California Drug Rehab

California drug rehab programs are some of the top tier addiction treatment programs in the world.

Nearby proximity to cutting-edge research coming out of local universities and research facilities ensures that private high-end treatment centers can offer the newest services and amenities proven to be effective in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. These same universities produce well-educated specialists in the field of substance abuse treatment, often trained in the newest and latest options in care. Factor in the resort-like feel of the landscape, the mountains and the ocean, and mild temperatures and a California drug rehab program provides the benefits of top-notch medical care with the benefits of a luxurious spa vacation.

CA Drug RehabAll California drug rehabs must comply with the requirements of the State of California when they provide addiction treatment services, but private facilities like The Canyon here in Peace Park, California, have more freedom to offer a wider range of alternative treatments and therapies. These enhanced treatment options improve the overall experience of the patient and increase the chances for success in recovery after leaving the program.


Addiction Treatment Services Offered in California

The first few months spent in rehab without drugs and alcohol are crucial. Through medical care, skill building, therapy and more, patients will have the opportunity to learn and practice the tools that will help them stop abusing drugs safely and remain abstinent for the long term. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, there are a number of different components that will make a drug rehab more successful:

  • Detox. The first step in any effective California rehab is drug detox, because most who take their drug of choice daily build up a tolerance to the substance and adjust the production of chemicals in their body based on the expectation of continued supply. When you stop taking heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs or other addictive substances, many patients experience withdrawal symptoms as their body goes into shock and adjusts. When these symptoms take hold, it is a difficult emotional and physical process; many patients require medical drug detox care to make it through safely.
  • Psychotherapeutic treatment. After patients have overcome the withdrawal symptoms associated with drug dependence, the focus can turn to addressing the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your recovery. For some, underlying mental health disorders trigger the desire to abuse drugs; for others, the hard life that comes with drug addiction creates a slew of associated trauma that perpetuates the disorder. Either way, the bulk of time spent in a California drug rehab program will be spent treating co-occurring disorders, addressing underlying trauma and learning how to cope with stressors in order to avoid relapse.
  • Aftercare. Most patients will go home after 30 days, three months or six months of treatment. For those who have a supportive home to return to, this can be an excellent choice as long as aftercare services are used. Personal therapy, liaison and advocacy services, 12-step treatment like Narcotics Anonymous, group therapy sessions, and case management that maximizes the benefits of aftercare services are all positive additions to an effective aftercare program.
  • Sober living. Residential aftercare treatment provides many of the same services that you can take advantage of individually through aftercare services but also provides you with room and board. This is a good choice for those who don’t have a positive and supportive home to return to after rehab; they will fare far better in recovery when they surround themselves with sober peers, counselors to provide guidance during times of stress, and all the resources to start a positive new life without addiction.

Benefits of Drug Rehabilitation Programs

According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately one in 10 Americans over the age of 12 struggles with drug and/or alcohol dependence. For these patients, drug rehabilitation programs in California are among the most highly sought after programs in the world. Proximity to some of the country’s most beautiful scenery _ snow-capped mountains, sparkly Pacific beaches, sprawling state parks _ and a reputation for forging new frontiers in science and medicine and for being home to some of the most glamorous people on the planet makes California drug rehab programs extremely attractive.

  • Location

    Whether or not you live in the state, California drug rehabs are a top choice. Southern California especially boasts one of the fastest paced cities in the country as well as some of the most relaxing vistas. The combination of the two allows you to find the space to relax and enjoy nature as you recover but also makes it easier to transition back to “the real world.” You couldn’t create an environment more conducive to drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation than California.

  • Cutting-Edge Services

    California leads the nation in scientific and medical research and in the area of substance abuse and addiction treatment, we excel. The Canyon provides the best in medical and psychological treatments for those who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction or have co-occurring disorders of addiction and mental disorders like depression or eating disorders. Everyone from our acupuncturists, massage therapists and nutritionists to our nurses, psychologists and psychiatrists specializes in drug addiction treatment. You won’t find a facility anywhere in the country that offers as many different styles and types of therapy, meditative bodywork and exercise.

  • Celebrity-Style Facilities

    It’s no wonder that The Canyon is often the choice of celebrities in search of healing after a bout with addiction. With our separate male and female homes on our sprawling mountain ranch estate, a top-of-the-line facility, and tons of space to relax, wander and try out different therapies and treatments, our drug rehab allows you to take the time you need to heal. Even the amenities found in the rooms and common areas, the gourmet organic meals and the luxurious views were designed to appease the celebrity in all of us.

  • A Range of Therapies

    Traditional 12-step programs are considered standard across the substance abuse and addiction treatment industry, but in California, thanks to the number of forward-thinking research facilities and universities in the state, you have access to the latest and most cutting-edge therapies. Whether it’s acupuncture in a group setting, other Chinese and ancient medicines, or psychological alternative therapies like ropes and adventure therapy or equine-assisted therapy, you can experiment with the different types of treatments and find what works best for you. Other facilities may try and force you into a one-size-fits-all kind of program, but in a drug rehabilitation center like The Canyon, you are encouraged to branch out and try new things.

  • A Variety of Amenities

    In addition to the wide variety of therapeutic treatments to choose from, drug rehabilitation centers in California also offer a number of amenities of the type you might find in a 4-star hotel. Celebrity-style accommodations including luxury bedding, vista views from residential rooms, swimming pools and Jacuzzis, saunas, and areas for meditation and massage are available. Organic, gourmet dining at each meal provides you with the nutrition you need to rejuvenate after your bout with drug and alcohol addiction while also working to detox your body of the toxins that have built up over time. All together, these amenities plus the therapeutic and medical treatment help to heal your spirit, mind and body simultaneously so that you return home refreshed and ready to start your new life in recovery.

  • Relaxation and Healing

    California is one of the most beautiful and most often filmed states in the country for a reason; from mountain ranges to deserts to the Pacific Ocean, the scenery couldn’t be more diverse or lovelier. Choosing a drug rehabilitation center in California means that you get to live in the midst of that beauty during your stay and enjoy it as you turn your attention toward yourself and reconnecting with your inner you as well as the goals and dreams that drove you before your struggle with addiction.

Signs You Need a Drug Rehab

Sometimes patients are too close to a situation to have an objective perspective. In the case of drug addiction, it is often the case that the person struggling with the disease is the last to realize the serious and deadly nature of the problem. According to the Medline Plus, some signs that a California drug rehab may be necessary include:

  • Withdrawal Symptoms. These symptoms will vary depending upon the drug taken most often, but whether the drug of choice is alcohol or heroin, the symptoms can be physically and psychologically overwhelming. They may include nausea and vomiting, headaches, irritability and anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, shaking and tremors, and more. In more serious circumstances, especially in the presence of other medical issues, you may experience seizures, heart failure, blackout and even coma.
  • Chronic Illness. Serious health problems related to the abuse of drugs and alcohol are common and, again, will vary from patient to patient based upon the drug of choice and the method of ingestion. Drugs that are smoked may mean respiratory ailments, for example, and injecting heroin or cocaine can lead to the transmission of HIV or hepatitis C as well as blood infections and infections at the injection site.
  • Loss Due to Drug Addiction. Losing a job, a spouse, custody of children, close friends and relationships with extended family members due to drug abuse or choices made under the influence can signify the need for treatment.
  • Broken Promises. Most patients try to quit using drugs or drinking repeatedly, promising friends and family members to make positive changes _ but without success. The inability to keep these promises and avoid abusing drugs and alcohol signifies that an addiction is in place and treatment is necessary.
  • Continual Relapse. Those who manage to avoid drug and alcohol abuse for short periods of time often feel as if they have the problem under control, but if they exhibit a pattern of drug abuse in binges, this too is a problem that can be relieved with treatment.

Drug Rehabilitation at The Canyon

Treating all aspects of drug addiction as well as any psychological co-occurring disorders like depression or anxiety at the same time is essential to a successful drug addiction treatment. Because the mind, body and spirit are connected, when one is affected, all are.

At The Canyon, we strive to attend to all levels of addiction during your stay with us, allowing you to focus through your personalized treatment goals, and update and change them as you grow and heal.

We provide the best in medical and psychological treatments for those who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction or have co-occurring disorders of addiction and mental disorders like depression or eating disorders. Everyone from our acupuncturists and massage therapists to nutritionists and nurses to psychologists and psychiatrists specializes in drug addiction treatment. You won’t find a facility anywhere in the country that offers as many different styles and types of therapy, meditative bodywork and exercise.

Additionally, The Canyon offers mountain vista views from both of the residential homes on our estate as well as a number of luxury amenities. Each home on the estate _ one for men and one for women _ has its own swimming pool and Jacuzzi as well as meditation areas and group meeting rooms as well.

Proximity to some of the country’s most beautiful scenery-snow capped mountains, sparkly Pacific beaches, sprawling state parks- a reputation for forging new frontiers in science and medicine and for being home to some of the most glamorous people on the planet makes our drug rehab programs extremely attractive.

We are nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains just outside Beverly Hills, California, in Peace Park. A premier drug rehabilitation program in California, you’ll find the best of everything here: the most highly trained staff, the best food, gorgeous views, the widest array of therapeutic treatments.

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