained and certified therapists and physicians who regularly review and update your individualized treatment program. If you or a loved one is struggling with cocaine abuse or addiction, give us a call today.