10 Signs of Marijuana Addiction

Signs of Marijuana AddictionThe first step on the journey to recovery is recognizing that you have a problem with drugs, alcohol or a combination of substances. Sometimes, though, it’s difficult to be objective when gauging your own drug use or that of someone you love. To help you determine whether or not you could be addicted or in the beginning abusive stages of drug use, it’s important to understand the signs of addiction that are associated with specific drugs.

Today, we start with 10 signs of marijuana addiction. If you recognize any of the signs in yourself or someone you love, an addiction to marijuana could be present.

1. Marijuana tolerance and withdrawal: Just like any drug, regular use of marijuana leads to the development of a tolerance for it. This means that you need more and more of the drug in order to achieve the same high. If you need more and more of the drug to get high, and you begin experiencing withdrawal symptoms such as loss of appetite, irritability, insomnia or anxiety, you could be physically addicted to marijuana.

2. Using more marijuana than intended: If you start out thinking, “I’m just going to take a couple hits,” but end up smoking the whole joint — and this happens regularly — then you may be addicted to marijuana.

3. Unable to cut down or stop marijuana use: If you try to stop smoking marijuana, but you just can’t or find yourself justifying why it’s all right to get high when you’re trying to quit, then you’re likely addicted.

4. Lots of time spent getting high: If you take an objective look at how you spend your time and see that the bulk of it is spent either getting high, waiting to get high, or looking for marijuana so that you can get high, then you’re probably psychologically addicted to the drug.

5. Reduced activities: If your schedule has slowly been depleted of all physical or recreational activities and replaced with hanging out and getting high, then you could be addicted to marijuana.

6. Continuing to get high despite the problems it causes: For example, if you have been warned that you will be fired if you are late to work or show up high again yet you to continue to smoke marijuana before heading into work, then you are exhibiting behavior that is akin to self-sabotage. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, that is a sign of addiction.

7. Using marijuana to escape from problems: If you feel like the only way you can handle bad grades, problems at work, and relationship issues is to get high, then you may be addicted to marijuana.

8. Depending on marijuana to be creative or to relax or enjoy yourself: If you need to get high before you feel comfortable being creative or before you can truly relax, then you may be addicted to marijuana. In fact, according to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, marijuana does not contribute to mellow demeanors. In their study, regular users were more likely to participate in violent actions.

9. Choosing relationships and activities based on whether or not you will be able to get high: If you decide which events to attend and whom to hang out with based on whether or not you can use marijuana and get high, then you are likely addicted to marijuana.

10. An inability to attend to daily responsibilities: If you have important responsibilities in you daily life but begin to consistently fail to  see them through because your mind is on getting high, it might be a motivation problem or it could just as easily mean you have an psychological addiction to THC.

Marijuana use can develop into a serious addiction, whether or not it is combined with alcoholism or the use of other drugs. A marijuana detox after long-term use can mean withdrawal symptoms that are none too pleasant. Recovery from marijuana addiction requires drug rehabilitation. Contact The Canyon for more information.

Was there a point in time you realized that you or someone you loved developed an addiction to marijuana; to the degree that a marijuana addiction treatment program was needed? Do you agree that marijuana has addictive properties and that some individuals do in fact become physically or psychologically addicted to the substance?

Wendy Lee Nentwig

By Wendy Lee Nentwig
Guest Contributor

Articles posted here are primarily educational and may not directly reflect the offerings at The Canyon. For more specific information on programs at The Canyon, contact us today.

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  1. Dave July 7, 2009

    You people crack me up.As a recovered,not recovering,meth addict I can say that I have tried most drugs in my lifetime.At this point I have not touched anything exept pot for over 13 years.I choose pot because I control it,it doesnt control me.A single joint usually lasts me 3-4 days.Now,I relize that if you say pot is ok then you just cut out a part of your clientele and thus your income.But is it really ethical and honest to make things up to make a buck?all your studies are pointed at blaming marijuana for the ills of the earth when it just plain isnt so.It is impossible to overdose on pot,your brain and physical functions are not impaired to the point of harming yourself and there is no after effect or hangover the day after using it.People who use pot as a scapegoat to make excuses for thier own bad behavior and government entities who profit from the “war on drugs” are your only proponents.Doesnt that tell you something?

    • sandy morgan May 13, 2011

      I would love to hear what your family members and friends (who don’t smoke) think about your behavior. Marijuana impairs emotional growth. It really does.

      • jonbolardi May 7, 2012

        too dan at least your son isn’t addicted to other drugs i smoke weed but not everyday i have depression and ADHD and i can tell u that marijuana has helped me a lot all u guys are just brain washed with facts about marijuana that are not entirely true

      • Tim May 24, 2012

        Sandy coming from someone whose family is half mormon and half christian and half whatever else, i can personally say that the only reason they dont smoke is because it is illegal and nothing else. pot is not addictive. i have smoked since i was 17 and i hold a full time job and am living on my own with still enough money to live right without hardships. it helps with my insomnia and my back problems. and if you were to look back at the real reason why pot and hemp is illegal for the public is because that tons of other thigns can be made from it that would put oil companies and paper production companies out of buisness. rope, paper, fuel, and tons of other things can be made from this stuff and no one thinks twice about it. for godsakes it helps people with CANCER. which is why people can get a growers license in oregon. medical studies also show that smoking weed at least once a week helps INCREASE lung capacity. i am not addicted seeing as how i only smoke maybe twice every two weeks or so. all this media bullsh** about how marijuana causes death is nothing but lies. its always associated with something else. give it some thought look into it. do some research for once instead of just repeating what everyone else says just because our government likes to keep us under control. weed has only been illegal for about 60-70 years if that. before then everyone was smoking it. i personally know a lady who is 102 years old and still goes on jogs and hikes and is an avid pot smoker. nothing is impairing her from life. just like nothing is impairing anyones life except their own.

        • Vera November 15, 2012

          What you say disturbs me some. My boyfriend is definitely using it to escape reality. He is addicted to this. He thinks that he needs it to get through the day. When he is around me he doesn’t smoke. He said he doesn’t feel the need to then. But all other times he does. He uses it to start his day, to get through lunch and to go to sleep at night. Isn’t this a form of addiction. I don’t want to lose him to a drug. Ive only seen him high once. It wasn’t pretty. He wasn’t the same person. He was slow and nearly dimwitted. This scares me.

          • Tony December 3, 2012

            It’s not marijuana that is causing this behavior. The chemical makeup of his brain is causing this addictive behavior. If it wasn’t marijuana he would be on something else, and something that is far worse. Blaming marijuana for the actions of YOUR boyfriend, ONE person, is ignorant and spreads misinformation. There are a multitude of other reasons for him to behavior this way, many of which could be psychological. Marijuana does not cause a physical dependency, so the fact that he “can’t” sleep at night without it has much more to do with his brain than his body.

            If his personality and behaviors are drastically changing, it is more likely due to deeper problems. Marijuana does not cause personality changes COMPLETELY on its own. Please have him seek professional help if you feel the need.

          • Justin May 25, 2013

            A lot of the comments here are pretty stupid. I smoke sometimes about a gram a week maybe not too much. But also it has effected my grades in a positive way. I’m in AP classes and honors classes and ever since I’ve started smoking marijuana daily my grade point average has jumped about 1-1.2 points up from about a 3.2. I think many people here saying its dangerous or other ignorant statements should educate themselves and view the actual positive aspects of smoking marijuana.

        • Lizzy March 31, 2013

          That’s right, Tim! There’s a technical term for this article: ********.

      • daniel May 27, 2012

        i smoke weed every day just about. because i have pathological anxiety. for 20 years of my life, ive been on many many many different anti anxiety and depression medication, and all the anti anxiety meds did was calm me down enough for me to sleep. i still could not think about anything but what my anxiety was making me think of. made me think of very irrational fears, or the non stop thought about life after death. anything that had to do with quantum physics, outer space, aliens, anything about the end of the world, would send me into anxiety. it got to the point where it was like this for months and months without end. But then i started smoking weed. every day, and i have not lost friends, i gained friends, kept my old friends. my family understands why i smoke because they know i am happy now. i on no medication. because all i need to do is smoke weed, and i can live my everyday life with no anxiety, no depression. wish i lived in california, because i wouldnt have so much trouble getting it. if i dont smoke weed, in a week my anxiety and depression comes back.

      • Regu June 3, 2012

        Hi Sandy.
        Cannabis does not impair your emotional growth, let me explain it briefly. When you have a THC intake, basically you endocannabinoid system is enhanced. This is a system directly linked to our learning, mood, memory management, appetite and emotional state. Some medications, as the UCLA researchers pointed out, did the opposite of cannabis (with the intention of reducing appetite) and this led to numerous suicides. I hope I was of some help.

      • nicholasbeatingavn July 22, 2012

        marijuana if found today in the amazon……would be renounced by the world as illegal..to noble peace prize for cure of 1000s of diseases ….3200yr old chinese herb…grow up and educated yourself sheeple

      • bo$$ September 10, 2012

        sandy lmao thats sum bullshit. and what is this, a weed addiction article?
        Get a Life!

        • Lauren October 31, 2012

          Wtf dude u get a life why the fuck did u go in this website in he first place?? Huh u seem like a fucking hypocrite taha u call yourself a bo$$ taha get a life u dumb fuck;)

      • Tyler November 30, 2012

        Shut the fuck up Sandy. . Have you ever smoked weed? probably not.. you talk about marijuana like a virgin talks about sex and you portray yourself in a naive manner. Might I remind you of the medicinal uses of marijuana, the horrible ADDICTIVE use of prescription drugs from your lovely all-knowing doctors, and distinguishing between the two:
        -Marijuana is not chemically addictive -Prescription drugs are HIGHLY ADDICTIVE
        -Marijuana has carcinogen fighting properties VS. -Prescription drugs cause withdrawals
        -Marijuana Fatalities: 0 -Prescription Drug fatalities are increasing
        -Impossible to overdose from Marijuana -Easy to overdoes on
        -NATURAL -Chemically engineered substance.

        -I smoke Marijuana and I’ve grown mentally, spiritually, and most importantly to ignorant people like you, emotionally.
        Get at me.

      • Tony December 3, 2012


        Please provide some facts behind this claim. Marijuana does NOT cause emotional growth. It DOES, however, cause an imbalance in dopamine and seratonin levels in excessive, prolonged use. The imbalance is far less than ones caused by meth, heroine, or cocaine. It is actually similar to the chemical imbalance caused by prolonged use of nicotine or caffeine. Would you say an abundance of coffee or cigarettes stunts emotional growth? Hell…even prolonged over-consumption of CHOCOLATE will do the same. (The neurotransmitters in the brain associated with Chocolate are similar to those associated with Cannabinoids. In fact, a 130 pound person could eat 25 pounds of chocolate to get the same effects as marijuana, according to Christian Felder of the National Institute of Mental Health).

        Certain cannabinoids help with anxiety/social anxiety. Other cannabinoids help deal with stress. How is eliminating stress and anxiety from someone’s life going to stunt their emotional growth? Over-doing it, and abusing marijuana, will obviously lead to problems, but so will over-consumption of just about anything else.

      • Nathan December 16, 2012

        Anecdotal evidence is insufficient to make such a reckless generalization; your statement cannot be proven due to the fact that plenty of non-smokers are emotionally unstable and or immature.

      • Noah December 17, 2012

        With all due respect, one thing that Marijuana definitely does not do is impair emotional growth. When i started becoming interested in spirituality, and the big questions in life, Marijuana was the most powerful life force I had. it spurned the most positive, loving and blissful emotions I have ever experienced. It has made me realize the important things that I now can take with me on my path beyond marijuana. I know it is definitely mentally addictive; there is no doubt about that. However. it can truly reveal the depth of emotion that lies within the soul of each of us.

      • Mike February 9, 2013

        Most of you folks writing comments here are far too opinionated. Things are different for different people. Some of us have a tendency to get addicted to anything that’s available in front of us. That could be alcohol, cigarettes, food, or even weed. Out of the things I just mentioned marijuana is probably the least harmful. If you are needing to constantly escape from your life and responsibilities this society will offer an endless list of addictions to choose from. I’ve had some very positive experiences from drugs like psylocibin mushrooms and marijuana but I’m guilty myself of taking things to an extreme with marijuana and alcohol and finding that I need to take a break. This can be very hard to to because all of a sudden you have to deal with your problems. I usually get boredom, anxiety, and some depression when I take a break from weed but it’s better than the withdrawal symptoms of other drugs, and leaves less permanent damage (if any). I’m working on being happy in the moment while sober thru meditation, but again it isn’t easy especially cause our society is so unhealthy and mixed up.

    • Aimee December 13, 2011

      Hi Dave.

      It sounds like that if you’re choosing to smoke it, that implies you choose not to smoke it, and if you’re using, that means you’re not really making a choice, are you?

      You have used Meth which is highly, highly addictive. You don’t have to have an addictive personality to get addicted to meth.

      Marijuana on the other hand, IS habit forming, both physically and emotionally, but it affects less of those who use it. (about 40 percent)

      I am a recoverying addict from marijuana. I tried to stop using after being a heavy user by quitting cold turkey and it put me into full blown psychosis and made an undiagnosed mental condition exasperated. Yes, I was bipolar, but my pyschologist believes that if I had never smoked, I would have never had a manic episode that was so severe I hallucinated. My husband is also schitzophrenic, and would have never experienced the severe symptoms if he didn’t use marijuana heavily in highschool and his 20’s.

      1 in 4 people will be diagnosed with a mental health problem, and marijuana makes these problems much worse.

      Does that mean 75% percent of the population can smoke? I suppose if they choose too, but scientists have found that anything can be addictive if you want it badly enough.

      The list that is posted looks like it’s adapted from the alcohal dependancy and abuse, and are indicators of real problems.

      A lot of people get really defensive about addiction when something they read about it strikes a chord with them. So maybe you recognize that deep down, you’re not really clean.

      • Bob April 26, 2012

        Really?! I quit cold turkey after being a HEAVY user and it wasn’t hard at all. by the third day i was fine. Had the GREATEST dreams, too. I just focused my mind on something else to help me out.

        • Jared April 9, 2013

          Bob you could quit Easley because your. Not an addict think about it were not all the same

      • Kyle May 27, 2012

        I used to smoke pot, and just reduced use till I stopped. Can’t say it hurt or not. I managed to get an advanced degree and smoked fairly regularly.

        My son on the other hand is bipolar, schizoeffective, and pot makes he very crazy . It leads to severe manic episodes. Very scary. With the increase in THC content the incidence of bipolar has increased. This has greatly reducedy enthusiasm to legalize it

      • nicholasbeatingavn July 22, 2012

        you cannot blame marijuana for anything….besides being a superfood.fuel.clothes .rope. medical. concrete…loaded vitamins minerals omega 3,6,9s….can be eaten..lotion..or last smoked…lastly..any mental condition your suffering….can be traced back to diet…every one has cannabinoids in your body…everyone and every living thing also has dmt…….so were all connect by a weed……funny but true…science sheeple

    • Dan December 20, 2011

      Dave, it is really a fine thing that you can handle the weed. However, my fifteen year old step-son, now in Rehab, couild not. The potency of the marijuana has increased dramatically, from when I was coming up. I do not care about the ” ills of the earth, ” and your perception that some folks are blaming marijuana for every thing. What I do know, and care about, is the effect that his addictiion had on him, and our entire family. His addiction is real. Whether you are addicted or not makes no difference to me. What you do or do not do, makes no diffrence to me. Some folks can handle it, some cannot. Let me inform you of this. Pot is ” o. k. ” for you, but it is bad for others. You choose to smoke it, and others, for their own good, shoud stay away from it. And yet you apparantly feel everyone should think like you. My opinion is that Meth fouled your brain good, and the pot is fouling it even more. Good luck, the rest of the way Dave.

      • Joseph April 21, 2012

        Dan, all you’re doing is blaming Marijuana for your sons addiction issues. If there are people who can handle Marijuana just fine, don’t you think the issue is your step son’s weak willpower and not Marijuana?

        He would probably be in the same hole if he was drinking or smoking crack, you can become addictied to ANYTHING, ANNNNYTHING THAT YOU ENJOY…….Ever heard of drink responsibly?

        If you’re smoking to the point where it’s causing problems, you’re not being responsible, which is his own issue to work out, and has nothing to do with Marijuana.

        It’s people’s low will power and self control that’s the issue. NOT Marijuana.

        • Joseph November 29, 2012

          I completely agree with Joseph

      • Mickey March 20, 2013

        The potency of marijuana has not affected how high people get, just how much they have to inhale to get stoned. In the 80’s and 90’s I had to smoke a whole big fat joint to get high, now I only need to take a few hits, so in fact, more potent weed is better for your health than low potency weed that often is smuggled from countries like Mexico and contain many adulturants and pesticides which are unhealthy to smoke. Plus, hashish and other high potency marijuana, as well as edible versions which concentrate lot’s THC into small snacks, have been around for centuries. Don’t believe the hype. TV is just as addictive as marijuana. Government regulation creates black markets and social groups which encourage pot use, as well as cultural rituals and joint/bowl sharing that add to the psychological addictiveness and spread viruses, while encouraging those who would use it occasionally to relax and socialize to choose alcohol due to it’s legality, and alcohol is much more dangerous and addictive.

    • TC January 11, 2012

      As a pot head………… As addict reading some of these posts at first made me angry…..then again I have to laugh at those who are posting about how pot isnt so bad. I guess they would just have to ask themselves there true motives for even taking any time out of there day to look and read this website. doesnt matter what i write about them anyway they probibly forgot how to get back to this web site .My reality is that when im activly useing marijuana my life and my loved ones lives become very difficult and its impossible to stop on my own. I have always needed help. and its out there. I love my life when im free from dope. good luck to all of you and yours. 🙂

    • Smoked4Years March 9, 2012

      I started smoking Reefer daily in High School. For Years. Until my early 30’s. Anyone who who claims there are no side-effects are lying to themselves. They are addicted. I finally quit after what seemed to be a panic attack brought on by only a couple hits. I have friends who never gave it up, but now make excuses such as using it for meditation or medical reasons and actually have the card and go and buy the “Medicine”. I admit you never really hit rock bottom smoking pot; like so many other substances. But slowly you lose- ambition, drive, and your freakin’ wits. As far as a vehicle for coping, relaxing, or artistic expression whatever… Grow Up already. It stills your true vibrations. Don’t care that Mother Earth made it. Mother Earth made Dog Sh*t doesn’t mean you have to smoke or eat it.

      • person123 May 8, 2012

        best comment. i agree. smoked for 6 years. realized i could have bought a boat. weed is weed, if some ppl can handle it go for it, i’ve seen high functional smokers, ivy smokers, genius smokers. me? i’ve lost enough $$ to pot, moving on.

      • Kris November 27, 2012

        AWESOME way to put it. My brother is 18 yrs old and stopped going to school last year which was his junior yr. He convinced my mom to let him smoke weed in the house to go back to school his senior year..wen about 4 days and never looked back. He can’t eat or get out of bed without it. If he doesn’t smoke at night he can’t sleep. He starts crying and gets violent when he doesnt have it in the house. This past summer he got high and drunk and totalled my mom’s car. He is in complete denial and say this is his “medicine” and that its safe and that all the hype about it being dangerous is ******. I should tell him to ******* since it comes from mother earth too and see how he responds

    • Chris March 19, 2012

      Hey Dave,
      Just because you can control your weed doesn’t mean we all can. My wife just went through 6-800 dollars of it in the last month and is getting help to be off of it. The big problem is that she was using it to self medicate and I can tell you right now, all the stuff in the article is correct to her situation.
      Marijuana is also (definitely) a gateway drug despite how people say it isn’t addictive and how it doesn’t always lead people to abusing other substances. When the high becomes “not enough” to satisfy a person’s want to leave this world and explore their own little messed up world, they need to use something else to escape reality, and this is a psychological addiction. As a recovered meth addict (grats btw), you probably think weed is pretty mellow in comparison, but how much meth can you smoke in a day? Also, a legal substance, alcohol, can have worse and more life-threatening withdrawal symptoms for some people. Yet, I have a beer every week or so and about once or twice a month I share 4-10 beer in a night with my little brother, obviously in control.
      So… Draw your own conclusions.

    • ThesePeopleAreRetarded May 25, 2012

      One does not simply become ‘addicted’ to marijuana. Some people need to relax and realise they’re wrong.

    • Bryzzle July 10, 2012

      Pot takes peoples lives on a daily basis. The marijuana itself won’t do it, but it’s what it does to people. It changes people completely. The more you do it, you’ll end up forgetting how to be a normal person and the only time after that you are normal is when you’re high otherwise you’re just a fiend looking to get high. And to the meth heads, the reason you don’t see anything wrong with pot is because the meth already took part of your soul where you don’t even realize that the pot is changing you.

    • Zak July 14, 2012

      Dave has done a great job with his comment, I would like to further elaborate on his point.

      The problem with marijuana is that it is illegal. If it were legal, we could designate an acceptable age group and regulate sale. The federal government could tax it and generate additional income to help deal with our insane amount of debt. The thing is, someone gets money from major corporations to keep it illegal. Why? It’s all in the money. Pharmaceutical companies would lose a lot of money. Why would you take Tylenol, Excedrin, or any Acetaminophen-based medicine (Killing roughly 450 people a year) when you can get rid of that back pain, migraine headache, depression, appetite disorders, by using marijuana. It is true that people do get addicted to it. I am not denouncing this fact at all.There is always a reason for a user to use marijuana. Think about what the individual’s motifs are. If someone would hurt themselves or someone else for some marijuana, then they are addicted. This must be a real hurt, not just that it bothers someone because it is illegal. Emotional hurt, Psychological hurt, Physical hurt, etc, are guaranteed to find their way into an addicts life. Then there is the other side to the coin; the people who smoke and have grown to the point that they have a clear and level head. I am a daily smoker. I have been for YEARS. I don’t really have any medicinal need for marijuana, although Insomnia, ADD (doctor diagnosed, I don’t think so), Back Pain may be considered. (Insomnia sometimes – generally speaking, a self evaluation and trying to find my own meaning of life before I die. My back pain was a result of a football injury.) I smoke for various reasons. There have been legitimate, scientific studies that show cannabis will actually help stop the growth of tumors throughout your body. My back hurts sometimes (slightly misaligned vertebrae). Occasionally, I get a headache (never lasts too long!). The biggest reason I smoke is because I enjoy being high. My brain feels a lot more manageable, I don’t have to worry about any pain, I am still capable of doing anything I could have done sober, I’m still the same exact person I was before (this is the proper mentality for smokers). Does my being high or smoking negatively affect me? No. My Family? No. My Friends? No. My Job? No. I just can not legally possess marijuana because the Lumber, Pharmaceutical, Cotton, Tobacco industries say I have to rot in jail if I get caught. I would like to state that I have a very good, relatively high paying job as an office manager. Just bought a car, just bought a house, going to school this fall while working my full time job (going for engineering, masters next May!) And that I’m living better than most people who are in their 30’s. I have a wonderful girlfriend and I’m only 21. I would like to hear how I am a menace to society or that smoking is bad when I have already accomplished so much.

      • tati October 4, 2012

        love you zak!! I actually graduated college yesterday. I got my degree! woohoo. lol I have smoked marijuana pretty much every day for the past 2 yrs. I smoke marijuana because I don’t smoke cigarettes at all which will kill you. My bf used to smoke cigarettes and mentioned it feels when you smoke them and how it sucks and how gross they are. I’ve known some alcoholics and they are begging others to drink with them just wanting someone to get drunk with them. When I smoke or anyone I know smokes weed they don’t pressure others to do it as well. They ask once and if the person says no, I don’t care. “More for me” lol but I’m still a successful dancer and now college graduate sooo… Im just gonna go smoke some marijuana to celebrate 🙂

    • Joe October 23, 2012

      Honestly, its more the person that causes the problems, if they are using the drug as a way to make themselves feel normal, then they obviously have previous problems affecting them. Its not the drug, its the person

    • Nancy November 24, 2012

      Hi Dave, I am a RN, with a master’s degree – I say this only to show my knowledge of healthcare and that I work to help people. I am sharing in this blog because of my frustration with my daughter. She is 22, smokes pot on a regular base after she had a stroke. Her stroke left her with vision loss migraines and epileptic seizure activity. She was seeing a neurologist and getting help, but that all stopped with the use of marijuana. She now smokes it continually; spends over 200$ a month buying and smoking marijuana and hash. Yesterday was the first time in a long time that she sat down with me and talked for 1 1/2 hours. She is 92 pounds that is up from 80 – she has convinced herself that she is allergic to Gluten, cannot eat sugar and many other fruits and vegetables (nightshades). She wasn’t allergic to this food before smoking pot. The effect of marijuana doesn’t affect her (in her view) but, as her mother I see how this drug has helped and hurt her. The help part is wonderful, she can see more clearly, her memories are more vivid and she gains back some function from the pain she deals with for her migraines. The negative is that she is lost in this surreal world of make believe, doesn’t eat, cannot sleep and has paranoid thoughts. While I support the use of this drug – no one knows the effects of the use and amount or dosing for this drug. In the long run after you argue for or against – the loser here, for me, is my daughter. I feel that in the high of marijuana she makes most of her long term decisions, e.g. that she cannot quit, that she is in control, that marijuana is the only right choice for her to deal with migraines. I know that she knows something is just not right here and that it is frightening to even consider life without marijuana for her, but life with it doesn’t seem to be the answer either. I believe marijuana is a drug that has not been explored for use and those using it are the Ginny pigs for science, while it is illegal. In the end – I am just a Mom, who doesn’t want to lose her daughter to this drug. Just like I believe all the other moms of those writing on this blog don’t want to lose their children/adults to marijuana. Talking to someone high is like talking to a wall, nothing gets through. If they are not high when you talk to them they are so angry almost violent. Once they are high again all you have said gets twisted into that surreal logic and they creating a solution to “your problem”, with them getting high, so that they can continue to get high. The main focus is always to keep smoking pot – and never give it up! If that is not addiction – I don’t know what is, do you?

    • Pete December 3, 2012

      My son has been addicted to weed for around 4-5 years. Started in high school and has already flunked out of two colleges, even though his ACT score was 33. He has willingly gone to rehab a few times which helped him stop for a while. He spends/plans each day around getting high. Because the rest of his family does not smoke he spends almost no time at home. We stopped giving him money and now he is selling precious belongings to fuel his weed habit. Many of his friends were able to move on and stop using, but my son cannot stop. When he has stopped he ends up starting again saying “smoking a couple of times per week isn’t so bad” and within a few weeks it is back to everyday. He has completely lost his relationship with his brother and sister because he loves his drugs more than his family. It is unthinkable for him to spend an evening with family because that would mean no smoking. Over the last few years he developed bipolar I. We have brought him to some of the best psychiatrists in the country. They are not sure if weed caused bipolar but it is hurting his recovery. The weed has such a strong grip on him that he cannot give it up even his doctor is pleading with him to stop. Weed is insidious, everyone should know this. Good luck to those who are trying to stop, and also to family members trying to helping loved ones recover.

      • maeve February 21, 2013

        Hello pete,
        I am in a similar situation with my 18 year old boy, Its so awful seeing someone you love in the grip of addiction ; Its also so pathetic to read such nonsense from some cannabis users who think because they use the drug their opinions are more valid . I hope things improve for your son and your family. best wishes.

    • kelly January 6, 2013

      I can say you have no ideal what your talking about,I have a loved one whom is addicted smokes till he passes out,wakes up and doin it again.takes it to work and smokes through the day smokes a pound in a week or two.when he is home is smoking and then sleeps sleeps eats smoke sleeps and so on.Now i have friends that smoke and are not addicted to it,but dont say that you can’t be because thats ****** talking.

      • Florida Dude March 23, 2013

        A pound a week. Uh huh, really? A pound. Are you high? He must be super wealthy, you might learn something from him. If he can afford a POUND a week ($6400) just laying around, sleeping, and eating he is a better man than I!
        Most of you prohibitionists purity crusaders are delusional. I think most of you are trolls, or just making stories up for what ever reason. You need a mental adjustment.

    • EducateYourself March 10, 2013

      Reading this has shown me that people obviously don’t understand that there are two “types” of addiction: psychological and physical. A physical addiction would be heroin, you stop using heroin you experience withdrawals, you continue to use to escape the horrors if withdrawal. Psychological addiction is one where your brain believes that you need to do whatever it is you’re addicted to. A person addicted to food is an example of that also marijuana addiction. I am an addict, it took me years to come to that conclusion because I was like many of the people who commented ignorantly on this post, believed that one could not become addicted to marijuana. I’ve been smoking for 5 years, 3 years chronically, several times a day. I plan my day around marijuana, if I’m studying I have to have a smoke break, if I don’t have marijuana I’m anxious and angry. Many of the things they list in this list describe me. I hate how it has changed me, I’m so lazy because I lack motivation to do anything. No! I was NEVER a lazy person prior to my weed endeavors, in fact I frown upon it. Do I believe that all people who smoke are addicts? Absolutely not. I know for a fact I am and I’m struggling constantly to quit. To all the people who have something smart to say i.e. “where’s the research to back this up?” I’m a Psychology major, in almost all of my classes addiction was a topic and marijuana addiction was listed as an example.

  2. talal March 11, 2010

    if you are in a bad emotional state and arent feeling able to get by one day without some sort of high your not ready to start smoking marijuana because if you are feeling on top of the world without drugs, your body and mind can control the high and you can use all of the drugs potential and feel amazing instead of just doing drugs to numb the emotional pain you have. And dave you are right on the money with that comment. Good Luck people.

    • pipper February 14, 2011

      When my son uses he quits caring about anything that really matters

      • Lore April 15, 2011

        Pipper, my son does the same thing. He started smoking when he was 12 and a half and I did not really “get it” until he was really into pot. His grades have dropped significantly, he has stopped playing all sports, quit guitar and has serious anger whenever I try to talk to him about his habit. I can tell all of you that are “pro-pot” that pot is addictive to certain people just like anything can be, my son lives for getting high and will readily admit that “pot defines who he is”. It breaks my heart everyday to see our relationship ruined over a drug that totally controls him, physically and mentally. Until you experience it from the other side, you just don’t know what it is like. Kids are reading your comments and believing all of your words because that is what they want to hear, you are not being responsible to those that are really way too young to be getting involved in any type of drug.

        • kyle October 13, 2011

          i am currenty 16 yrs old and im a big smoker everyday il light a couple blunts but listen ur son is chooosing to do that drugs arnt i can maintain good grades and a sport so all u saying weed harms thats bull and they say its a deadly drug no one has died now meth coke pcp crack those are a hole nother story its called common sence wake up

          • jon December 20, 2011

            Good job kid. I smoke TONS of weed and scored in the 95% percentile of the ACT (which I smoked the day of). I am now in college. What do “durp derr durr pot makes u dum” people have to say about that.

            Also LOL at people saying pot is physically addictive. I used heroin from ages 16-19 and people that think pot is ANYTHING are out of touch with reality and [edited].. Pot is not [edited] compared to any other drugs. Pot aint [edited] compared to fast food.

  3. smokey November 10, 2010

    legalize it. only people addicted are those with certain personalities making them extremly lazy. it only those who make pot illegal. to others its just a plant and everyday life to smoke it.

  4. derrick December 13, 2010

    How can you stop smoking why is it so easy for others and not me?

    • derrick December 13, 2010

      if you can help me send me and email on how to slow down or even stop all together.

      • Greg May 11, 2012

        find a substitute for it.. start exercising, lifting weights etc.. or when u have an urge go for a walk clear your head.. or get a gf who dissapproves … point being if u have problems cutting back or stopping.. you need to find someone you enjoy that isnt a drug to get your mind off of it.. the first few days for u will be hard but a week into it ull be laughing at how easy it really is.. once uve stopped once or twice like that if u intend to just take a break.. ull realize your in control

    • A May 20, 2012

      I think the advice to replace it with something is misguided. You should not replace it with anything, as that gives the impression that it needs replacing. Realising that you don’t need it and never have is a good first step. I’m sure there have been times in your life you didn’t smoke it, and didn’t even think about smoking it. There may even have been times when you looked at other people with addictions and pitied them. Weed is hard to quit when your mindset is one of hopelessness, and weed itself can decrease motivation chronically, creating the vicious cycle of use. I find the biggest problem of quitting is getting started. You can put it off and set a date to quit, but it never happens because your mood is not going to be the same when it comes time to quit if you are smoking every day. Weed alters your reality, that’s the truth. There are lots of reasons you can think of why you should smoke weed, but any excuses are exactly just that. When you wake up tomorrow just say to yourself “I’m not going to smoke today”. Repeat that everyday. If you tell yourself you’re never going to smoke again it will be harder. If you manage to quit for a couple of weeks then you may get the urge to ‘reward’ yourself with a smoke. Don’t do it! It’s all a big trap for your mind, and YOU DON’T NEED IT. That’s the most important thing to remember. No-one NEEDS to smoke anything. Many people have managed to quit, and so can you. Write a list of reasons you want to quit, and stick it up in every room of your house. If you feel embarrassed about doing this because you live with others, DO IT ANYWAY. Keeping your problem a secret will just add to the hopelessness, and any real effort to quit should start with you being honest with yourself and others. People may judge you, but it’s worth it if you get clean, right? And you’ll find that anyone that actually gives a f*** will not judge you, but reinforce your choice to quit and HELP you. Write the list, and get out of the mindset that you need it. My advice would be to do it RIGHT NOW, because if you don’t you will probably drift back into a haze and it may take many weeks until you are motivated or in the right mindset to attempt to quit again. Putting it off is what makes it hard to quit, and smoking weed makes you want to put it off. Do it now now NOW, and continually remind yourself that you DON’T F-ING NEED IT! It gets a lot easier with a lot of time. Good luck.

  5. jackson December 18, 2010

    talal you are exactly right.. i have been smoking marijuana everyday since i was 13 i am 18.. if i could guestimate…hahaha…. i would say that i smoke about a gram on the weekdays and about an 8th all together on the weekends maybe even more than that it depends… i smoke marijuana to get high and feel great not just to numb the emotional pain… the drugs usually associated with that are heroin and others hahha i do believe that marijuana is a gateway drug to some extinct because i have tripped acid 2 times but thats it maybe some pills like hydro, and xanax.. but i mean i just am not that type of person to experiment with meth and heroin… 🙂 HAHAHAHAHA

  6. mark December 30, 2010

    So, what research was done to prove these facts or are they opinions? Where is your list of resources? Is this plagiarism? If marijuan is so bad, why cant you place pros AND cons on the same site to persuade people in your direction? The problem is when one person is against something they want everyone else to be against it too, so they forget to mention the other side of the story. Like being racist, your afraid or refuse to get to know it or try it.

    • jellybelly June 25, 2011

      I agree with Mark and most of the others. This article is not a scientific or scholarly one, so these are only personal opinions of a group of people who are not licensed to give their opinions regarding such topics to the public.

  7. krista case January 19, 2011

    As a wife of an addict, I can honestly say that it is very possible to be addicted to pot. My husband is high from the time he gets home until he goes to bed. He spends a couple hundred dollars a month on it, and is completely miserable without it. He obsesses over it. He replaces time with me and his son with pot and video games everyday. He says he’s gonna quit every other week but can’t. Yet he refuses to get help. So- until you’re a wife and mother, witnessing firsthand your family falling apart from drug addiction, I wouldn’t judge so harshly and assume everyone’s situation is the same…

    • caribbeanchic April 9, 2011

      How much per month does pot really cost in the US? How do you cope with his mood swings when he doesnt have it/ and how do you explain the behaviours to the kids?

      • Valeria W. April 9, 2011

        Honestly, the cost varies based on where you live, the type of marijuana purchased, where it is purchased and in what quantity – it certainly adds up. If he has mood swings without the drug and/ or cannot seem to stop smoking on his own, then this is a sign of dependence and marijuana rehab is a logical next step.

        Drugs and kids don’t mix – period. It’s important to protect your child at all costs from drugs and their effects.

      • nonya July 27, 2011

        I have mood swings too and are definetly more appearant when im out… This may be addiction or it could be somthing else.
        Like myself i use pot to control my negative thoughts and feel normal… This is probably addiction. Or it could be that i’m trying to temprarily fix somthing deep inside that is bothering me, which is probably worse to cover it up with pot. Everyone has mood swings. Do you need to explain them all?

        What i’m trying to say is, when a person runs out of his ‘medication’ then the demons they were suppresing with the drug will come out… At least this is what happens to me.
        Thus causing a mood swing.
        If it were me and had to explain this to my kids. First thing i’d tell them is that it has nothing to do with them and is not their fault in any way. Daddy’s just having a hard to controling his emotions because their is somthing about this life that he feels is powerless to change.
        If i were you people i’d be happy my huband is a pot head and not addicted to somthing much much worse… like alchohol, pills, coke,meth, etc…

        Give the man a brake, he is probably doing the best he can.

        • Kim December 15, 2011

          Like Krista, Im a the wife of an addict. I have been married to an alcoholic so I know all about addiction. Nonya, you have a point about the comment you made about the “Medication”, that is exactly what I call my husbands weed. When he doesnt have his “medication” his demons start coming out and there is nothing I can do or say that does not set him off. He got into smoking weed when he was 12 after his Grandmother died, She was his mother, he always says because he was abandond by his mother from almost birth and she denied that he was her son, to a man, in front of him. I really believe it is an addiction because he has all the classic behaviors of an addict and our relationship has really suffered from it. His weed is like he has another woman. He is currently looking into rehab bacause he has realized that he just cant do it on his own…I believe when people with an addiction can really confront the issues within theirselves they will be free of those addictions.

    • Fed up September 10, 2011

      I agree with you whole heartedly, though my ex smokes anywhere up to $600 worth per week. That bong is to his lips from the moment he wakes up, he goes home throughout the day to smoke (has been running own business for little over 2yrs) and is at his lips for rest of the night til he goes to bed. He also gets up several times throughout the night to smoke. He is the most hard working person I know and has a high intelligence but he doesn’t want to go anywhere or do anything I guess because it takes him away from his one and only love. He does go camping from time to time but he can take his precious with him. He cooks and cleans and is always active and doing something constructive but he seems so emotionally retarded. There is no sadness, compassion, joy, passion or even anger except when he’s run out and his dealer is power tripping by making him wait hours or sending him all over the place. Money goes through his hands like sand through the hourglass. Not to mention big debt he was in before we got together. Our rent wasn’t getting paid etc. I mostly didn’t nag, just pointed out things as logically as possible but if they’re high, there’s no point, you’re talking to the drug not them. He will never give up, I absolutely know this now, no matter how much he keeps telling me what I want to hear and so have left for good this time. It really is so sad because I know how much more he could achieve and get out of life, especially having me as an ally in his corner, which I let him know and built him up. They’ve got to want to stop themselves. He has given up a few times for weeks and even a few months, I will always treasure the memories of being with the real him during those periods, it was amazing, he was amazing. Good luck x

      • jkljl April 10, 2013

        Yeah, my husband is a very nice person, he is strong and has good morals… but he is addicted to weed. He knows it too and isn’t afraid to admit it, but he doesn’t have to will power to stop. every single time he runs out of weed he goes gets more. Right before he leaves he promises it will be the last time and he will really quit this time. I used to get depressed and feel like he is choosing the weed over his wife and child. I would get mad and yell at him and tell him he is going to lose everything. He is slowly starting to smoke more and more, instead of less. I can see it. And I only have two options. Leave him, his addiction or put with it. I realized that no he doesn’t LOVE weed more than me or his kid(s) (im pregnant with second baby) He just doesn’t want to stop bad enough. When he feels like smoking again he doesn’t give a damn about his promises or about trying to stop. I realized he will never stop. Too bad he still thinks he can stop… anyway, I love him and I understand his addiction… I don’t get mad anymore. I still love him just as much as when we got married and I didn’t know he smoked…and its me decision to make my life happy, not depend my happiness on whether or not he smokes.

    • me November 30, 2011

      the only reason your family is falling apart is because you want pot to be the reason for it. he, works, he gets home, he doesnt cheat on you, brings back the bread and all, and alfter all that, he wants to chill, and that’s his way of doing it. maybe you married the wrong guy, or let’s put it this way, why marry a pothead if you don’t expect him to smoke pot?

      • Silverstoneandrock December 7, 2011

        Your a tool mate, it’s very shallow & disturbing that you can sit there & criticize, judge & pass such pathetic feedback on your narrow minded views about somebodies marriage, life & family.. People with addictions hide it & partners later on find out it! Answer this question Punk would you rather a joint or would you rather lose your family & be lonely & stoned?

      • addict December 23, 2011

        Just wanted to say my part on the topic of marijuana addiction, and believe me if you think its not addictive your in for a big suprise. When i was 15(now 28) i tried smoking weed with all my friends, we thought we were so cool and from that day on i have not put down the joint. I smoked last night and i cant seem to quit. I did some math and from 1999 to 2011 i wasted $69,000.00 on pot smoking and have lost most i’ve my friends because of it. I find that i never want to go out and socialize and my relationships with family and friends have been strained.
        The thought of quiting is always there but without changing the people you associate with you’ll never quit. You know that what your doing to yourself is bad, but at the end of the day you still turn to the weed. My memories over the last 10 years are pretty much forgotten and i always get angry and agressive for no reason.
        This is no way to live a helthy properous life. In closing

        • syd February 22, 2012

          In my honest opinion weed can be addictive but its all in your mind. U have to be able to believe in your mind that you can quit. I have been smoking weed daily for about 2 years now and recently had to quit for little while for a drug test with my job. I quit no problem ans once I passed my test I started again. Since I’ve been smoking I still go out with my friends I’m still active I actually like to go to the gym and play sports while high. I feel likr I have better workouts when I do

        • person123 May 8, 2012

          i feel the same i cry all the time because i thought pot saved me from misery and permanent uncool-ness, but it just led me 2 coke, x, and other drugs. ive quit for 2 weeks, and im scared 2 death 2 go back.IM SO POOR and i’ve wasted all my inheritance(1/4 of a million) on drugs and fun. just got fired for being apathetic towards work (not from a stoner job, a corp job). i just turned 25 and im not wasting another SECOND or CENT on this. pot was fun and made everything from movies, tv, xbox, food, mountains/nature, sex, and simply doing NOTHING better, but in the high i lost my goals, smart friends that left me behind after college, and myself. i hope i will never smoke again until i figure out what 2 do w my life, but hey that’s just me. if u can smoke & be happy don’t let ppl judge.

      • Jan February 1, 2012


        I have been smoking pot since I was 15. I never thought I would end up a “pot head” but over time that is what I’ve become (according to some). It started out as something rebellious to do with friends in high school. After high school ended my habit continued. It doesnt help either that most of my family smokes (dad, brother, uncles, cousins…) It has always been something acceptable and normal in my family. This has always been an excuse for me to continue smoking. Because it’s what I know.

        I am now 24 and after 9 years it still doesn’t take much for me to get high. Honestly I am able to take 1 to 2 hits off my pipe and get just high enough to wind down. And I say wind down because I do work a full time job and have been employed at the same company the past 5 years. My point is I am not the type of “pothead” that owns a bong. I don’t have a prescription (although its incredibly easy to obtain in California where I live). I don’t know the difference between “sticky”, “purple” blahdee blah sh*t.

        When I go to work I work and work well. I do very well at my job. But as soon as I clock out at the end of the day the fever sets in. I feel like I have to smoke to shut out the world. I almost feel desparate to get high. Hence the reason I am reading up on marijuana addiction.

        There is no doubt in my mind that marijuana is addictive. Whether its mentally, physically or whatever I am certainly addicted to it. I believe that any substance used to alter reality to escape or feel high can potentially be addictive. I hope that someday I make the decision to stop. I don’t think quitting cold turkey without any type of support is possible. You have to look at it from the root. Ask yourself “why can’t I just be sober in this moment? Why do I need/want to feel altered?” This may be a good place to start.

    • Vania December 8, 2011

      i am a wife on an addict and it is so possible for a person to become addicted my husband has told me out straight he can not go one day without smoking pot. if he tries he doesn’t eat he feels weak and looses alot of weight and his general health detoriates. so saying that smoking pot is ok is total crap. like anything it is addictive of used on regular basis and large amounts. stupid drugs continue to reck people’s lives. and who suffer the most is the family and friends of the addict.
      Krista your post seems like a story of my life, I am also a mother and I would like to talk to you regarding your situation and how you handle it.

  8. Ryan February 3, 2011

    It surprises me when people say that you cannot become addicted to marijuana. There are people who get addicted to food, exercise, and just about anything really. It may not be as physical as other, stronger drugs, but it does exist. I quit smoking cigarettes four months ago, but am now up to a quarter a day. It’s possible that I’ve only transferred my addiction… I wish that I could just stop. And when I want to badly enough, I will. There’s just some sort of block that’s causing me to sabotage myself. I have an addictive personality, I spent a majority of 2009 with pain pills in my system. I know it’ll be over soon. But then again, I’m high right now.

  9. Marijuanas Are Bad!!! May 11, 2011

    My frend used to smoke lot of pot. He overdosed 1 day after smking only 2 joints! He died the nxt day. I cn never get my feind back because of his marjuana addicshun. Thnk you for wut you are doing!

    • Ahahaaha July 3, 2011

      ahahhhaahahahaha @ “my friend died to marijuana” Ahahahaahahhaha! Nice trolling boy.

    • Natalia January 9, 2012

      Its funny how all this wifies are saying how their husband are addicted and their marriage is going down… in the first place did you know yo merry a pot head?? Why you wanna change who you met??
      Like I read in one of the comments, everything can be addictive, or havent you all heard about chocolate?? So should we make chocolate illegal cuz some people eat it like crazy cows?? If you actually read statistics cigarette is the #1 killer in the US but it still maintains very legal, and in the main killers we find alcohol, fast food, suicide, etc!! Go do the research yourself!! I am a pot smoker, I started when I was 15 and I am 23 now I have accomplish many things in my life and all those are very good things, I have quit once for 8 months and was NOT hard at all, at the moment I was living w my ex boyfriend and some friends of him and they all smoke every day and night in front of me and I had NO PROBLEM at all, I smoke now to do pretty much all my activities, some days more than others and I do not feel the necessity to be high, now this is my experience w marijuana, and pretty much we all have had one, but we are all different and the same way that I am not addicted to pot nor chocolate doesnt mean that all this husbands arent addicted, each one of us is different and our bodies react different to any substance either natural or not including food. But i do believe that instead of blame pot and making it illegal (when obviously cigarettes are way more dangerous and addictive than pot) marijuana should be legal, come on, the fact that they are already putting it out there in society as “medical” its an enough excuse to make it full legal!!

      • TC January 11, 2012

        you still sounds 15 bro. if you stop smoken’ mr. smokey you might start growing in ways you never new. like up:)

    • DL92 February 22, 2012

      No one has ever overdosed on weed, It’s literally impossible and thats a scientific fact.

  10. don May 17, 2011

    im 18 and ive been smokin for years and ive ruined my life i smoke 4 to 6 grams everyday. even though im jobless i still find anyway i can to get high i have lost all control. marijuana addiction has completely taken over my life and i cant stop

  11. NIk May 18, 2011

    Just like there are people who can have an occasional drink and not get drunk, and there are alcoholics, there are people who can smoke occasionally and those who are potheads, the equivalent of a alcoholic but in the case of pot. The signs posted above dont need to be scientific or a case study in any way, but are common sense. I let marijuana run my live for 3 years. I spent countless hours looking for hookups, spent hundreds of dollars, isolated myself, and lived my life so that I could smoke at the end of the day. THIS IS NOT THE CASE FOR EVERY POT SMOKER. But there are people like me out there who can have their lives consumed by pot, or any other drug for that matter. Its not the drug itself that is addicting, but there are those of us that are born with this predisposition to having addictions

  12. Mark May 18, 2011

    It really doesnt do any good pointing the finger at marijuana. People have problems, it is a part of life. If you cant quit using marijuana go see a doctor. People find comfort in marijuana for whatever reason they have. Its not marijuana fault because people have problems(even rich people have problems) they chose marijuana to help relieve the pain etc. I think people twist this into something else. Tobacco is very addictive and it will KILL you over time, or it could just give you cancer. I have smoked weed before wasnt as bad as tobacco. I dont use marijuana anymore, I do smoke tobacco and it very hard for me when i go without any. Im at a lost of words for now….Im gonna go smoke some tobacco now…As far as HARD drugs i dont know never tried any-i remember watching a video in school called “the faces of meth” scare tatic and it worked. These are my thoughts, not advice, JUST my thoughts thats it* oh everyone is different and unqiue soo

    • person123 May 8, 2012

      tobacco is the worst because it is legal. i just got e-cigs and they are working. i have CANCER and i kept smoking. my doc begged me 2 smoke pot and not cigs. my professor gave me nicotine gum. pot is nothing in comparison. nothing. if u wanna avoid it in daily life, move out of cali like i did (no offense cali, but ppl smoke weed like cigs in public). it’s impossible to avoid cig smokers in nyc. im gonna battle tobacco more than anything i know it, but thats cool, i’ve made my choices now i must live with them.

  13. kylie June 16, 2011

    im so sick of seeing like the top response how it isnt a problem and it doesnt control you if it didnt control you then you would not be doing it!! Let me put it to you like this i have been in a relationship with a man for 9 yrs and i love him dearly we have 2 kids together but he smokes everyday it makes him slow, unmotivated and ignorant towards us.
    i have asked many times over the yrs for him to quit or we will leave the first time i threatened this, was after our first child he said i should just pack my bags i have left him before but he can not (will not) quit. So please people tell me people if a man or woman is prepared to lose there family over weed how are they not addicted??? If a man or woman is pacing up n down the house trying to figure out how they are going to get more money because they already spent it on weed and they cant wait til the very next day when they get paid how are they not addicted?? for the records i smoked it for 3 yrs nearly everyday before i had kids, and before i got really sick n nearly died, so i know from personal experience its addictive! wake up people!!!

    • salvadore November 4, 2012

      He was addicted to nicotine. I could kill for a smoke, when I was out of cigarettes. Lot’s of people is making stupid mistake and is smoking weed with tobacco.

  14. redeemed June 25, 2011

    My partner and I have been togeher for almost nine years wih four children. We were both potheads prior to the children and continued until before birth of last child. I was a functioning addict, he was not. Love and addiction blinded me. In hindsight, we should have never stayed together all this time. I can admit now that I was addicted, although I used to justify it. I NO LONGER NEED IT AND REFUSE TO SMOKE AGAIN. Marijuana has ruined my partner. He suffers from mood swings, procrastination, and lack of motivation. He is extremely emotionally and psychologically abusive. HE HAS LOST THREE HIGH SALARY JOBS as a result of his addiction. He refuses to admit his issues. He is in complete denial. I have since lost my corporate job due to company relocation and he is now the sole breadwinner and barely able to afford his addiction. He can not enjoy anything in life without being high. He says smoking “defines” who he is. It is truly pathetic. I wish I could just walk away

  15. jellybelly June 25, 2011

    and to the moron who said their friend died of marijuana overdose I’m sorry about your friend but thats complete bullshit. This is medically impossible so he/she probably had another condition which caused them to pass.

  16. vix June 29, 2011

    I don’t think anyone should claim that ‘smoking defines who he/she is’
    i truly believe that smoking marijuana has different effects on people probably due to the chemicals in their body. smoking can affect someone terribly if certain chemicals are mixed with it. also i must admit i do not believe it controls a person; people smoke for different reasons; relaxation, meditation, fun, medicinal purposes and so on… it depends on a person’s reasoning. If someone smokes and smokes and does not receive anything but negative effects, why not stop?! but if you smoke and can maintain a head that allows you to focus or meditate on your thoughts about life what is the harm there?
    I have read on many websites that marijuana has little harmful effects especially compared to those drugs that are legalized; nicotine and alcohol, so why make such a big deal about it? It is pure with little sometimes no added chemicals… however these other legal drugs were deceitfully made for persons to get addicted so that more money is spent to satisfy the addiction. Why not stress on the curbing of alcohol and nicotine production instead of bashing those drugs illegal drugs that are less harmful?!

    Marijuana can be addictive to some people, but I know alot of people who know what they are about.. they attend their jobs and focus on their school work and marijuana does not affect their lives so drastic or negative as the world perceives it too. In the end its all in the user’s hands, if he or she allows the drug to control them, it’s not for them and my advice would definitely be to stop using it. But everything in life is about our minds and how we use it… its stronger than we think and we as humans are extremely quick to blame or put our negative ways on something or someone else instead of accepting responsibility!

  17. Jason July 8, 2011

    I smoke weed about once or twice a week. I’m ranked fifth in my class, and my GPA is 3.92. I’ve been considered for the Navy’s Nuclear Power Program, and my ACT and SAT scores are very good. I also swim for my school, and have for two years. I’m on all the A-relays, I swim the fastest 100 and 200 free, and the fastest 100 breaststroke on my team.
    I also keep up my hobbies and relationship with my family.

    Weed is a great way to open up your mind. I don’t do it to “escape”, because when you’re high, you’re still conscious of your actions. Music sounds better, food tastes better, and you feel more content with things. I just realize that when I smoke, I’m going to have to make up those few hours (if I’m missing anything) later on.

    How is weed bad?

    • Alex January 19, 2012

      You pretty much captured my exact thoughts. I’m not perfect, I lack motivation and I procrastinate, but I did these things before I started smoking regularly. I love smoking because opens my mind and makes me feel more natural/organic. I think this website is mainly propaganda, but I do believe marijuana can be addictive, psychologically. I make good grades and am in the top 10 of my class and play sports, and my social life is improving. Marijuana has made me more open minded about people, and I am more outgoing because of it. My only regrets are the costs, and the fact that I have to hide it from my family. Most things are good in moderation, but people who smoke many times a day or smoke 6 grams a day may have a quantity problem, but I think that it’s rarely accurate to say that marijuana (and marijuana alone) can completely destroy someone’s life.

  18. Mercedes July 15, 2011

    im only 17, but i started out with meth when i was only ten. It was almost an everyday thing because i would get it for free. My life was hard as a kid and i felt the way to escape from my loneliness was with all those drugs i was introduced to. I have about 5months being clean from meth all i do is smoke weed. Smoking weed helps me not go back to all horrible drugs i would put in my body. i’ve been smoking weed since 8th grade its an Everyday thing. im a senior now, but sometimes i just wish i could be myself without any drugs, but when i stop smoking weed i go and get high of something else, anything i can get a hold of whether its zanix, codine “G”, Cocaine anything… i know i need help, but i dont where i feel so alone

  19. bob loblaw July 17, 2011

    Pot can be addictive just like anything else. The reason it is different for different people is because of the addictive gene–almost every time, if you are addicted to something, you have a parent who was an addict. That is how the biology works.

    For some people, they can smoke a little pot, drink some booze, and life is fine. For others with the addictive gene, getting high and loaded is their primary concern. This is what the site means by self-destructive. These people start using when they are young and it accelerates as they get older–they end up doing harder drugs, or getting into alcohol or acting out in other ways, such as sexual addiction.

    For addicts, the only answer is treatment, 12 step recovery programs. Just because you can smoke some reefer and stop DOES NOT MEAN everyone else can. They are biologically different, which is also why they have much greater chance of becoming heroin junkies or meth addicts and oftentimes relapse after recovery.

    People love to point out singular examples (previous post) of how substances have not caused problems in their lives. YOU ARE NOT AN ADDICT. That is why weed has positive effects, and you can also get drunk with your friends when you want. But you are not chugging peppermint schnapps before Christmas dinner or smoking 4 bowls to yourself before a job interview. Google before you think you are right all the time.

  20. Anon July 21, 2011

    This is an extremely ignorant article. Tolerance of marijuana does not work in the way described. Cannabinoid receptors in the brain become more desensitized to THC when a greater amount of marijuana is smoked. This means that more marijuana, over time, will make you less high. Once the cannabinoid receptors have reached their limit, there is no possible way for a person to get higher from smoking even more. This completely discounts the idea that a high tolerance for marijuana means that a person must smoke even more to be at the same level. The only way to “re-sensitize” cannabinoid receptors is to take a break from exposing one’s brain to cannabis. This article is misleading and unscientific. There are many prescription drugs that have terrible side effects and are highly addictive, much more than marijuana could ever be. As a person who suffers from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, I was becoming seriously addicted to psychiatrist-prescribed xanax. I began on 0.5 mg, and by the time I switched to medical marijuana for my disorder, my tolerance for xanax had increased to 10mg just so I could feel it. I think that marijuana is used as a scapegoat for many of the problems listed in this article. Please post actual cited sources (other than outdated government propaganda) next time you want to make outlandish claims about the effects of marijuana on individuals.

    • TC January 11, 2012

      man you need to put down the pipe thats stuffs frying your brain.

  21. nonya July 27, 2011

    As for leaving your man because he won’t stop somthing you don’t like…. My wife did the same thing to me. Made my extremely angry that she would do such a thing… The question is if the weed don’t control him why would he be prepared to leave his family for it?
    I will certanly not answer for him…
    But when my wife did it to me, gave me the choice. Either MJ or her. I got angry. We ALL have bad habits and to leave a person for the bad habit after you sworn for better or worse is just POOOOOR character.
    I said okay, “we have been through this before, i obviously can’t quite, so I guess i’ll leave.” If my wife wants me not in her life or her kids life that badly then fine… I’ll pay the price and accomidate her wishes. Seems like thats all americans do anymore as find an excuse to get devorced or seporated. No body in this country it seems can live up to their word. All i’m trying to say is, we all have our BAD HABITS, some worse than others, but yet they are all the just the same… A BAD HABIT… To think that you are better than a murderer just because you didn’t murder anyone is actualy a sin in some religions.

    I was not willing to quite MJ as per my wifes request because I was NOT ready to quite. Everyone has moments of growth and moments of not growth. And if you push somone who is not willing to grow into a grow stange then EXPLOSIONS WILL HAPPEN! I did not see that smoking MJ was a problem in my life, and actualy i thought it was helping the situation. Just because you see a problem don’t mean that the other person sees it too. I’m sorry but if you ever find yourself in that sitation where you make your spouse choose between you and somthing else then… Why did you marry that person in the first place if you werent willing to suffer through the BS that pops up between the two of you…

    MJ does not have the same effect of me that descibed in that post, quite the oposite actualy. I can’t explain that….

  22. nonya July 27, 2011

    I can’t believe anyone would wana argue this or that about MJ. I’m just sick of hearing all the negativity about it over somthing that I feel is actually a delacasy. Alchohol is a much bigger problem… And yet you hardly hear near as much negativity about that than you do MJ…. Why is that?

  23. Kristy July 31, 2011

    I have weed here and there , when I’m at a party so forth . But I have lost friends because of this and my partner does not know, I sometimes think maybe I am addicted but I only do it like 1-2 a months ? I love the feeling when your stoned and think to myself sometimes that its really not that bad . But when I hit reality i realize thats not the life i want for myself . When I’m around it i can’t say no , and that’s a big problem ! I just don’t want it to control me . If anyone as any suggestions or advise it would be really helpful

  24. tbenz August 1, 2011

    I personally think that marijuana is addictive. I know a lot of people that smoke it…and it seems like it controls their lives. I am in a relationship with a guy that smokes all day..and its affecting our relationship because he seems to only want to hang out with weed smokers. I don’t smoke it..and he’s totally lost interest in doing anything that doesn’t involve getting high. Its also a gateway drug because most of my friends that smoke weed ..have also tried other drugs too. I can’t say everyone gets addicted….but when you can’t go a day without something wether its weed or a drink without having some sort of withdrawal..something is wrong.

  25. Emme September 11, 2011

    Pipper and Lore, I encourage you to look at how your sons may be feeling. Teenagers don’t always WANT to have a relationship with their parents and you forcing him is causing them to resent you. My teenage years consisted of my mother being needy for a relationship I just wasnt equipped to give. I didnt like what she liked and she didnt approve of what i did like, it was all very smothering, and she didnt want me to hang out with people conducive to maintaining those views.
    I went through very severe depression at the age of 18, which involved self-harm and suicidal tendencies. A friend of mine introduced me to pot, she admitted it wasnt best alternative, but anything had to be better than slicing my own wrists. I’m now 24, a university graduate, a digital marketer and a writer, I carry almost no debt and I’m well on my way to a successful life. I literally have nothing left to wait for in the cliché list of life goals except a few more years of work to have enough money for a house, and looking for a life partner. I still smoke every day, often multiple times a day, and I am positive that it is exactly what has helped me maintain focus throughout emotionally abusive relationships, depression, a terminally ill relative, and the general growing pains of being a working student in spite of all of it. Having that release can be a blessing, I am the happiest now than I have ever been, albeit balance is important.
    Regardless of your reasons for not wanting your sons to smoke, it’s not a bad thing, and regardless of his reasons for wanting to do it, he’ll be ok. Let him learn things on his own, there are certain lessons that just simply cant be taught.

  26. rosie October 11, 2011

    i’m 17 and ive been smoking for the past four years i started with my brother, thinking my all time hero does it maybe its ok if i do it. my mom used to smoke pot and meth but shes been sober for 8 years. now my brother is my evrything he has alot of influence on me and when he got beat up because he was high and drunk i didnt want him to ever do it again yet like a week or so later i bough a quarter and split it with him. he even ended up in rehab twice and both times he ended up coming home saying,”rosie weed isnt a drug. no matter what way u look at it its given to us for a reason” i dont understand why after that time he would come home and saythat. of corse i was still smoking but i didnt want top stop. he got sent to the halfway house and got caught smoking k2 and had to go to jail. hes out now and is under facebook with his first name as BLAZIN and its really hard for me to see him all messed up and yet even though im in foster care and have been in like 4 different homes i still find people that smoke pot every time. i even want some now i dont know if im addicted i just like it. help?

  27. alice October 14, 2011


    Pot smoking can definitely ruin lives and families. My father is addicted to pot and it ruined his marriage to my mother. She left him because of it. It has never been a casual thing for him. Every memory I have of my father is of him being high, often too high to interact well socially- constantly talking too loud and fast, no awareness of other people, laughing inappropriately and CONSTANTLY SMOKING WEED. If this is not an addiction then there is no such thing as addiction!!! I am 30 years old now and at the end of my rope with him. He has NEVER BEEN ABLE TO MAINTAIN A JOB OR RELATIONSHIP, not in the 30 years I have known him. He coughs and wheezes and complains about having to walk a block down the street. I don’t want him to move in with me. I can’t even stand being around him. I have in the past used drugs occasionally (pot, cocaine, etc) but have never been addicted. NOT EVERYONE becomes addicted to drugs but some people do and it can ruin their entire life. Believe me.

  28. KP October 19, 2011

    I’ve been an everyday smoker smoking 2-4 times a day for a while now, and I’ll admit I fall under almost all of these categories, my tolerance has built, I often plan to just smoke one bowl and end up packing another once it’s done. Alot of my team is based around weed, I continue blah blah all that BUT today I chose not to smoke and handled it, the differences I noticed is that I felt much more stress when pressure was put on me, I was never really sad, but just content and happy at parts when I’m usually always happy high, ever since I started burning, I’ve gotten straight A’s, I’ve been generally happier on days that I do or do not smoke, as I used to suffer from depression. I find myself more motivated to do things like homework, cook, clean up and more things because prioritize responsibly when I burn. Today I’ve only done 1 problem on my calc homework which is what days have always been like without weed (I have ADHD). My parents see it as an addiction, and I feel like I may be psychologically addicted, but with all of the different opinions I hear about it I get confused. I smoke because it makes me feel good, and it makes me enjoy being alive where before my life felt boring and I wanted to end it whenever I was under too much pressure or stress. One negative I do see from my smoking is that I feel guilty spending alot of money on weed so I sell weed as well to break even. I’ve come here for honest advice, no bullshit answers please, but is my smoking a problem? I stopped myself for 4 days once I only planned on taking a break, I don’t plan on quitting anytime soon because of all of the benefits that I see from it and I have a vaporizer that I use sometimes so I don’t do as much harm to my body, but I still do smoke 80% of the time and vape maybe 20%. Also right now I’m a community college freshmen taking 15 units, I messed up first 3 years of high school which is why I’m still at jc until I can transfer, and I have a job where I work with kids 17.5 hours week. I haven’t seen any change in my work, except that I used to get insanely stressed and depressed because I couldn’t stand working every day, but now I’m completely fine with it and I’m really happy there sometimes. Blah guess I’m just rambling now, but I don’t ever see myself being one of those people who are ignorant to those around them because of weed, when I’m high and I come home I do chores that I usually wouldn’t sometime so that my parents can be happy when they come home as well, I care about everyone and want them to be happy as well when I’m high. Basically I just want to know do I have a problem?

  29. Ryan Mac October 29, 2011

    I use to be a everyday smoker of weed/skunk before i went to university, I use to live in a small town where the majority of my friends use to smoke weed so hanging out mostly turned into smoking.
    Im not here to say i disagree with smoking the drug as i do enjoy it and have cut down to smoking when I’m with my friends from home out of choice, my reason for posting is my brother has smoked weed since the age of 13 and I would like some advice on the route i can take with him to try and get him to cut down or quit for his own sake, i understand that the “drug” itself like any has different affects on different people and can see from first hand experience the way in which the it differs between me and my brother.
    He seems to abuse it rather than smoke it for a purpose or reason e.g. to enjoy it and i am worried about him pursuing his dreams and improving his lifestyle as the way he reacts and shows understanding towards being asked about himself and what he wants to do and enjoys his response is vague and seems to show no feeling behind words.
    Please someone give me a range of approaches i can use to maybe change his mind or even influence him on letting it go as he has been a constant smoker for the last 5-6 years and i want to see the real him again.

  30. Gurgs October 31, 2011

    This page makes me laugh when I see it, I used to smoke the whole joint after thinking what the hell a couple hits, when the reality is I am not addicted, I MAY be, but not for sure. Thing is, when your high you can have more, I could go forever the next day without smoking it anymore, and one day I just didnt care to anymore, I never looked to get high, I just did sometimes, anyways, you make this way to one sided, you could replace “are addcited” with “may be addicted”. This is just to stupid to read.

  31. Jack November 3, 2011

    guys i see everyone arguing and people writing paragraphs of debate and rebuttal here is a simple solution let people do want they enjoy and if its not getting in the way then leave it (by the way weed doesn’t stop you being who you are)

  32. your life November 20, 2011

    i am married to a pot smoker and i hate it all the pot smokers say the same thing its not hurting anybody it seems like everybody gets high these days off something but pot smokers give their self a pat on the back for not doing meth or other drugs why do any drug at all

    this stuff is leading me to divorce court

    • Thegovliedtoyoulol June 26, 2012

      What a joke ! Period. Anyone who hasn’t tried pot usually has a opinion against it such as addiction or other *problems* pot causes.

      Let’s start by listing dangerous drugs?
      Than the side affects

      People will always push that oh! Pots a drug an the world has taught us drugs are bad!

      So all you hypacrits , no over the counter drugs for you no prescriptions no alcohol especially! No cigerettes!!

      And another side note most these people have no idea what there talking about!

  33. GWA November 24, 2011

    I married my husband later in life and had no idea he was such an avid pot smoker. We are 6 years into our marriage and I am planning on leaving him this summer. WHY? He is a totally different person when he smokes and he thinks he is so interesting but the only person he is interesting to is his other pot smoking friends. I can no longer deal with him promises to quit, his coming home stoned and don’t even get me going on the money he has spent on his little “habit” over the years. For those of you out there who think pot smoking does not change you let me tell you it does and will. My advice for any pot smoker reading this: IF you never plan on quitting do not and let me repeat this DO NOT get into a relationship with a non-smoker because it simply will not work. I wish I had know about his smoking before I said “I DO”.

  34. losing my son November 25, 2011

    My son is 16 and has been a daily marijuana user for the past 1 1/2 years. I have watched him slip from a straight A student to a student who is not managing any of his courses, and failing in all of them. He has become a recluse and when he’s not out getting high with his friends he’s hiding stoned in his room playing video games or watching movies. He has given up everything he was passionate about, including a promising basketball career. When he isn’t stoned he is disrespectful, angry and stressed out. It doesn’t matter whether it’s pot, meth, crack or alcohol -if a person is so dependant on it that their life is completely unmanageable – then they are an addict and need help. I can’t watch him fail and give up any more of his life. Marijuana addiction is just as serious as any any other addiction.

    • Drice February 13, 2013

      Perhaps this behavior doesn’t originate magically out of weed, but out of his response to a mother that has been too controlling and neurotic during he grew up, and a father that demanded more from him than from himself.
      Blame it on the weed….
      parents always do
      instead of Trying to understand why your son likes getting high, how you caused this…
      He will continue to smoke, and be much wiser than you.

  35. Sienna November 28, 2011

    I have been smoking for a good 3 years now. I started smoking cigarettes well before I even picked up a pipe. I have successfully quit smoking cigarettes but not sure what to do about my weed addiction. When I first started smoking it was maybe twice a month, now I can’t go a day without weed. I don’t have withdrawal symptoms when I don’t smoke other than I have the urge to get high. I crave being able to feel good. I’m a hard worker (made team leader in 2 months) and get good grades in school. But lately I feel numb to the world. My life feels like it has no purpose. Sometimes I wish i never touched weed and I feel like I’m helpless to the drug but other days I feel like there’s nothing better in the world. I have a very addictive personality, as my father was an alcoholic. Before I started smoking, I found myself depressed and first started using as an escape from my home life. I have one year left until I’m 18 and eager to quit but I JUST CAN’T. I’m afraid that quitting smoking will cause me to fall back into my depression. It makes me feel good and I like how some smoke can cause my entire body to change. I know I have a problem but I don’t know how to tackle it. I feel like I will just trade my weed addiction for another. I don’t like being sober when I know that there is something out there that can make me feel better. SO BASICALLY I know I should quit. I’m wasting my talents and time that could be spent doing something more productive but I just can’t bring myself to stop smoking. I don’t or ever will enter rehab. In my opinion, it’s a place for DRUG addicts. I know pot is a drug, just like caffeine, but i hate that label. If you can’t overdose on it – then it’s not a drug to me. help?

    • jessica April 18, 2012

      the only and best way you can stop smoking is by getting addicted to another activity which is gonna keep you too busy to even think of smoking…why not try to register in a dance school? or any other social activity which you literally enjoy doing. thats my piece of advice for all addict because i was once an addict and i made a choice

    • Eli June 30, 2012

      I thank you all for the information.
      In case you are reading this and you are interested in my opinion and experience, I got two things to say. MJ is addictive and destructive.

  36. me November 30, 2011

    oh and, yes, it can get out of hand, but labelig those poor people youre not helping them. it could help if you guys realise that even with that “addiction” he/she is as productive as normal, and it’s not a big thing. alcohol is waaaay worse, and yet, it is legal…

  37. weedislikecrack December 9, 2011

    Weed is addictive physically, mentally, as a 15 year user – know…….I am sober 4 days and I know this time I will never smoke again…..I have fought it for years and years. I used to be like every nay sayer on this forum…….”Weed is not addictive”…..it helps me in every way I would say……..it made every bad thing about me worse and every good thing non existant……You think you have it under control? Wait till something awful in your life happens you couldn’t control….then you look to your mary jane for relief. This suppresses your emotions and now your like a snowball on a steep slope. Sucking up the Mary Jane only not to revisit the feelings you had when tragedy struck……then you wake up years later, realize what an idiot you were. Your emotions patiently waited for you to deal with them. Now you have that to deal with, PHYSICAL withdraw, guilt, and realizing you have dodged everything that matters in life so you can keep those emotions in their place. I abandoned life fifteen years ago. Those suppressed emotions are rising up getting the much needed attention they deserve. My dad murdered my mom when I was fifteen and I am waking up at 30 wondering how I ended up with three kids a husband and these water beds on my chest. I replaced my mom with weed and all I got was a fifteen year haze. So if you think if have your use under control, great! But you might, for now……I promise you will not forever. I have known 30 plus year users and all they got were strokes at an early age and lung cancer. I challenge you to take a puff of a cigarette and blow it in tissue paper and then do it with a hit of weed…….then tell me weed is good…….tons of research on cigs and you know the end to that story………so look at your tissue with the weed in it…….take your. Knowledge of cigs and lung cancer…….you have to multiply that knowledge more mary jane use…….just look at your tissue…….what ever stage you are at in quitting…….or using…….may peace be with you Xxxxxxxxxxxhugs 2 all in suffering

  38. dave December 12, 2011

    My wife got out of the military (after ten years as cyber defense analyst with top secret clearance) and got a killer job. Then once Christmas I caught her smoking pot. I hate drugs; they are one of the biggest reasons we have violence on the streets and they screw people and relationships up. She said it was only once in a while. Then this spring she met a girl down the street (I’m 46 she’s 38) who smokes, she gets it from her 23 yo son. Yay. Now she lives for the weekends so she can smoke and drink with her “best friend”. We used to go out to eat, go for long runs, enjoy shows on the tube and go to beach. This summer she hung out at our pool and the girl’s pool down the street so they could get high. pretty damn boring if you ask me. We used to surf together, go 4 wheeling etc. Now nothing so potheads don’t say I’m lame or boring. She obviously doesn’t have something right in her life; she says it’s her high-paced job. Whatever, our relationship sucks now because of it and I’m debating whether to leave even though I said “better or worse”. We’ve talked about the usage and she doesn’t care. But I’m the one that’s screwed up according to her. ANYTHING THAT AFFECTS A RELATIONSHIP OR LIFE SUX! DRUGS OR WHATEVER!

  39. concernedmom December 12, 2011

    I have two teenage sons-ages 14 and 17 who both smoke pot. The oldest one is the heavy smoker. In the beginning, I did everything I could think of like drug testing grounding, etc. but I finally gave up because he always goes back to it and all we do is fight constantly about it. When I found out his younger brother had started I was devastated. I have to decide whether it is worth taking a stand and continuing to fight about the pot which completely destroys the peace of our household and relationship or just give up.

  40. eve from oshawa December 14, 2011

    I have a 15 year addicted to marijuana. I always suspected for 2 years as I had seen the signs and her staying out later at night and not following curfew. I would call the police (Durham Regional Police) and report her missing because I did not know where she was….they were not of any help telling me I was using the police to parent her and all she wanted was to stay out with friends. I have called CAS for help and nothing. I found out the parents who have been providing her the marijuana even was told by my daughter where she purchases the marijuana but the police don’t care about this information. My daughter and I were very close — we used to have special moments playing scrabble and going for walks. She was active in school sports and cadets which she has quit. She was taking lessons to become a life guard and swimming instructor and quit with only 2 more courses to go. She is late for school constantly, does not go to her co-op placement regularily calling in she is sick. She sleeps in late and is late for school. Yet there is nothing out there for help. She is aware of the damage it is doing to our relationship but refuses to go for drug addiction counseling. I have seen her withdrawal symptoms with the shaking of the hands when I was off work. She complains constantly about not remembering things which she never had problems before and I know this is from the use of marijuana. She is a bright young lady at 15, almost 16 on Christmas Day, but she is ruining her life and her health. The frustrating part is that the adults who are supplying her with the marijuana tell her they care about her and the 18 year old friend who professed his love for her who is also a user enables her with the usage. Police do not want to touch this situation because they have native status and as they are concerned my daughter is not worth anything because if she were they would do something about it especially that I was willing to give them the address of the seller —- but Durham Regional Police do not care yet they complain about all the drugs being available to kids. Well support the parents who are willing to take a proactive role and not ignore the situation. In the meantime, as a mother I watch hopelessly my daughter throwing her bright future away.

    • jon December 20, 2011

      “I have seen her withdrawal symptoms with the shaking of the hands when I was off work. ”

      HAHAHA! You gotta be kidding me. Marijuana does not have withdrawal. It’s not physically addicting. It can be psychologically addicting like anything else that one likes. If her hands are really shaking she’s either an alcoholic, benzo addict, or opiate addict.


      “She sleeps in late and is late for school.”

      Oh yeah that’s just SO uncommon for teenagers. Teenager sleeps in late? must be that devil weed

  41. jon December 20, 2011

    I like how these parents blame an inert plant for their children’s shortcomings instead of their own parenting. Denial much?

  42. cathy December 21, 2011

    i adopted a son. He was 16 when I adopted him and 17 now. Last year he played sports and while he didn’t like school was passing his grades for the most part, was respectful and was a truly wanted to be a member of the community and my family. We moved into town from the country and since then my son doesn’t play sports, smokes week pretty much every day and gets angry over nothing. He brought weed to my house and when i confronted him about it said that it was my fault for searching his room and stated that he was going to move out if i threw out his pot again. I don’t give him money and i don’t want him to move out but he chooses weed over everything.

  43. joe a December 22, 2011

    ive smoked for the last 3 years almost everyday. weed changes you , ive lost the love of my life because i couldnt put the bong down long enough to appreciate her beauty and companionship. i feel embarassed for all the times i took her outwhile being faded , she cheated on me and all i could do was roll a joint, i was my fault, my habit that made me ignore the signs , the worst part is knowing shed be here now if i couldve seen my prob. only since ive stopped smoking, (1week so far) have i noticed the amout of people it affected. i never got to tell her im sorry for what i ruined and i never will even if i have the chance. through the haze now

  44. Hissam December 27, 2011

    My dad is a surgeon and he used to hav a medical bag containing anesthatic injections one day I stole an injection it was named ‘Ketasol 5mg’ I thought I try it just for fun as I have been good in chemistry in my school I knew that if I vapourise the liquid outta the injection I am gonna left with the powder form of the drug which is used to produce high anesthatic effects induced in patients who are undergoing any surgical operation anyway I got the powdered form of the liquid after vapourising the whole liquid I collected the powder in a smooth paper and made straight line which I then inhailed with a straw. For the first time in my life I introduced myself to a drug called katamine it produced such an euphoric affect that soon after two days I started using it on weekly basis which increased three times a week and now I am so addicted to this that if I don’t do it for three days I come across such a horrible state that I can’t face other people I mean the symptoms like sweating and shivering at the same time vomitting and sometime nosebleeding as well appearing of red spots on boday and itching, I can’t think of anything to get outta this hell, once I gave up snorting this for three days and I felt like I was about to die I kept on turning sides on my bed without any sleep shivering like a dying fish and I started seeing every thing black and white then I went downstairs trembling stole another dope from my dad’s bag converted it into its powdered for a few minitues later I was in the shower slight euphoric all the shivering was gone and my mind was back to normal, for me it is a different situation here people use drugs to feel high I use em to feel normal. I donno if I am gonna live or I am gonna die battling with this addiction I m not even a smoker but this far much worse than smokin some time I wish I would be a smoker instead of snorting this crap like a junkie.

  45. Anonbitch January 19, 2012

    I came here because my boyfriend is very much into weed, almost to a destructive level. He’s antisocial, he didn’t try at all in his university studies this year and he just spends heaps and heaps of time getting really high with his stoner friends. More time than with me.
    I have to coax him sometimes and be like “hey, this is getting out of hand”. And that isn’t even firm enough. I don’t even know what to do, it’s bad enough he has a tobacco addiction. I just don’t know how to handle it, i feel helpless, and like I will never win against his problem.
    Weed is totally addictive, for some people. Not chemically, like meth or heroin, but habitually. People become addicted to it, like you can to any behaviour.
    I smoke it too, but not much at all. I take huge breaks sometimes, like a week or 2 or 3, and have no withdrawal symptoms. In fact, I really appreciate life without getting high.
    I have never had an addictive nature, and have a lot of self restraint when it comes to vices, and even diet.
    I’m not going to defend marijuana to anyone, because I can’t do that. I personally enjoy it and it enriches my life as an artist. But it is destructive. And watching it destroy people around you is very sad.

  46. Gev January 19, 2012

    I have been reading many comments and that didn’t change how i feel. Im 21 now, and have been smoking for 7 years. The last two years i have been smoking from morning to night about 1/8 a day in my bong. 5 Days ago i had a “event” that opened my eyes about my addiction. I noticed that i had been avoiding family, my old friends that don’t smoke, i noticed all 5 jobs i quit so far, i had been high during that same shift that i quit on. Sometimes we are so close to the picture that we cant see the image. Many people told me about my problem including my family, but it seemed that no one could get through to me. I used to be like “Dave” I used to fight for marijuana rights, but now I finally understand every adult that tryed to warn me. Now that im sober and i love it many of you think im going to change my friends minds….. YOU ARE WRONG.


    Also in the last 5 days my sex drive has gone up by 500%! i love it. I remember when i had sex first time while high, i never wanted to have sex sober in my life. Now i have the opposite feeling, for the first time in 1 year i felt like i connected with my girlfriend on a different level. My dad had to go to a dentist yesterday and he hates it. Now that im sober i did something that surprised them to. I told my dad “im coming with you for moral support” I felt like i care about my family again and they mean the world too me ones more!!!!

    My only fear in life right now is relapsing and becoming that “automated robot” i used to be.

    Also if i have the strength to quit and stay like that, I HAVE MADE A CHOICE TO TRY TO BECOME A DENTIST AFTER LAST NIGHTS VISIT!!!!

    On the other note, There are people that drink a glass of wine every night and a person that empty’s the bottle. Altaugh you might think your the person with a glass and not a bottle marijuana can sneak up on you very fast.

  47. seb January 19, 2012

    I’m 16, as is a close friend of mine who I believe is addicted to marijuana. He’s been smoking it for a couple of years, and almost daily for about a year, maybe slightly longer. He still believes weed is good for him and cannot be bad in any way. He’s admitted that he considerably lacks motivation and has issues with anxiety which I know were not present before he had been smoking weed so regularly. He says it’s the only thing which makes him happy and he smokes it to escape from his problems, including anger. He once stopped for a week, and he noticeably regained motivation and seemed much brighter – usually he seems really out of touch with the world, even when he’s not actually high.
    I’ve smoked weed before, several times. I did enjoy it, and I know what it’s like to try and quit something you’re addicted to because I’m trying to quit smoking cigarettes at the moment.
    The thing is, my friend will never admit that it’s cannabis which is causing his anxiety, depression and lack of motivation. When I got high a while ago, I loved weed and thought it was great, and to an extent I still do – I believe it can be enjoyed occasionally. Seeing my friend the way he is now has made me realise why cannabis is illegal.

  48. Dude January 30, 2012

    Most people here saying they are addicted to marijuana, or the parents have children who are addicted, the smokers started smoking weed at an early age, before 18. The human brain doesn’t slow its developing process until the early-mid 20’s. When someone younger than that smokes marijuana regularly, the brain responds to how the user feels euphoric, and stops slows production of such chemicals that evoke such emotion. Therefore, when the person stops using pot, they may experience ‘withdrawal’ like symptoms. If they continue the frequent use of marijuana until the brain stops developing, the same thing will occur, and will be what you call an addiction. If someone who has the willpower and knowledge that this is all psychological addiction, or they begin smoking at a later age when the brain is more fully developed, it is very rare that they will experience any negative feelings or anything out of the normal when not using pot. Being a college student, I only started smoking a year ago, infrequently, and it never altered my grades, emotions, or relationships. It actually helped me through my seasonal depression, though that is definitely NOT the reason I began smoking. I smoke on a somewhat regular basis now, and still maintain A’s and B’s, go to the gym nearly every day, have plenty of friends, and have a wonderful relationship with my parents. It all depends on the person, and their personality. Unlike drugs that have been scientifically proven to be physically addictive, such as heroin or methamphetamine, marijuana is merely psychologically addictive, in specific cases. Do not blame the plant.

  49. denise February 1, 2012

    My 19 year old son is a pot-head. He is addicted to this stuff weed. He spends about 20 a day on this stuff. he’s now a collge student, but I”m sure he will flunk out of school and be back home soon. I dont know how this happen to him. He use to play sports and be a joy to be around. Now all I do is worry about him and argue with him. He is always angry and not fun at all. He seem so distance. His sister and him use to have a great relationship, but kno the barely talk to each other. I don’t like my son like this. All he do is play X-Box, AND NOT SOCIALIZING WITH OTHERS ATat school. All his high school friends has pulled away from him. I think it is because of his abuse of this drug. I know just about every college student party and yes, may smoke some weed, but my son smokes it every chance he gets. I just think he is going to get into heavier drugs once his body get immune to weed. Before going to college, he stole my jewelry and sold it to the pawn shops. I know it was for money to buy weed. He is not the same kid he was a year ago. I’m so scared for him. He denies that he spend his time high and that he spend his money on weed. I check his acct and see that he pull out $20 a day and sometimes twice a day. During Christmas time we sent him to stay wwith his uncle who is a counselor for recovering addicts. He took my son to meetings twice a day. This last 2 weeks and then he went to college, and went back to smoking weed. I think my son is heading for trouble and I don’t know what to do about it. He denies his addiction and don’t want to seek help. He tells me that all college students are smoking weed..”it’s normal”, is what he tell me. I don’t think so, my son is a weed adict in need of help and prayer.

    • The Canyon February 3, 2012

      Hi Denise, we were unable to get in touch with you from the email address you provided, but if you’d like to talk with us about possible treatment for your son, please call us at 877-714-1319. We care about your situation and would love to discuss options with you.

  50. shantel February 2, 2012

    My name is shantel willcocks
    im 16 years old
    i live in canada

    And i have been smoking weed since i was 10 years old , my brother died 3 years ago and was shot to death over less then 3 grams of weed. It can get you killed yes i smoke weed every day because i want to……see……i do have a problem because ver since my brother died ive done so many drugs salvia, ecstacy, cocaine, Ketamine, MDMA, angel dust anything you can imagine but i never touched the needles…..when my brother died i was shut down i felt numb because i was in the feild where he was shot while it was happening, I herd the gun shot but diddnt run over to see if anyone was hurt i ran. I blame myself sometimes but i know its not my fault but i do miss my brother and i have mad depression and hwne i smoke weed it makes me feel better…..alot better. I smoke atleast 10- 12 grams a day atleast…and it seems to not be enough i smoked weed until i passed out because i was so high….but I am going to an intervention ….im not on drugs not…but if i am i wouldnt be saying these things but im going to an intervention and im going to the hospital for a while to get help….i need it. Because i honestly cant live like this anymore.

    • The Canyon February 3, 2012

      Hi Shantel, we want you to know that we care about what you’re going through, and we’re proud that you’ve decided to go to the intervention. If you’d ever like to talk with us, you can always call 877-714-1319. There are a lot of compassionate people here who can help you talk through your situation.

  51. Black Swan February 6, 2012

    Dear to whom it may concern,

    There have been numerous posts regarding the usage of marijuana. Here is my personal experience with marijuana…

    I remember my first time smoking marijuana when I was 18 years ago. I was a senior in high school and my friend offered us to smoke weed. It was night time and the three of us went outside in the woods to smoke. The immediate effects of marijuana rushed in, that is, laughter, joy, and excitement all occurred.

    I never touched marijuana again for the rest of my senior year in high school…Why? At the time, I had many assumptions about marijuana because it was illegal. I only did it that particular time because I had a secret crush for the person I was with. Regardless of it, I applied to multiple colleges and got accepted into the University of Oregon.

    Here’s the thing. University of Oregon is known for its liberal views, especially on marijuana. When I was a freshman, I was constantly bombarded by new students to see whether if I wanted to smoke with them. Of course, I kindly refused seeing as my assumptions for the drug were considered ‘bad’ because marijuana was illegal.

    January 1st, 2008. I remember this day well. My roommate in the dorms had never smoked marijuana, nor smoked cigarettes, and most importantly, never took a single sip of alcohol. He made the biggest bet in my life, which was, “If you do not drink for 21 days, I will drink alcohol for my first time.” I agreed with him on this bet. At the time, college drinking was a norm among many students. My roommate showed concern for me that I needed to cut back, and because of that, this is how the bet started.

    I decided to pick up marijuana smoking because the bet never specified on marijuana, just drinking. Essentially, I became a pot smoker for 21 days straight. My roommate noticed this during the period of the bet and he started to play mind games with me, especially when I was watching Family Guy super baked. This was all fun and games. We were young, free, and could do whatever we want.

    The bet ended and this is where I started to notice the long run effects of marijuana taking in. I was not there for my roommate’s first alcohol drink. After 21 days of smoking weed, and not drinking alcohol, all my assumptions about marijuana fell through the roof. In fact, I started to notice statistical figures between alcohol and marijuana quite disturbing. For instance, how many deaths are linked with alcohol versus marijuana?

    Amazingly, I stopped drinking and became a pot smoker, while my roommate STARTED drinking. As a pot smoker I felt very enclosed with my life, more reserved, and more anxious around people. For 8 months, I didn’t drink but just smoke.

    After 8 months, I decided to pick up drinking again. I felt that me on marijuana forced me to become isolated from others. And for a good year I did nothing but drink in college. Then, I got a DUI.

    This meant no drinking, nor smoking, or any drugs in my system for the next 4 months (Diversion program). During this time is when I revisited my childhood memories and realized what my purpose in life is.

    Honestly from all the years I’ve tested drugs, I would say nothing is better all together. If I had to choose in terms of the least dangerous to most dangerous, I would choose marijuana as least and alcohol as the most. It is very difficult to say whether marijuana is addictive to the user without seeing their lifestyle. From the posts I’ve read, I do agree that marijuana does form certain lifestyle attributes that are not welcomed in reality.

    All of my experiences mentioned above resulted from being addicted to one drug or another. In other words, the drug controlled me. When you get to the point where you RELY on the drug, then this becomes a problem. This in turn forms habits and routines. From my experience, start where you began your childhood, free from all substances. I guarantee your mother did not feed you alcohol or gave you a joint when you were a baby, or else you probably be dead. When you revert back to human nature, everything fits in place.

  52. Brett February 12, 2012

    I am 16 and a daily smoker. I have a 3.8 GPA, play varsity lacrosse as a sophomore and have more friends then I could dream of. I am the happiest I’ve ever been and for all those who claim to have had their lives destroyed by Marijuana probably let it happen. You can and will be in control if you choose to do so. Obviously if you let something control you, it could very well ruin your life. It’s fine to have your opinion on marijuana but if you claim to be an addict or a blow out, think hard about how that happened, I am almost positive that Marijuana is not the main contributing attribute

  53. Alex February 12, 2012

    lol high right now and this is all pretty funny to me, I’ve been smoking just about every day for about 3 years now, i’m 19, and can safely say i wouldn’t be who i am now if it wasn’t for cannabis, I am a more positive, calm, relaxed, understanding, patient, and collected person because of it. Some people here said it made them “automated robots”, i feel the complete opposite, i was the automated robot before i started smoking and then i took a deep breath, exhaled and i was introduced to a place where everything just felt better and i began to truly appreciate everything around me in a way i never could have before. Cannabis really opened my mind to new ideas and new ways of life that i enjoy. And i am in no way “addicted” to it, i take week long tolerance breaks every few months to make sure i’m getting the full effects of the plant (its not a drug) and yeah it can be hard to not smoke during that week but its worth it at the end to be able to go get blazed with my friends and have tons of fun. btw before i forget, @denise it IS normal for college students to smoke, most of the students where i am do. anyway soon enough it will be legal and the world will be a better place because of it.

  54. Matt February 16, 2012

    I’m pretty sick of reading comments like “if you smoke weed it therefor runs/controls your life regardless of the amount, blah blah”. I drink roughly 3-6 beers a MONTH, does beer control my life? No. Am I addicted to beer? No. Am I an alcoholic? No. Could I quit drinking beer? Yes. But Why would I want to if enjoying one beer while watching the game with some friends is not a problem and makes me happy. THE SAME PRINCIPLES APPLY TO WEED. It’s all about moderation.

    If you want to smoke a joint once or twice a month, giver balls. There is nothing wrong with that! Life’s good!

    My heart goes out to the wifeys on this forum. If your husband is willing to literally give up his family for a puff then that is a huge problem that absolutely must be dealt with.

  55. PhD Dave February 18, 2012

    This whole thing is ridiculous. I’ve been a chronic smoker for 11 years. In that time I’ve graduated cum laude from college and achieved my PhD from a top 10 university in the country. I just follow a few simple rules. 1. Don’t smoke until you are finished your responsibilities for the day. 2. Take a break every few months to lower your tolerance. I get irritable and have trouble sleeping for a few days (withdrawal symptoms), but after that I’m good. Just takes a little willpower (which most Americans don’t have).

    For those of you with psychological problems, I’m really sorry for you. Mind altering substances definitely exacerbate any symptoms. You should never do any drugs, but that doesn’t mean drugs caused your illness.

  56. Anonymous February 21, 2012

    I love weed. I’m attending a private college in the midwest region of the U.S. I have a 3.76gpa and am graduating this semester. So, how is pot bad again?

  57. bdog February 22, 2012

    I display more than half of those traits, yet I stop smoking for weeks or months at a time, with it around all the time.

    Where is your logic now? Sometimes life comes before smoking, but hey there’s no harm in indulging if you know what the limit is.

  58. Eddy February 28, 2012

    this is so not true. u dont become violent!

  59. Addicted March 15, 2012

    I am a recovering marijuana addict. I don’t think it is bad, and I don’t think people who smoke marijuana are bad. I don’t think smoking marijuana makes you an addict. I don’t think drug users are criminals. I’m not here to judge or say why I’m better.

    I smoke pot to deal with the things I don’t want to deal with. When I have difficult things on my mind it is *puff puff* gone. I don’t smoke pot because I like the way it makes me feel, I like the way it doesn’t make me feel when I’m sober. I smoke pot because it makes me content with boredom. I smoke pot so I don’t feel guilty about not doing the things I wanted to do when I was smoking pot. I smoke pot because I had a long day, and hey I’m not hurting anyone right?

    You can rationalize about how you are the top of your class, or you never get violent, or always show up to work on time, etc. I have been there. I was all of those things. But I realized that I used pot to cope with things in life I was not satisfied about. It is holding me back from living a fuller life and developing meaningful relationships. When you smoke pot chronically the only people you tend to associate with are other pot smokers.

    Just because you don’t hit rock bottom like you do with other drugs does not make it destructive or OK.

    Addiction is when you do something that is destructive and make a conscious decision to stop but have extreme difficulty doing so. Physical dependance and addiction are not necessarily the same thing.

    Best of luck to the other recovering addicts, and to those who don’t want to admit it ask yourself why you use pot daily?

  60. shane March 17, 2012

    i started smoking pot at a very young age mayb 11 or 12 could have been younger. im 23 now an ive realised how much it can affect you. im not here to judge anyone or say whos right or wrong but i do have a strong opinion on the affects its had on me an also friends an family. it was always around me an easy to get ahold of. i use to think that it was cool an that people would think im cool when i smoked it. because both of my parants wre both heavy pot smokers i didnt know much better. my dad never made me do it but he never told me not to do it either. my dads is very well spoken an i looked up to him.even now i still do. but it wasnt until recent years that i realised the affects it started to have on me. i was expelled from school for smoking pot. i ended up in the shearing sheds at the age of 15. this had a major impact on my life. most shed staff i worked with smoked pot or were heavy drinkers. ive seen the affects its had on alot of them. i dont regret joining the shearing industry i love the job an its takin me half way around the world. my parants both done it for a living an i only wana make them proud. but my pot habit has got that bad that i feel like im loosing the physical an mental strength i need for the job. i dont want to make it sound like im trying to rate myself. but im good at it.but lately ive ben failing to work. i seem angry all the time. i spend most of my money on pot. ive got a partner an two wee kids to look after. ive sold most of our stuff for money just to get pot.ive ben chopping an changing from place to place just to get away from it. but in this industry its not hard to find, or their is always someone around who will offer it. my arm is easy to pull when it comes to pot. i couldnt resist a bong or a cone (etc) thre is alot of things it does to me.even the most simple things some times can be a challenge. i will go to do something an then totally forget what i was going to do, it makes me angry because i cant remember what i was doing. with my job i need to travel alot to follow the work. this could mean leaving the countrie, i always dreamd of travelling, bt i dont want to anymore because i cant be guaranteed that thre wil b pot around. i feel insecure without it. but when im stoned i seem to feel paranoid for no reason. i dont want to socialise or make eye contact with people its ruined my social development with people. i cant cope at work without it. i know im a better person when im not stoned. but i still want it. only someone who has had a pot addiction could understand whre im coming from. i admit i hava drug addiction an i need help…

  61. Michelle March 18, 2012

    I married my husband 23 years ago, we both liked to have “fun”, drink, smoke pot, etc. A couple years later we started having kids, I quit. He didn’t. Fast forward 21 years, he’s been through rehab, relapsed and recovered several times. We’ve been bankrupted twice due to his behaviors, and yes this was partly my fault because I should have left years ago. He’d been sober almost 10 years. Now my 18 year old son who has ALWAYS gotten straight As is failing 4 classes, lies and has spent all of his college money. Last week I came home early from work to find son and husband smoking pot together. I seriously wonder if anyone has ever succesfully quit being addicted to drugs or alcohol. I doubt either of them will. I give up, I’m leaving. I told my son he can come to my new house anytime, as long as he’s not high. I can’t take the stress anymore.

  62. rasta fari March 27, 2012

    read all the above comments..everyone seems to have good reasons ..but wat really matters is wat u want from life..do u wish to squander it off smokin up or you want to live a normal life and yet smoke up jus to relax afta u get home from a hectic days work…it all depends on how u handle the high…and as far as addiction is concerned anythin in excess is dangerous needn’t have to be marijuana only…

    • -Lsh- April 19, 2012

      True. Iam skmoking 4about 15yrs. Can stop smoking anytime (and manytimes did). It is not (and even can`t ) be marihuana who coses problems. I really believe, that the addiction (at least by me) is so weak, that my “laziness” and other “side effects” aren`t based on marijuana addiction by mostly just on my lazines, etc..

      Real problem is alcohol, nicotine and other legally sold killers.

      Noone should have a law to control marihuana. I dont say it is 4 everyone, or that noone can have serious problems connected to smoking it.. By me the medical care is needed in really low numbers..(mostly connected with schizophrenia as a starting button..)

      And controlling marihuana for dozens of years, criminalizing it and demonishing it really can`t stop the fact, that the “controller” makes big money on selling much worse drugs, really, daily, and harmfully kills tons of people..

      If you (mean governments) are scared of loosing money because of people gettin more dope than alcohol, you really should be, bcouse everyone can grow it by itself.. – nothing too easy to get under control (as4ex. LSD).

      Every one should have a law to decide.. In many countries you can legally buy whiskey and a gun, but can`t buy a joint – People responsible for the criminalisation are responsible for many really ruined lives, imprisoned people, even the “little criminal problems” like stealing some wallet etc caused by teenager to get some buck on the weed (because the criminalisation makes the price in $ from big part..)
      More – imagine those healthcare benefits – that really some people gets out of morfine threatening or so.. – isn`t it great? – now imagine, that it could be here dozens of years earlier.. – all those that died on morfium that didn`t have to, are the governments
      responsibility too..

      If you take all money from drug, oil and war industry, what we have? no – not enough money to buy a hell, but enough money to be us leading power..
      This is the reason why terrorists are occuring -or at least what gives them power..(in real and in medial world) –
      -In real – The western democracy and especially us politics are so obviously doing something else than saying, that it starts to weaken their own position and makes many people angry..
      -and why the medial? – couse system just needs an enemy not to be enemy itself.
      (same as how ganja was demonised and medialised..)
      but getting little OT here – enough, stop it 🙂

      Gonna roll a joint. I am addicted to marihuana – this time about 4months of everytime smoking. In two days I will stop it (as i many times did) and in another two days i feel as i never smoked.. (naturally the brain receptors blocked by the drug need some time to clean and regenerate so the memory is improved again when you stop -at least by my feelings – naturally ..)
      Withdrawal symptoms? – yes expect about 2 days of lightly worse mood, maybe wont enjoy some stupid twshow I did before or so.. and that is all –
      I think, I should really take some psychologist, cose feeling completly ok 2days after stopping using drug is not normal or it is? -yes it is – but not by alcohol and nicotine..

      If you would like to prohibit everythink possibly dangerous, just prohibit life (similar ideas even were here before – im not the one who wants it back..)

  63. california March 28, 2012

    There are a lot of people posting here who cite their own situation or maybe a couple people they know and seem to think that constitutes proof of something. That is called anecdotal evidence and it is not proof! I am not interested in arguing about what is addiction vs. habit vs. willpower issue vs. whatever. The fact is this. I smoked cigarettes for 18 years – pack a day. I quit and I have not had a cigarette for almost 4 years. I have had a serious pot habit for about 12 years. I find it much much harder to stop smoking pot, even though it is much more difficult to get than a pack of cigarettes and my pot smoking is almost always limited to the evening whereas I smoked cigarettes all day long. So you can argue physical vs. emotional or whatever but what I know is that lots of people try to quit smoking cigarettes and fail where I was successful but I have yet to have success abstaining from marijuana.

    Another thing I will point out about personal stories of “successful” marijuana use is this – I am a casual drinker. Sometimes I drink, sometimes I don’t. I rarely have more than a few drinks at a time. I am not addicted to alcohol and if I decided never to drink again I don’t think it would be a problem. I can find no issues that alcohol has caused in my life. Does that mean that alcohol is not a seriously addictive substance that ruins peoples lives? If you think that then you have not been close to an alcoholic. My mother is an alcoholic. She has more willpower than most people I know. She is highly responsible in her day to day life. Her drinking has led to car crashes, suicide attempts, multiple rehab stints and many other negative consequences in her life.

    There are a lot of young people posting on this forum. I urge you all to consider that you have limited experience in the world and that you should keep your eyes and mind open and live a little more before you decide that you have all the answers, or that you understand what another person’s life experience is like.


  64. Rick March 30, 2012

    I’ve been smoking from freshmen year to my junior year and I quit all my senior year,and I smokd heavuy amounts of the god stuff…..so put that in your sock Mr. scientist

  65. Jay April 8, 2012

    I’m 18, recently found out that my mom has been smoking weed for most of my childhood. I’m not really opposed to people smoking occassionally, but I’m a little worried because she often does it in her room when my brother and I are at her house. We live with our father and only see her a few times a week, so it would be really easy for her to just do it when we’re not around. The fact that she does it when we’re there indicates to me that she simply does it all the time, and possibly she’s addicted. So, people who know what they’re talking about, what should I do? I know a lot of people who use it say marijuana’s effects aren’t that bad, but my mom is very forgetful, absentminded, and hard to hold a conversation with- it’s definitely affecting her mentally. For years I just thought it was a mix of her being a ditz and menopause, but now that I know better I’m kinda concerned.

  66. Katie April 9, 2012

    Ok who paid all u people to say pot is bad?? N can cause violent crimes? Anyone know someone who has thrown up or got really sick from stopping smoking weed and only weed?? It’s less addictive than cigs and your body does not come dependent on it and a ton of people are using it as an excuse.. I smoked everyday all day for about 4 years quit cold turkey just got bored with it really.. Didn’t have any symptoms and never really missed it… But if u think it’s cool for it to be legal to drink n smoke cigs but not pot… U must either not know how they all compare or you must be getting paid if someone is paying could u let me know.. I’ll join too lol

  67. Gary S. April 11, 2012

    Wow, 1st I responded to Dave as that was the 1st post I really read, then out of boredom I decided to read a few more posts.
    Quite a few folks here have some serious problems no doubt, I guess weed is their scapegoat?
    Addictive physically NO!
    Psychologically, it can be, if you tend to be weak minded or chemically imbalanced I suppose, but if you watch enough reality TV eating your own defecation or dryer lint can be as well?
    As for “Gateway Drug” that is one of the most overused and yet least accurate descriptions going. Kids are naturally curious and will try things, so if they smoke a cigarette is that a “Gateway Drug”, or drink alcohol another “Gateway Drug”? I am 5’11” about 170 lbs, I think one of the worst “Gateway’s” in this country is Mac Mac and the like causing our country to become morbidly overweight spawning an epidemic of type 2 diabetes and a slew of other related health problems that are vastly worse than worrying about weed that has never had a single documented case of death attached to it’s use. Put things in perspective folks, as for weed and crime the only reason there is any of that is because it is still illegal non-taxed, non-regulated as alcohol is. Thankfully that is changing! So like prohibition in the 20’s it spawns crime you know Al Capone etc.! What a concept? Check the crime stats in Holland regarding weed & crime nearly non-existent, go figure? It is not even truly legal there either, simply not bothered with.
    In fact I actually know of no country where weed is totally legal? Too many people speak about subjects based on what they have heard from others. Those that speak with 1st hand knowledge even should do more research about themselves, their situation and the FACTS before they speak to put down things they do not fully understand. If you tend to be the religious sort why is weed here, a simple natural herb that does not require man to synthesize it like alcohol, heroin from poppies, cocaine from the coca plant etc.
    Go ahead say it…
    …temptation, LOL
    I am agnostic but if there is a GOD I think it was put here to help us feel better without making the pharmaceutical companies multi-billionaires!!
    In closing I will conclude by saying that Hemp has much more benefit than detriment.

  68. Gary S. April 11, 2012

    This site has accurate info regarding Marijuana not a bunch of he said, she said simply facts! I suggest everyone read through it all! Very informative!

    • -Lsh- April 19, 2012

      ok 2 facts:

      1 most dangerous on marihuana is its illegality

      2 Do you know what happens, when you smoke too much mariuana???
      It stops entertaining you and you stop smoking (at least by me this works perfectly – no need for any preparation to stop – just smoke more and more and than it just gets boring (thait is the part Iam now) and too complicated a it quits almost itself – hope it helps someone (and not joking 🙂

  69. Josh V April 11, 2012

    I just thought I’d put my two cents in. I’m not about to explain all the reasons why marijuana is for the most part harmless. But simply put, it is. Watch these three documentaries and you’ll understand why marijuana is beneficial, and how addictions can come in any form.
    “Super Size Me, Super High Me, The Union” If you only watch one, watch The Union. As for my personal experiences, marijuana gave me another full year with my father before he passed away from cancer in his lymph nodes, lungs, and brain. I didn’t start smoking until I was 18 or 19 after learning cancer runs in my dads family, and that weed can prevent cancer. After a year or so of smoking, I needed a new job. So I quit smoking, simple as that. My brother still smokes, and I’m still around it all the time. Yet I haven’t smoked in 5 months, but I do plan on smoking again, and can once again quit whenever I want. One final point, your brain doesn’t stop developing until about 20. So people who start smoking around the age of 14 or younger(give or take a year) run the RISK of having very MINOR problems with memory and cognition. So yes, it’s not for kids or people who have PRE-EXISTING mental conditions. So if you started young, yes you might be addicted(mentally) All I’m saying is don’t blame things on weed just because it’s present. That’s like saying a fat guy whose favorite junk food is cookies, so cookies must be the sole reason he is fat.

  70. OnceUponAStoner April 12, 2012


    I smoked for five years, 37-42.  I was smoking about a 1/4 – 1/2 oz a day.  I used weed to mask and control the anger I had inside me.  It allowed me to be emotionally numb.  

    I had two great losses at the very same time.  My relationship with my wife of ten years is ending, and I lost my grandmother.  I was out of state for my grandmother and didn’t have access to any “meds” for two weeks.  During this time of double great loss I found myself out of control emotionally.  I couldn’t stop crying, I’m thankful that my grandmothers passing, as it allowed my to cry and everyone thought is was for her alone.  I didn’t share my true reasons for my tears.   

    My moment of genuine compassion, and my epiphany,  came when my grandmothers neighbor came to see her, but she had already passed.  She stood there alone, in a room full of people, staring at an empty bed and wept.  Not one of my other family members moved to comfort her, I did.  This was so far outside my personality it shocked even me.  Before I even thought about it, i found myself comforting a person a barely knew,  but it felt good.  It was weird, but at the same time felt right.
    After a few days I did find some meds, but somehow it didn’t feel the same, so I stopped.  Cold Turkey.  I then spent the next 10 days smoke/drug free.  I started to feel again, deeper, stronger, my short term memory returned, and I started to see things with a greater clarity than I had been able to see in years.  

    I was smoking because I was angry.  For a long time I didn’t know who I was angry with.  My mom, for pushing my father away, through a divorce?  He died a short time after this, I was ten.  He was an alcoholic, and that killed him at 32.  Was I angry at my father for dying?  I had a step dad, not a good father by his own admission.  He didn’t know how to be a good father, because he didn’t have a good father.  I wasn’t a bad father, just not a great one.  Then I looked inside.   Why and who was I do angry and upset with?

    When my wife left and my grandmother died, I realized that I was angry at me.   I realized that I didn’t have any real significant, genuine connections with anyone, including my wife.  But why?  In one word, vulnerable.  I didn’t have authentic connections with any person, and I was angry at myself because I could not allow myself to be vulnerable to others, and as such, I found myself utterly alone.   I was in a shell, and kept people, all people, away with my anger.  Certainly not in a physical sense, but emotionally, I alone was my own dessert.  

    The weed helped mask all my anger but it also covered every other feeling as well.  It covered up the true cause.  Was I self medicating? You bet.  I still smoke, but only 1/4-1/2 of a joint per day, only at night, to help me sleep.  Ive always had a brain that never stops processing.  I don’t use during the day at all.  I’m not angry anymore, I have become more calm, more empathic, and I can feel people.  

    I put myself out there and have learned that it’s better to feel pain, sorrow, loss, and be alone rather than feel nothing.  When you feel nothing, you won’t feel connections, happiness, or joy.   

    Now my problem is this: my wife still smokes, alot.  She’s numb.  I also feel she has underlying unresolved issues that go far beyond “us”.  I think she’s bipolar.  I don’t know how to help her. I never saw it before, when I too was numb, but it’s a clear as day to me now.  Our marriage is going to end, but she will continue on her path and probably not get help and I fear for her.   How can I help her feel again?

    Make no mistake, marijuana is medicine.  As such, those patients who choose medical marijuana should be seen by both their regular doctor, as well as a qualified mental health professional, just as if a patient was on any other psychoactive drug.  

    I think that I was very lucky that I was able to self diagnose, and work through my own personal issues.  I’m sure that there’s still a lot I work ahead for me, but I’m also concerned for my wife, and our three kids.  Anyone?

  71. Heidi April 14, 2012

    I have recently left my husband mainly because of his pot smoking. I loved him and it stills hurts he never even tried to fix it. He works 6 days a week and wants to relax the rest of time. 16 years has flown by and we have accomplished nothing in life. We choose not to have children. I thought we would travel, enjoy life together. But his $700 a month pot expense and not willing to share any of his money got us nowhere. We recently bought a house cause he could’t stand dealing with a strata in an apartment, we’ve moved to many times because of this. He always repeats the same stories, and talks about all he wants to do but never does it. He was also taking down to me alot. I thought because of his bad unbringing, my love for him would help him change. He did stop cocaine, but the pot never stopped. He smokes in the morning, at work, at night til he goes to bed. He has trouble sleeping. Was recently having heart palpitations which really scared him, but found out nothing was wrong with him. I assume smoking so much, pot and cigars were causing this. He altogether stopped talking to me, life was hell living with him. He said maybe he’s ging through a mid life crisis. I think my attraction and feeling sorry for him kept me staying with him. Now it’s over and I’m having a hard time getting over it. I am a good person, everyone I know said I could do better, but I just kept letting him control my life. I’m just looking forward to the day I can get over it. He never seemed to grow up, he had been smoking since probably 13 years old, he is now 47.He also blamed everyone else, especially his family he doesn’t talk to for not being more succesful in life. He used to say how much I helped him and didn’t know what he’d do without me, but he sure left easily.

    • katju June 24, 2012

      Heidi, I completely understand as I am currently in the exact situation and now realize it isn’t going to get any better. He’s a good guy that’s why I’m still here. I now realize this is an addiction and he’s like Dr Jekyll when he doesn’t smoke. No one can tell me that pot doesn’t destroy relationships as it takes the person away emotionally and money that should be going to the home goes on weed. I have been married 17 years and I don’t remember a full week where my husband never smoked.

      It causes him to lie to me now and we will end in divorce soon if he doesn’t change or get help. It breaks my heart, but this drug has shut him out emotionally .

      You did the best thing by leaving your husband. It wouldn’t end good if you continured..

    • Patti September 16, 2012

      All I can say is I’ve been with a pot smoker for 18 years and he is a complete jerk. He spends about 1,000 or more each month it has changed his personally and dose not want to have people over anymore because it ineferse with his smoking . Holidays are a b*tch can’t have grand kids around cuz he gose crazy . What a life at the age of 58 to have to bear this horrible man. Pot will take your life

  72. Nikhil April 16, 2012

    Looking through some of these comments has angered me. I am 18. I was a star track runner for my school. I got good grades, that is until my sophomore year I found pot. Now a senior my g.p.a. (grade point average) is only 2.0. I used to keep a consistent 3.9 at least. I may have to repeat my senior year now and I have been horribly depressed since pot came into my life. I regret ever trying it. I haven’t felt the same in a long time. My mind has been in a haze that is almost maddening to me. Its funny how when one loses there sense of reality they seem to die a bit inside. That is exactly me. Now though its been two weeks since the last time I have gotten high. Its a bit tough but possible to achieve sobriety. Hell if a coke addict can get sober then why cant I right? So people please don’t say say pot is alright. Its not for everyone. But I will say I recognize the medical benefits as I have a friend with cancer and pot has given him a better life compared to the skinny guy I saw in the hospital. He actually eats now days.

    Best Regards,

  73. Athiest April 18, 2012

    Addiction Probem?

    I feel bad for those that have had a bad experience with cannabis i really do feel for them and there famiy, but people really need to educate themselves on cannabis and i think people are mislead by the propaganda that still hangs around ‘marijuanna’ like a cliche.
    I have been smoking weed for over 7 years. The key to avoid addiction is not to abuse the drug. BUT sometimes it can be easy to slip into addiction as i have a few times too. The best thing is not to treat cannabis as a suspect. Usually events in your life can trigger emotions which can be overwelming, cannabis can be used to sofen the blow but then ends up owning you for using it at a funerable time.

    I have had times in the past where i have been addicted to cannabis, (Mainly because i would use tobacco with it which is highly addictive) and i have found the best way to tackle this issue is to be honest with yourselves. You need to ask yourselves, why did i start smoking pot? Why am i relying on it more than ever? Keep asking these questions untill you have an honest anwser then you will widen you perspective. Look at yourselve and figure what can be changed to improve your well being, this usually helps for me, It’s kinda like giving yourselves pheropy.

    I will give an example from my experience when i was slightly addicted in the past.

    For 3 months out of the blue i ended up smoking cannabis everyday, smoked half a ounce a week which was a lot for me. I then started to notice that all my money would go towards cannabis, i then started to feel depressed and sad and sometimes angry when i could not afford or get my hands on weed, and it was at this point when i realised i was abusing the drug and causing myself harm. Now luckily for me i found it easier then most to go cold turkey on cannabis but i did feel the emotions going up and down for about a month, the key for me was to REPLACE the habbit of smoking with something else, so when i felt like i needed a joint i would go and make a cup of tea, now i ended up drinking 5 cups of tea a day for a good couple of weeks but it helped me get into a new routine which helped me block the the smoking routine.

    Also cutting down how much you smoke can be another route to help reduce addiction and this is my favourite method, lets say you smoke 14g of weed every week, what you need to do is slowly but gradually reduce the amount you smoke or buy as the weeks go by, so for example week 1 you will smoke 14g then week 2 you will smoke 13g then week 3 you will smoke 12g and so on, for me i reduced it down to only 2g a week and some weeks i woudnt even need a smoke. Doing this will help your tolerance to cannabis decrease, meaning you will not need as much weed to get high as before.

    Also theres a important factor, if you are sitting at home all day doing nothing productive (like me), then you will find it 10x harder, where as if you go out for lunch or go out to the park to get out the house then when you come home it will feel like a well deserved smoke rather then smoking allday., which i do sometimes like a naughty boi.

    Good luck guys i hope you find peace within!

    Love from Jesus.

  74. Josh April 18, 2012

    I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in regarding the whole addiction issue. I’ve been smoking for about 5 years now, and would say that weed is without a doubt psychologically addictive. The problem with basing your argument against weed on that, though, is that just about everything can be psychologically addictive. I actually had more trouble being addicted to books than I have with weed; I’d sit in my room by myself for hours on end, reading, never doing any of my school work, never talking to my family, and barely talking to my friends. Like I said, I’ve been smoking for about 5 years now, and I feel much more on top of my life. I’m in college with a 3.8, doing all sorts of extra-curriculars, and smoking all the while.
    Now I know this experience may not be typical, but the people who let weed run their lives do so not because of the drug itself, but because they have addictive personalities and problems to escape from, at least in my opinion. It’s not for everybody, and the people who can’t handle it either need to realize it for themselves or get help from their families and friends to realize it. But saying that weed itself is the source of their problems is a correlation, not a causation. You need to take into account the other problems in their life: addictive personalities, family issues, trust issues, lack of discipline, looking to escape, etc.
    Flame if you want, but I’ve never had any trouble stopping pot (i stopped for a full year with no negative side effects whatsoever, but started again when I realized how much I hated drinking and the feeling it gave me) Just about everybody in this world has some means of escape. For most adults I’ve met, it seems to be alcohol, but unless the person is a full blown alcoholic, I rarely see alcohol being blamed for their problems. The same needs to be applied to weed. Moderation is key in everything, and you can’t blame the drug for the fact that some people just seem incapable of moderation.

  75. Ashley April 19, 2012

    I scrolled to the comments hoping to read about other peoples experiences. Instead it’s a bunch of fighting about whether weed is good or bad.. Good job guys.

  76. Stacy Smithers April 23, 2012

    Marijuana can be fun, motivating and physically harmless when used occasionally. With long term daily use, demotivating, panic evoking and harmful to your health. When I say harmful, be very cautious of fungal pneumonia. It is difficult to treat and in combination with using alcohol which lowers your immunity, can kill you. Think of some of these young movie stars that get found dead for no apparent reason. (respiratory infection, use of alcohol, marijuana and a cold medication). Deadly combo!!

  77. Bob April 26, 2012

    Kind of off topic; Isn’t making a plant illegal seem a little paranoid to anyone. It grows naturally. It’s like saying God, the creator of everything, made a mistake. But we all know God doesn’t make mistakes.

  78. Justin April 27, 2012

    Look, as an ex-addict to Morphine, be grateful that Pot is the only thing your loved ones do regularly. at least they act happily. Where as with Morphine, you cannot escope. imagine it as someone taking novacane to your emotions. you dont care. I truly couldnt give a damn about anyone. so to all these parents talking about there kids ACTUALLY being addicts, most of them are not. Parents will over react. ButI’ve seen my family literally fall apart from Herion. thats where I started, and here I am now.

  79. juan April 27, 2012

    i am addicted to marijuana and when im not high i feel not good like a zombie and like im not in the world. what shall i do?

    • Julie May 2, 2012

      I’m addicted also, i totally think that weed is an addictive thing, anything that alters your perception, or enhances your physical and mental well-being is a drug in my opinion. i can’t go one day without it. i lie, steal, everything. i failed out of college last semester . i don’t feel anything when I’m high, and thats the way i like it. if thats not an addiction, then i don’t know what is. addiction runs in my family. both my parents and my younger brother are addicts. my mother and brother are sober almost 21 months. i know I’m an addict, thats why I’m on this website.

  80. diamond April 30, 2012

    well this is interesting. All of my research for this project i’m doing on marijuana i becoming too confusing. some sites say that it’s not addictive, some say it is. i say it depends on the person! i kow people who use only on holidys, or special ocassions like that. but on the end its all on you. u make the decision to spend your money to get high, get wasted or just chill out.
    i believe that weed is like sex, u’ll get mentally addicted but not physically.
    its all on who you are..
    think of our presidents who have used marijuana… did they get addicted?
    you make your own decisions.

  81. jonathan May 7, 2012

    dan its not ur sons fault hes addicted

  82. DeHaven133197$ May 7, 2012

    look,everyone has a differant experience when they get high. who they hang around, where they do it, and how much they smoke. if they’re smoking with their parents in the living room, they wont likely abuse.but if its with their friends and its in someones garage or basement, its easy to get caried away. smoking pot is a gateway drug…one of my friends got caught smoking so they had to get piss tested…so they started smoking K2. iv overdosed twice, one of my friends overdosed and died because when your hanging out with your friends, you dont want to have to call the police.no-one can say its good or bad for others, you have to assess your situation yourself.

  83. susan May 9, 2012

    fifteen years ago, my son started smoking weed. he was fourteen. i didn’t know it at the time. he says he smoked all day every day. he ended up having a complete mental breakdown, spent time in an institution, and has since been hospitalized four more times. before this, he was highly intelligent, very athletic, and very social. since his breakdown, he suffers from alcohol addiction, ( deathly afraid of marijuana now). he also has severe, i mean severe, panic attacks, social anxiety disorder, severe short term memory loss, and learning disability to the point he cannot work. he also has OCD, he changes clothes five to six times a day. He is always depressed and sometimes so severely depressed that he is suicidal. he is under the care of doctors and is on four different medications, one of them is an antipsychotic. the doctors say these problems will persist the rest of his life. his diagnosis differs depending on the doctor, but is either schizophrenia or bi-polar or schizoaffective disorder. the doctors all say he had the propensity for these disorders, but they probably would never have manifested if he hadn’t smoked pot. this is an intelligent guy who has to live every day with the knowledge that he “fried ” his brain. He has been very honest with me and with doctors about his past use, and no, he has never done any other drug. in fact he is terrified of other drugs, except for alcohol which of course isn’t helping him in the least. Don’t tell me marijuana is harmless. It took a person away I gave birth to and raised for fifteen years, and replaced it with a shell, someone I don’t know. Just because some people can use it without problems, there are those who cannot. todays pot is much much stronger than the pot that was around when pot first was popular. one doctor even told me it is now listed in their reference books as a hard drug, and as a hallucinogen. If a person is not ruined to the point my son was, he or she can still lose much of their lives to pot without even knowing it, by losing ambition, or the ability to care to be present intheir kids’ lives, etc. I haven’t read all the replies above, but I never saw anyone ask the guy who says pot is harmless, why he quit in the first place?

    • Greg May 11, 2012

      weed isnt the problem susan.. you just said so yourself he was addicted to weed and then when he was afraid of smoking pot he turned to alcohol.. hes the problem not weed. enough said

    • Soundmanadam May 18, 2012

      “one doctor even told me it is now listed in their reference books as a hard drug, and as a hallucinogen”. – HAHAHAHAHA!

      By the way, I agree with you Greg.

      That is all.

    • Tim May 30, 2012

      First of all, I think people on this website lack serious ethical considerations, so let me start off by saying that it deeply saddens me to hear about your son. I hope he makes a full recovery. I started smoking weed about a year ago when I was 18, and have been smoking near daily ever since. Since then I’ve gotten caught twice for possession and I’m going to have to go to court soon because of the last time they found weed in my dorm. Also, I probably won’t get a job because of my new habit because of a failed drug test, even though I have had 5 successful jobs already, and have held on to one job for the entire 5 years ( the rest were summer jobs).

      In my research, I’ve found that the earlier you start smoking weed, the more likely you are to experience problems with addiction and other health problems because the body is not fully developed. It isn’t until about 18 years old that anyone should start experimenting with weed, because THC is a chemical, and consuming it will lead to a chemical imbalance. Many of us, however, can handle it, simply because we are still firmly in touch with reality, even more so I feel because of the drug.

      My experience with the drug lead to a broadening of my horizons. I became much more tolerant towards gays and lesbians, much more passive and forgiving, and grew a keen sense of political responsibility. It also provided me with networking experience, which is key to succeeding in the real world.

      Yes. The drug does make you lazy, and it is addictive, but not to the point where it interferes with absolutely anything except maybe your wallet, which is only problematic if the people you work for drug test (whoops). Cigarettes, on the other hand, now those are addicting AND bad for you but I smoke them anyway; and alcohol? well i don’t really like alcohol and prefer weed every single time but I’ll have a couple beers with my friends on occasion.

      Everyone’s experience is different, but honestly it should be the least of anyone’s worries, (except for yours, susan, because like everything there are exceptions). For me, it turned me on to theory, and I became wildly interested in education, cars, astronomy, politics, etc. Pretty much every single one of my previous interests were enhanced by my frequent use of marijuana. I find the criminalization of such a drug rather humorous, and I’m jealous of states like cali and oregon who are just laughing (literally) at the rest of us. I can’t wait to move there. F*** alcohol and cigarettes, weed is the drug of the future.

  84. Kelly May 9, 2012

    I started smoking pot when I was just 16 years old… I was drinking at a party, smoking a cigarette when my friends came up to me and said “wanna smoke something that’s healthier AND more fun than those two things combined?” i said sure… it was the worst mistake of my life. After i smoked, life made sense. but it was a funny sense, like everything in the world was right, and i knew the answers to philosophers’ most common question.. why are we here? not long afterwards, i started smoking on a regular basis. i quit drinking, and smoked less cigarettes (pack a week to pack 1 1/2- 2 months) and spent all my alcohol money on weed. it was all well and good, until the police pulled me over one day. I got busted with 1.5 oz of weed in my lap, LITERALLY. they let me out a week later when the judge told me to go to rehab. now, i smoke a pack every 2 days, and not weed any longer. but thinking about all the good times i’ve had, and looking at real research, i think i’m going to get my green card so i can avoid the only real danger about smoking pot; it’s illegality.

  85. Kathy May 11, 2012

    I used to smoke pot in college from time to time. 4 years ago I suggested to my new boyfriend then 41 on vacation that we get some weed. The vacation was amazing..we bonded over smoking pot, having great sex, exploring the island and life seemed perfect. Well now it’s almost 4 years later…and for the past year I had noticed that my boyfriend whom I now lived with was now getting high almost every night. This high for the past year seemed much more intense with almost drunk like effects. At first I had done it with him after that vacation but I soon became tired of doing it. I just couldn’t see being in such an altered state night after night. So now when he smoked I felt as many of these readers felt…isolate,alone and asked the ? why did he have to smoke? Why could he not be intimate with me…because lack of intimacy and separation is how it makes the person who is not smoking feel. I asked him to cut back and he always said he would but never did. He soon was smoking it somehow with a light bulb and straw saying it was a vaporizer of sorts. Does anyone know what the light bulb thing could be about.He started smoking it away from me…up in our attic etc. He would make trips into the city to see his dealer/friend now and he would never tell me that he went to see him. But i knew that’s where he got the pot yet he never remarked about his day that he went to the city ever. It became a kind of secret for him. He got high at Thanksgiving and even my mom noticed he was so out of it. The final straw was when at xmas week he got high and drunk in front of his 2 boys. I pulled him upstairs and told him that was not acceptable and that I would flush it down the toilet if he didn’t stop. Well his eyes grew wide and crazy…and it was from that moment on that he drew a paranoid conclusion that I was going to tell his clients about his pot smoking and this would ruin his business. I worked for his business and soon after my confrontation he took me off work. Shortly after that he kicked me out of the house creating a fight to do so. He never let me back in and its been 2 months now and in those 2 months he has told me paranoid story after paranoid story…how he is now his dealer’s “protection.” (the man is 45 come on) ..how my father carries a gun (he does not)..He knows how my uncle was murdered (no one knows) ..I went today to get my things and as I was about to pull up with a truck he called and said that I could not come into the house. He had the shades of the house drawn and garbage bags on some windows so I could not see in. I had become the enemy…someone he did not trust because I knew his “big” secret. He has admitted that he thinks the pot might be laced with something like coke. Does anyone know the effects of that? He definitely became an asshole…acting cocky and lazering all his hair off with a personal lazer. His personality completely completely changed to someone who was aggressive…paranoid..and who’s range of emotions were almost non existent. He has admitted that he needs to cut back..but the reality is that I will move out…and if he ever recovers…it will be too late to save our relationship. I wonder if he will ever admit that the pot ruined it. I think not. It is like watching the person you love die. He even said to me there is little left of that person you first met. I used to think pot was nothing…it never caused a problem for me….but for some people and people who use it regularly and people who get it laced with something there life and the lives of those who love them are ruined believe it.

  86. lind a henry May 11, 2012

    so whats the diff between tokin up in the morning and drinking a beer

  87. Greg May 11, 2012

    in toronto alone there was a statistic a few years ago that stated over 70 percent of the cities population smokes weed.. so its only fair to assume a few people from the 70 percent have some health issues or problems in their lives.. and they just happen to smoke weed.. if weed was the issue then at the very least 40-50 percent would be suffering from whatever because of weed.. but thats not the case.. again weed is not addictive.. weed gets u high so its fair to say it relaxes people.. cigarettes on the other hand don’t do shit and yet theres no forums on cigarettes(ruining lives).. ridiculous

  88. Greg May 11, 2012

    and 1 more thing doctors who tell you your kids health issues are due to marijuana are just trying to find something to blame for the issues.. in order for a doctor to know about marijuana in great detail he must smoke it himself.. see if there really are any side effects.. doctors dissaprove marijuana because they can’t prescribe it.. no money for them.. and it funny u can smoke an ounce to ur face in the day ull just sleep with wild dreams.. but alot of pills doctors prescribe u take 1 too many and ull never wake up again..

  89. Greg May 11, 2012

    oh yah and weed doesnt fry your brain like you all seem to believe.. its sitting around getting high and not exercising your mind at all that fries your brain.. its a combination not the weed itself.. exercise is important daily for your body and mind.. stop blaming drugs this is just sad..i have friends who dont smoke at all and friends who do.. alot of friends who do have great long term memory because they go to school etc.. exercise their minds if you dont do anything but sit around smoke weed play games w.e. then your most likely going to kill some brain cells … again stop blaming weed for all of this..

  90. dave f May 13, 2012

    people become reliant on weed it is as bad as addiction it causes seriouse mental problems . know from my expirence

  91. Mughtar May 15, 2012

    I been smoking about 4-5 times a week for the past yr. Thus i goolged being addicted, in my experience its easy to stop smoking if you really want to. So, all you need to do is want to stop and you will.

    However, i do think chronic, the weed grown in a tank known as indoor is sureley alot more physically adictive than the old school outdoor grown as a pot plant. Also, people weed is a drug like all the rest. Face it, your using drugs!

    But i like smoking weed so im on a mission to moderate my usage. Everytime i smoke iwant it to be like the first time. Every second weekend seems ok

    So if someone can help me with that, please lets hear it.

    • Greg May 17, 2012

      to mughtar – exercise and drink lots of water, it only takes 3 days to rid your body of thc.. but that means sweating alot.. the more you sweat the more toxins that r released from your body, if u plan to smoke once a week or so, go for a run or a sauna if you have access to one..not smoking for a few days to a week plus sweating and drinking lots of water.. and itll feel like t he first time all over again everytime

  92. max May 15, 2012

    I guess I’m addicted to marijuana.. Oh well atleast I can control going to work or places high or not if I want to. It cool though it’s not an addiction as much as a way of life. Lol I bet their addicted to coffee subconsciously and other shut when someone dies from it then maybe I’ll “think” about it. “Chk!” “Chk!” “sss” oh excuse me while I light my spliff 🙂

  93. Soundmanadam May 17, 2012

    I’m 28, been smokin weed every day, 1-3 times a day, for about 4 years. And not just regular weed, I’m talkin potent ass chronic, like they always got names and sh*t. Anyhow, my life sucks and it’s pretty much because of my job and weed. I’m on a computer all day with no social interaction. It makes me depressed, anxious, and extremely angry all day. Like a caged animal at the zoo. So..I resort to smoking herb to help calm my nerves. And it does.

    Most of my office colleagues smoke cigarettes and/or take pills. So I’m glad I don’t do that. I wish I didn’t smoke weed every day. Weed definitely hinders my motivation, but it keeps me from going insane. I’d like to quit right now; but I can’t. Smoking weed has become habitual for me. It’s a “sticky” situation (pun totally intended).

    • Phil May 21, 2012


      Nothing’s going to change if nothing changes. Rather than light up do something else. Wanting to stop and stopping are 2 different things. If you can’t do it on your own, talk to your doctor and get advice. Most addictions are not cured with willingness to stop, they take action, hard work and often outside help.

      I got lucky with pot, I became a one hit wonder. Take one hit and have a panic attack and wider why I smoked it. Still took me years to realize I couldnt smoke it anymore. Now some 20 years later I’m a recovering alcoholic.

      Pot didn’t gateway me to this, I’ve drank longer than I smoked pot. I’m just saying addictions don’t often “just vanish”.

  94. john tall May 17, 2012

    Both my parents are alchoholics. All my siblings are pot addicts and alchoholics.
    I smoke pot and I think that I need to quit now before I fall to far in. I am the last child and im suppose to be the one to make it. I am 14. Marijuana is bad for some people and there’s nothing they can do about it. I wish I could be like some of you all

  95. Jack May 18, 2012

    Ive been smoking weed for 4 years, on and off. I’m 19 now. The only reason I smoke weed is because i don’t like myself when i’m drunk, and to be factually honest, Cannabis IS the safest drug out there. Safer than Asprin. Come on guys, we live in the 21st century! Experiments are now FINALLY being funded to look into Cannabis and what has every single one of them discovered? Cannabis DOESN’T kill brain sells. Cannabis is MENTALLY addictive, like television, or junk food. Cannabis is the safest and most widely beneficial medicine to date. Cannabis, well, Hemp, can save our economy.
    People have this STUPID hatred of Cannabis, and it is this hatred that causes the problems. Just ACCEPT IT! It’s around, it always has been, people have always smoked it and always will. Grow up and come to terms with it. If you drink, HOW DARE you judge someone for smoking?! Millions of Cannabis users are productive members of society, and you wouldn’t think that because they are not the ones on the news for doing something stupid. I recently had this debate with my mother who was going mental about my Cannabis use. I told her to sit back and look at what she’s turning the situation into, and Weyhey! No more problems in my household. Back to the point at hand, i’m half way through a break that i”ll carry on until mid June so that my tollerance lowers. Guess what i did to quit smoking it? No, not rehab, HAHAHA, i put the joint down and didn’t pick it back up again. Simple as. Keep your head strong people!

    • Regu June 3, 2012

      What you learned at 19, I learned at 22. I feel optimist about the youth of today´s world!

  96. Shwwp May 22, 2012

    Pots is mentally addictive and so are chips …… Lollololololololo

  97. crystal May 30, 2012

    How is someone NOT addicted if they turn into a complete A$$ when they are out…and I mean they seriously hurt the relationship I am fighting to keep a hold on…disrespects my wishes to not have it in my own..we have two kids and we live in low income housing…if we are caught with that in the house….we are out….and that does not seem to concern him…so..is that not ADDICTION?

    • Regu June 3, 2012

      No Crystal, that is not quite an addiction, you just seem to be with the wrong person, with or without the weed.

  98. Ashley May 31, 2012

    Hey, I’m 17 & i smoke daily, it doesn’t change my grades I have all As&Bs compete in jrotc,culinary, & show choir & still have a 3.3 GPA I believe if someone lacks on their task of life while smoking weed then that’s their choice and probably a result of their surroundings unless it’s some medical issue. I smoke blunts enjoy them then chill play games or something with my friends im still the same, it’s all about control in my opinion.

    • Regu June 3, 2012

      I have 3.7, Cannabis all the way!

  99. Austin June 1, 2012

    I indulge myself in smoking weed quite frequent, the day after i always have this foggy feeling like i SHOULD be high but i am not. The only downside i think is family, my mother hates that i smoke and i feel as thought she loses respect for me and my siblings as well. i started when i was around 7th grade, i am going in to 10th so i am young and maybe that is why she seems so let down

  100. Stefan June 3, 2012

    I smoke way too much weed hahahaha and I couldn’t be happier :D.

  101. Andrew June 4, 2012

    How does weed make you violent have you ever heard of someone smoking to many bongs and beating there wife? Watch the movie the union and your opinion on weed will deffinitally change it’s proven that it stimulates brain cell growth

  102. Chelsea June 5, 2012

    well, ignorance is just inescapable.

  103. Robert June 13, 2012

    Loss of appetite? Have you ever tried weed? Pretty sure that’s not a symptom. In fact, it’s completely the opposite of that. Secondly have you ever heard of a man who gets high and becomes violent, goes home and beats his wife? No, you haven’t. Probably because it doesn’t happen. You know what it does happen with? Alcohol. Also, you can’t physically get addicted to marijuana. If you think that you can then you’re an idiot. Mental addiction is possible, but people who can’t control themselves with a drug as simple as weed have bigger problems than the weed itself.

    The whole myth that your entire life is going to go down the sh*tter and you’re going to do nothing but sit around and get high all day is completely false. I go to college, I smoke before class and throughout the rest of the day at times. I made the deans list this semester and will be graduating with honors (possibly higher) come end of next year. I have dreams and aspirations just like I’m sure you do. I want to go to graduate school for astrophysics! I run a few miles almost every other day (sometimes I’m sore so I don’t). I rap and play several instruments, hold down a job, and do more with my life now that I smoke weed than I ever did beforehand. All I did pre-smoking was sit around all day, drink soda and play video games. I don’t need weed to have a good time. I’ve taken breaks before and I will continue to do so in the future, but what people need to realize is that for some people it actually improves their outlook on the world, kickstarts their imagination, and makes them all around nicer and much more tolerant people. Much like the many anti depressants that big pharma is selling to millions of americans every year. Except weed isn’t going to trash my internal organs. Pills will.

  104. Kait June 14, 2012

    It’s funny to see so many people being brainwashed into thinking weed is addictive and blaming it for other people’s actions. Truth is, your responsible for your own actions. Even if someone doesn’t smoke weed, they can still be a**holes. Blaming anything besides yourself is not the way to handle situations. I really don’t understand why marijuana is even being argued about. There are so many other terrible drugs in the world that you should be worried about and b*tching about. Nobody ever thinks alcohol is considered a drug, even though it causes a lot deaths and addictions, but people still do it because it is considered legal in our government at the age of 21. I’m sure if weed was legal too, a lot more people would do it. The only thing I agree on is that you shouldn’t smoke weed just to make yourself feel better about your horrible life. Get your sh*t together and make the best out of what you have, and smoke to make yourself feel good about working hard and dealing with the sh*t that you have to. I think that marijuana is a way to relax, and there’s nothing wrong with that. People have their own ways to relieve stress, but that doesn’t make it an addiction, it is just something that you enjoy. I’m sure most of you who complain about weed even smoke cigarettes, which is way worse for your lungs and can even cause cancer. There have been no studies shown that weed causes cancer, death, violent behaviors, etc. I’m guessing that most of you that are against it are only speaking because of things you heard, not facts. The only bad part of smoking weed is that it is illegal, which hopefully the government will realize is it not harmful and will legalize it someday so we can worry more about more serious crimes then arresting someone for smoking a harmless joint with no threat to anyone. Thanks.

  105. Austin June 15, 2012

    i’m 16 years old. my first semester of sophomore year, i didn’t smoke. i was a lazy a** bum and really didn’t have many friends. my GPA was at a 2.0. Over winter break i started to smoke. i was smoking almost everyday. And over 2nd semester i raised my GPA to a 2.8, made 3 really good friends that my parents love, i go outside and do things now, and I started to participate in the theater program at my school. if anything, it helped me open up instead of hurt me. i have also never considered trying anything else. i’m happy with just smoking marijuana.

  106. Fukme ! June 17, 2012

    hey im 21 been smoking pot since i was 15, mum kicked me out 4 months ago because i smoked a fat duby inside one night,((while she was letting me dry my stash in my room)) been getting high inside for past 2 years. one night it was to much for her , i lost my mature dope plants about 2 pounds ($5,000), lost my r33 25det manual skyline ($10,000) lost about $5,000 in tv’s consoles sounds ect, all in one night, i lost everything they rung the police and i just ran and didnt come back for 4 months once id lost my bank account and was tierd of living on the street and using friends, my parents see it as my fault i lost everything i worked for , i see it as they f***ed me over , they blamed it on my addiction , i blamed it on them . it wasnt a problem untill they needed to blame there problems on somthing, what was the point in the first 5 years of working, why didnt they speak up sooner instead of making me lose everything, mother took me back after the 4 months but the step father is not happy , im ment to quit pot but i find it soooo hard iv given away all my drug utensils ect , iv actually started smoking meth trying to get off it , why the f*** did they have to f*** with me it was fine .

  107. Knowledge June 24, 2012

    For starters, I used to smoke. I’m 21 years old now and back when I was 18, I smoked for about a year close to everyday. I started at once a week and slowly progressed to smoking everyday. At the time, everything appears significant. Life is good, music sounds great, and your senses are positively enhanced. I was doing well in school so I felt that I had nothing to fear. Hell, I didn’t even have any personal or social problems. I loved weed.

    It all changed one day when I had my first stoned-panic attack. Unfortunately, despite this terrifying experience, I continued to use it. As time went on, marijuana began to have less of a positive impact on me. I became more anxious, paranoid, obsessive, self-conscious, etc. I didn’t understand. It was later that these thoughts actually became part of my “sober psyche.” So for about 2 years now, I’ve struggled with an anxiety disorder that marijuana had precipitated. When I say this, I’m not just using weed as a scapegoat for why I’m anxious but I truly KNOW that if I had never smoked, my mind would never have experienced the rush of negative energy that is anxiety.

    If you do your research, weed can exacerbate pre-existing psychiatric conditions, even if they’re dormant in your genetic code. Use caution. I wish I could go back and stop this from happening altogether. Fortunately, I’ve found other techniques to soothe my anxiety that don’t involve the use of drugs or alcohol. I’m graduating college and about to attend a Master’s program (all without the assistance of some “feel good medicine”).

    On another note, a group of my friends have become completely consumed by the drug. They spend ALL of their time either smoking, waiting to smoke, finding weed, talking about weed, and so on. It’s incredibly depressing that honest, friendly, good people have been completely taken over and essentially zapped them of their once exuberant personalities. All the stoners who say that weed makes them “feel good” or get angry because they’re just “winding down” is complete and utter garbage. Once you experience or see first hand the detrimental effects of the drug, you’ll reconsider those loose statements.

    In my opinion, reading a stoner try to preach the benefits of marijuana sounds about as scholarly as…well…a stoner saying anything. Derp. Yeah, I know the facts show there’s no one who has overdosed, cigarettes are worse, alcohol causes more deaths, etc. However, the main question to be answered has been ignored. They merely provide meaningless and irrelevant arguments towards enhancing their self-concept. See, a stoner will argue for weed through and through.

    What does weed do? It makes you high! It brings about this feeling of “altered perspective.” Everything seems different. You view things in a different light. On a chemical and psychological level, drugs (including marijuana kids), change the brain. The receptors that THC binds to are primarily involved in the regulation of sleep, mood, pain, etc. THC binds to many receptors, one of them is called C1 which is most notably responsible for pain and the same receptor that is often bound with opiate painkillers (heroin, prescription pain killers). Research has shown that removal of the binding to the C1 receptor reduces (if not completely eliminates) the pleasureful effects of marijuana (or any drug for that matter). With that being said, by chemical nature, marijuana does have an addictive potential (as do opiate painkillers).

    On a more psychological level, if you think about it, this altered perception that marijuana brings in the individual produces a change in the way the user experiences and views the outside world. Being that we are creatures who think and feel, marijuana alters the normal function of those thoughts and feelings while also enhancing it. While being under the effects of a positively reinforcing substance, we are more inclined to make decisions and provide explanations/arguments defending something that has provided us with those same good feelings. In shorter terms, you’re high so you can’t see reality for what it is. You see it from a narrow and limited perspective. That’s no way to live and trust me, I know.

    If you read all this, thanks for your time. Open to comments and responses.

  108. Corbyn Mellon June 25, 2012

    Haha none of that means you’re addicted. It means you’re HIGH.

  109. Ed June 28, 2012

    Anyone who says weed is not addictive is kidding themselves. This is in fact part of the addiction. Smokers are so consumed in their stoned state of mind that it becomes ‘normal’.
    Same with all drugs really.
    I have smoked pot for 10 years now. I am being pressured to give it up. I don’t want to give it up, but i know if i do my life will be better.
    I never thought i was addicted, always said i could ‘give it up whenever i wanted to.’ I found out that I was bullshitting myself. Recently, when I have found it hard to obtain pot, I have resorted to smoking the synthetic ‘fake weed’. This proved to myself that am in fact addicted to the feeling of being stoned.
    To me, people who say that there are no withdrawal symptoms are liars. Most of them are probably addicted themselves and are using this as an excuse. If i dont have weed, or know that i cant get it anytime soon, i become irritable, nothing is enjoyable, life just sucks really. No, there is no sweating, no feeling sick, no insomnia. Anyone who says insomnia is a withdrawal symptom is kidding themselves, its just harder to get to sleep. Because your mind is more open and alert, you don’t feel the need to sleep. It’s because YOU ARE NOT STONED AND TIRED BECAUSE YOU’VE BEEN SMOKING ALL DAY!! You will still sleep.

    People that say loss of appetite is a withdrawal are also kidding themselves.
    Yes, you get the ‘munchies’ when you’re high, but, well in my experience anyway, the more you smoke the less you eat. When i was smoking 3-4 grams a day, I lost 45 kgs in 6 months. Then I stopped smoking as heavy and actually put on 20kgs.

    Occasional smokers, and by occasional i mean a few times a week or so, will find they wont eat as much when they stop. I can understand that this can be seen as a withdrawal symptom, but it aint. You just dont get the munchies so you dont eat as much.
    Anyway. hope this helps.

    And to all my fellow smokers out there who say weed isnt addictive, go out right now and smash your bong, throw out your pipe, rip up your papers, then see how long before you go out and replace it. Anyways, thanks for listening and wish me luck in my quest to cure my ADDICTION.

  110. Calvin July 1, 2012

    Haha very funny guys,

    18, have my own place,car,job, girlfriend of 2 years.
    Smoked cannabis for 3 years heavily since I discovered it.
    Love the plant.

    Sorry Haha.

  111. Nic July 3, 2012

    The pro pot gang on here sound like lots of little kids in denial and the anti brigade are too over the top. Dope is much like alcohol (stick with it) it is fine if you can use it recreationally and you are strong enough to be in control, as is alcohol, but for some (and it does seem to be increasing) the tables turn and they can’t cope without it and it messes with their and their loved ones lives.

    My step son, 27, is a mess, spending most of his free cash (and lots of mine too by not paying his debts/rent etc) on ‘green’ as he calls it – he is miserable when on dope and spends hours in his room alone. He is failing at work and has relationship issues with the family – you guessed it, he was lovely before he got into this.

    People come here for help and so hearing that they don’t really need it from some doped up teen (why are you even on here?) because dope is great is counter productive. If you wanna do it and don’t need help GO AWAY but I would suggest those with real issues need a forum to get some help and this should be it .

    I don’t think dope should be banned but if you or someone you love has a problem with something, having some self righteous oaf butt in to tell you they smoke weed and it never hurt them (often 17 years old or a recovering addict of another drug) doesn’t really help. Move on stoners and how many of you dare actually answer the 10 questions above??

    • Daniel July 4, 2012

      I’m 16 years old, and enjoy smoking marijuana. Im not a troubled teen. Never been in a fight. Dong get bad grades. I have zero people that dislike or hate me. And ill answer the 10 questions honestly if you want.

      1. I have been through multiple occasions when i quit smoking and i have had no problems except laziness when i stop smoking. I (like many people i know who smoke) am a very productive smoker. I get more done, am in a better mood doing it, and just overall function better when i smoke. Anyway, I smoked regularly for a few months usually and in moderate use too. i have never experienced a negative withdrawal symptom, as many of the other people i know that smoke can testify to for themselves also.

      2. I’ve always been able to judge when i need to stop and have almost never had a problem with my moderation in smoking.

      This whole article sounds like someone copied and pasted it off an alcoholism page and then put “marijuana” in place of alcohol…..

      3. I’ve always been able to stop myself if the occasion needed it.

      4. I would usually get high after school and it would last until i went to bed or on the weekends i would do it at about midday and i always had enough to last a week, which is a smaller amount actually than most people would think.

      5.As i said before, myself and my friends are very productive when high and do our best work and have the most fun when we are high.

      6.I only ever had one problem The whole time i’ve been a smoker and that problem has long since been resolved so this question is irrelevant.

      7. I use marijuana because i enjoy the feeling it gives and the benefits i gain from using it, and as i’ve never had a negative side effect (aside from helping me sleep at night) Ive never had to use it to escape from a problem.

      How is this sounding to all of you so far? And also many older folks see me as a outstanding young man with the potential to do great things before anybody judges me.

      8. I’m not creative no matter what i do, and when i do use marijuana i use it as an aid, not reliant. So i don’t rely on it to make me relax or enjoy myself. but it definitely helps.

      9. Everybody i am around has no problem with what i do, and the activities i choose are unassociated with my smoking so the 2 never have had a problem co-existing.

      10. Again, I’ve said it before, I am a very productive smoker and am lazy when i don’t smoke.

      There, i DARED answer the 10 questions. 🙂

      • Teresa Smith July 6, 2012

        Kid, you don’t know s***.

      • Hamilchin July 7, 2012

        I guess you’re mister perfect, because I struggle with each of those ten things. Maybe a little too confident?

        Im not really arguing with you, because I can honestly say that just the one argument of “If you work hard but get high all the time… then whats the problem with feeling good all the time?”

        But I can’t honestly say that it’s as easy for me as it is for you

  112. Kas July 6, 2012

    We argue so much about weed but alcohol is illegal. Do you know what alcohol does to people? No everybody cannot smoke. People have to learn their limits. Everyone is also not meant to a doctor, everyone cannot deal with pressure, everyone is not meant to live in the city. Such is life. There is no perfect shoe that fits everybody. If it works for you, than it works. If it doesn’t work for you, or yours, then obviously, avoid it. very simple. I am no a functional smoker unless i concentrate on being functional, but that is how i am when i don’t smoke. Smoking has the same effect as drinking for me; I stop stressing over minor details and can more readily enjoy myself. I had to stop though, need a job 🙁 lol

    • Kas July 6, 2012

      i mean legal, alcohol is legal but so dangerous, as are cigarettes, and all the extra caffeine they put in soda, and the oversize portions they give out EVERYWHERE! and the fact that you doctor can pressure you to take a medicine that may cause a billion horrible side effect and some unknown side effect. all of this is legal. but marijuana is not. Is it just me or do we have bigger issues to focus on?

  113. Trixx July 8, 2012

    All I have tosay us that pot is a drug and it is addictive. I use to be the guy who laughed
    At people wit this addiction while hitting a bong. And now it’s day two with out pot and I
    Have been a d*ck all day and broke my knuckles. And imready to say f*** it nd off y self
    But my g.f won’t let me and is watching me to make sure I don’t… But I didn’t know
    Pot was this addictive… So if your using pot or thinking about using it u need to
    Make sure that that’s what you really want….

  114. James July 11, 2012

    Wow. I’m a recovering heroin addict (3 years 2 months clean) and it really pisses me off when people talk about “weed addiction.” Grow up, it’s pot.

  115. Brandon July 13, 2012

    I really beleive that half of these anti-pot posts are made up. But anyways, get real here people, saying that your son or husband is addicted to marijuana would be a lie. Marijuana does not have any addictive substances like nicotine in cigarettes and the formula for crack and whatever it may be. Anyone that claims to be addicted to cannabis has it all in theyre head, but there is one thought and thats the fact that the pot you are smoking may be laced as lots of it is. The pot were smoking now is ALOT different then the pot our parents were smoking back then, I am smoking pot on a regular basis (every day to every other day) and i am doing just fine in my classes, im an active teenager and my grammar is very good as you can tell. I am only 16 years of age and i have no worries whatsoever abou my future as a pot smoker. ALSO you cant say that theyre addicted to marijuana if what theyre smoking isnt 100% natural cannabis made from the creator himself, Thanks to whoever read my part and enjoy your day =]

    • Gnase July 14, 2012

      For most the affects of Smokin weed are minor and with undetectable long term repercussions.
      But we are all individuals. And for a tiny minority, smokin weed takes on a whole different level.
      Those who get the “thirst” are the only ones who know what im talking about.
      They want weed so much they wanna roll another joint before they finished the one they’re smoking.
      They want weed so bad theyll steal for money, hustle, do just about anything. Cept hold down a full time job for long.
      They’re the ones up till 7.00 am playing tunes, playing xbox, smoking a bong. Then sleeping all day till sundown. Or getting up just in time to catch the shops before they shut for the night.
      You know who you are.
      Always dreaming of how things will be good one day,..somehow.
      Always missing the work opportunities that come your way because you dont want the responsibility.
      10yrs become twenty. Twenty years become thirty,…. and before you know it,..youve been struggling hard and getting nowhere fast all your life.
      You dont go out much anymore because thats all a bit too busy.
      And no one calls anymore cus theyre sik of hearing how your “gonna do somthing one day”
      On top of that, your house is a pig sty and you owe money on every bill.

      For most indeed. A joint is a blast.
      For the minority above.
      Your so screwed. Sorry. But you are the unfortunate minority who will spend a lifetime in self sabotage.
      You where happy to go with the “its not addictive” line because it suited your purpose.

      But you know the truth.
      Your its slave. Pathetic. Stealing the way you have, just to feed that compulsion.
      Your undermining your self belief.

      It will go on,……forever. Well,…throughout your lifetime.

      You may of course decide to change that path. It does happen.
      But most will just kid themselves that it will happen next week.

      My own belief is that the addiction to Marijuana is more often tied in with the addiction to tobacco.
      I believe that every addiction forms a fingerprint. And the combination of the two is unique.
      As a result, stopping long term use of marijuana is highly unlikely without also stopping the intake of Nicotine, which for most is a catalyst.

      The only cure for this minority is to complete abstain.

      The greatest trick your mind ever played on you.

      Was that the voice you where listening to in your own head.

      Was you.

  116. Lav July 17, 2012

    My ex fiance was addicted to weed. I smoke sometimes, myself and don’t think ill of the plant. Yes, people-it is a freaking plant. The problem with him is that he wasn’t just addicted to pot. He was addicted to tv, antisocial behaviors, sleeping and anti anxiety pills and a host of other terrible long term habits like eating loads of junk food directly before bed and not brushing his teeth.

    Some people are just addicts. Addicts to their own vices whatever that may be. Some people have addictive personalities and tendencies. These can even work in your favor if you choose to use “good” vices but even then-too much of a good thing is not a good thing any longer.

    Addiction will find an outlet. Let’s focus on the character flaws of a person and the innate needs they have before putting blame on any substance.

  117. Alexander Jay July 19, 2012

    I’m sorry but I think the people who say weed isn’t addictive are ridiculous and quite frankly deluded. I’ve smoked weed since the age of 14 and have developed a strong psychological addiction. Weed is constantly on my mind and barely ever leaves. I’m miserable and bored stiff without it, its not a very good place to be in actually.

  118. Andrea July 20, 2012

    My husband has had a pain pill addiction for 5 years. two stay in rehab and 5 months on suboxone, and a overdose, he now smokes pot everyday. One minute he is fine and the next I can’t be around him, he has very bad mood swings. Everything is a joke, or “whatever”. He used to really be focused on doing things as a family/couple, he used to enjoy things period. Now he just wants to “hang out” and be high, he can’t get though life without being high. I’m not saying the pot alone caused all this, but do I think it made it worse? 100% yes I do. It has changed him. Now tonight our 6 year old son and I are sitting here alone. Because my husband took all our money and never came home from work. He won’t pick up his phone or text me. Drugs took over his life. I don’t care what drug it is, once it comes to the point where you can’t “live” without it. it’s an issue.

  119. ...,.., July 21, 2012

    ok then everyone explain how something that has saved somone from suicide 6 times can be bad. and if you just smoke weed on its own it doesnt do anything to your lungs i know someone who has smoked about a quarter oz a day for over 20 years and his lungs are healthier than someone who had been smoking tobacco for 1 year. and it doesnt affect you ability to function as hes a chef and has had to cook forabout 400 people an hour whilst blazed off his tits. his bank balance is crap though but what do you expect ,gram for gram its worth more than gold.

  120. Who cares about the NFL July 22, 2012

    Let me tell you something weed is very bad for you.It cause me to throw hundreds of Millions down the drain.My last year of football was when I was in 10 grade Ran the 40 yrd dash in4.4 flat weighed 180 benched 345 made tackles with one finger .Was defintly well if I stayed healthy was going to be named Mr.Florida oh yeah I was a middel LB.The second I touched miss jane it was a rap that was my downfall.From that point on she is all I thought about 15 yrs later shes still here. YEAH ITS NOT AS EASY AS YOU THINK TO QUIT AFTER THAT FIRST PUFF.My wife allways messes with about it she calls me an idiot.And says who the blank gets addicted to weed I just smile cause shes right its JUST BAD.Leave tht alone!!!

  121. MattH August 1, 2012

    To you youngsters…I’ll give it to you straight:

    I am a daily smoker of weed for over 15 years. I am 35. I have a great family. My wife and I, and our kids, all have great relationships. I have my own business for the past 10 years from which I make a good living (a little over 100k a year). I’m in ok shape. So it has NOT impacted my life in any of those areas. Until earlier this year, I smoked once in the morning, once or twice in the afternoon, and once or twice at night. So 4-5 times a day on average. I almost always smoke from a glass bowl. 

    From experience I can tell you that the long term effects are physically harmful the same way smoking cigs is. I feel like I have smoked two packs a day for 25 years. There was definite short term memory loss. My lungs hurt from the smoking. I got chest pain sometimes. And sometimes I got sleep apnia which is dangerous. All in all, physically I felt bad. Really bad. You young people may laugh at some of this stuff, as did I several years ago. 

    But the physical complications from smoking are why I had to quit this year. Not some BS about it destroying my relationships. Or some crap about being busted for possession (which only happens to fools). Or any other BS reason about it irrevocibally destroying my life.

    So as a long term smoker here are my suggestions to you younger people on here reading these comments.

    1. It DOES effect everyone differently. If you think something about it and its effects on you when using it, you’re right. Dont listen to anyone else. Some people get relaxed from it. Some people get anxiety from it. You know whats up when you smoke it.

    2. Disregard anything said by any of the little dirtballas on here who say things like “weed aint sh** compared to the meth or heroin I used to use”. These people can never be trusted in life, ever. They are scumbags whose opinions are completely worthless. Pot will NEVER cause you to go suck a dick for $20 like some of these people have done. They are beneath you. Who cares what trash like them says.

    3. Ignore any of the garbage such as “I left my spouse, or I lost my girlfriend because of pot”. These people have plenty of other issues that did that to their relationships. The weed smoking was just one more thing on this list.

    4. Some of the people saying their grades slipped or they became less active in sports could be true I suppose. But some of these people are just lazy and unmotivated too.

    5. Any of these people under 25 who say it has no effect on their lives are probably telling the truth. It typically does not effect your social life, grades, or career when you are young. Like I said it does effect everyone differently, but when I was young it didnt effect me one bit or effect most people I know.

    Anyways, I came to this site because it IS hard not to smoke after long term use. And it effects you physically like smoking cigs does. But a lot of the stuff on herei is complete crap. Its people blaming their problems in life on a relatively harmless drug. Smoking alot for a few years isnt going to kill you. So you 18 and 19 year olds out there are fine. But dont be dumb enough to smoke it daily for as many years as I have. Once a week…pfft, you could do that your whole life and be fine. Smoking daily was just irresponsibility on my part. I smoked it because I enjoyed it, and not for any other long list of stupid reasons like some others on here. I quit because physically, smoking anything will mess your health up bad.

  122. hannah August 5, 2012

    Before reading please do not be offended by anything below.. i just want to hear your thoughts because it relates to people in my life. thanks.

    if weed is not addictive then why the more often you smoke it the more you cant wait to do it again?its so funny that so many posts on here are arguing that weed is not addictive but ask yourselves why do i keep buying it? why do i smoke it multiple times a day? if your answer is because you love the feeling or that there is no hangover or that its social or whatever positive answer you can come up with; weed captures you… just like addiction. the effects attract you to keep wanting.. isn’t that what the root of addiction is? you are choosing to use something that you can be totally fine without. The more you smoke doesn’t it feel awkward to do those things you were completely fine with doing before using the substance? i know many people disagree but if there is nothing wrong with weed and that its a hidden treasure then how come so many people are just as or maybe even more happy then you? you can argue that there are tons of people who don’t smoke weed that are in a far worse situation then you… but at least those sober people can wake up in the morning and not have that moment “oh sh*t, i just ran out of pot”. i’m sure it has happened to you.. but if you were not “addicted” then why does that whole day/week suck until you go buy your weed?

  123. Justin August 7, 2012

    This is by far the worst article I have ever read.

  124. Jacob August 7, 2012

    It just depends on how you use it. Some people use it just so they can feel the rush, and then keep chasing that rush. They use its properties to feed their weakness, and thus become addicted in a degenerating way. Many people love the way it works and can use THC in psychologically constructive ways, like helping you relax or alleviating depression. Yeah, these people can be addicted too, but how is that a bad thing? Let’s say you have chronic back pain so your doctor prescribes you morphine and you become addicted. So what? It’s helping your problems; addiction isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Plus, with marijuana the only thing you need to quit is a strong will, whereas other drugs are extremely difficult to quit because of the physical addiction factor. Plus, marijuana is relatively safe compared to other drugs. It’s all in the way you use it.

  125. MattH August 8, 2012

    I don’t see anything wrong with what you are asking. Seems like a legitimate question to me. Especially if you don’t smoke weed.

    Weed is no way physically addictive. You are never going to go through withdrawl from it. You are never going to need it so bad that you have to go out and do horrible things for it or blow your life savings to get it. It can definitely be somewhat mentally addictive after long term use. But really, it’s more like a habit, not an addiction.

    But just because someone looks forward to it every weekend, or every night, doesn’t mean that it is an addiction that ruins their life. Some people can’t wait to watch a movie at the end of the day, or have a beer at the end of the day. That doesn’t mean they have a problem with beer and movies.

    In my opinion, a lot of people wake up and look forward to smoking that joint at the end of the day because simply…… it is enjoyable. For some people it makes a lot of things better. Like movies, video games, hiking, etc. Because it makes these things more enjoyable after smoking, I don’t see how it makes them a bad person. A lot of people go out for dinner and drinks. The drinks part doesn’t ruin the dinner part. Same principle.

  126. C August 10, 2012

    Not really looking for a reply just to get this off my chest. I hope this helps someone to understand you are not alone and that you can still fix it.

    I’m a 19 year old female a few months shy of 20. I first smoked weed when I was fifteen years old. Began smoking weed every single day until I was 19. I took my first unknown pill at age fifteen as well as drank. It was only a matter of time before I slowly went downhill. Became friends with the wrong people. Didn’t go to school either and had a terrible relationship (still do) with my mom. At age 16 I was doing and selling cocaine as well as drinking, smoking weed, huffing, tripping on salvia and doing pills. At 18 I began using lsd (to date about 15 times), using e (rolls and molly), m1, opium and a sh** ton of other drugs. I could go on for hours about all the f***ed up sh** I’ve done. I haven’t abused cocaine for years, have quit drinking and pills and did a long time ago.

    However, I have recently decided to quit smoking weed because I have realized it has changed my personality for the worst. I have realized when I smoke weed or even a few days after I did, I’m not a nice person. I’m mean, have poor judgement and get mad easily. I forget things like you wouldn’t believe and feel very insecure. I had my fun run with weed, smoked almost everyday for 4ish years, but there comes a time where it’s not fun anymore. it’s no longer enjoyable. it’s a chore.

    I quit july 14th. Was the happiest I’ve ever been until I smoked again…I have been heavily for the past four days, but now I’m done. They say it takes 28 days to kick a habit. I’m going to try again.

    For anyone out there that has depression, anxiety, a troubled home life, is in a bad relationship or any of that stuff and also smokes weed and is still depressed…I PROMISE YOU if you stop smoking weed you will feel somewhat better. Give it a month. I promise you. Thank you.

  127. Brittany August 10, 2012

    18 year old female, done almost every drug under the sun. a lot. keep that in mind.

    I was never a happy person, but you would never know that. It got worse as I got older. Everyone tells me I’m outgoing, funny, a good person…nothing but good compliments, but just like everyone else on the inside I hated myself. I know how it feels to be depressed and feel worthless; to feel ugly, fat, stupid or socially rejected. I know how it feels to wwant to harm yourself or that there is no way out. I never thought I would be happy or confident.

    Until I quit smoking weed. It held me down. I was in a fog and didn’t realize it.

    Maybe if you feel the way I did and quit smoking weed, you’ll be happy too. xo

  128. Caleb August 10, 2012

    To anyone on this thread that is arguing over if weed is bad or not:

    It’s PERSONAL. It affects everyone differently. Respect people’s choices and opinions. If you don’t like what you see then leave.

  129. Kevin l August 11, 2012

    So if weed is so bad and addicting does that mean we should make ciigerattes and alcohol illegal too? The last time I herd a study I haven’t herd about anybody dying from marijuana overdose or getting cancer from it? Haven’t herd about anybody smoking and driving and killing other people including KIDS in a car accident…haven’t found any of these products in it:
    Acetone – found in nail polish remover
    Acetic Acid –  an ingredient in hair dye
    Ammonia – a common household cleaner
    Arsenic – used in rat poison
    Benzene – found in rubber cement
    Butane – used in lighter fluid
    Cadmium – active component in battery acid
    Carbon Monoxide – released in car exhaust fumes
    Formaldehyde – embalming fluid
    Hexamine – found in barbecue lighter fluid
    Lead – used in batteries
    Napthalene – an ingredient in moth balls
    Methanol – a main component in rocket fuel
    Nicotine – used as insecticide
    Tar – material for paving roads
    Toluene – used to manufacture paint
    Hmmm….if this is ok to produce and sell on the market to people starting at the age of 18 then I would think having something completely natural would be ok…plus isnt everyone going organic now a days?

  130. Kevin l August 11, 2012

    By the way that list is what any avid cigeratte smoker can find in his/her highly addictive, government ran, not illegal cigeratte….sounds tasty…

  131. wowzer August 13, 2012

    I love how all of the potheads always defend weed and justify using it. I wish they would legalized it and then maybe it wouldnt be so appealing to them. It’s not about the drug actually being chemically addictive but a lot of people do have what’s called an addictive personality. It doesn’t matter if when you met someone they were using it or not some people hope that their partner would actually grow up and want to do adult things not just sit home unmotivated all day getting high for the rest of their pathetic lives. it gets to the point where that person has an attitude just because they don’t have their precious smoke then that’s when you need to leave his a** and not enable him to feel as though what he is doing isn’t wrong let him live life alone and until he can decide what is more important if he even can.

  132. -------------- August 14, 2012

    Those who think pot is the worst thing on the planet are idiots. I’m 15 years old and will be in the 11th grade next year. I have been smoking pot and synthetic cannabanoids since the 8th grade. I am bigger and fitter than most grown men, and I have surpassed the size of my peers from weightlifting passionately everyday. But I am also smart, as I have gotten incredibly high scores (almost perfect) on my state tests since I ‘ve lived here(over 6 years). You wouldn’t even know I smoked pot if you saw me. My dad is a doctor and I aspire to be a dentist. I do have hopes and dreams.

  133. R.D August 15, 2012

    To be perfectly honest, I’m a regular marijuana smoker, and looking at these symptoms are exactly how I’m feeling right now, though it is the life we all chose and so be it. I’ve been having some motivational problems but I’ll get over it because you gotta do what you gotta do to survive in this world. I do believe in marijuana addiction, not physically but mentally. Everyday I’d look for a good smoke but skipping a day or two wouldn’t hurt so bad either. it’s just on how we all handle our situations.
    Love, R.D

  134. Anonymouss August 16, 2012

    Wait WHAAAAA???? Wow, just wow. I am a 29 year old single father who fought and won custody of my 2 year old daughter. I have a degree in IT and am pretty successful. After struggling with REAL addiction (Heroin) for many years before my daughter was born, I ended up on Suboxone which I currently take. I have tried pot in the past and hated it. Even on Subutex I was a mess. No motivation. No energy. No happiness in my life. Then I tried pot a couple times and have noticed that life took a complete 180. I was responsible. I woke up at 5am and could enjoy the sun rise. I can share happy moments with my daughter. We go for bike rides together, paint and color together, make plays together, make forts out of blankets and pillows together, cook together, wash dishes together, play hospital together. I mean, I am now for the first time in my life, a responsible and happy person. Even my family noted the significant change in me. They just can’t believe their eyes how positive my change has become. I have no lows in my life, have a very great girlfriend who has the nicest heart. For the first time in my life, I have no problems and worries no stress. I thank marijuana for everything! Many may judge me and say I am a bad father, and maybe in the eyes of the law that renders me as such. However, my daughter and family well beg to differ. Pot doesn’t make me happy like opiates or alcohol. For me, pot sets my life straight. Even when I don’t smoke it, I can enjoy life and laugh and not think about it. I think of it as my medication because it has done MUCH more for me than any other Dr has. Just now my daughter and I were out playing in the rain and jumping in puddles. This is something I would have never in my life done before. With pot, I can stop and take a break in life. Sit down and enjoy the sky and nature. It’s something of a gift to me and I owe my life to it! It truly makes me feel again.

  135. Noah August 17, 2012

    *Sigh* reading this article and the comments associated with it made me feel sad for humanity.
    Let me start off by saying I’m a junior in highschool, I’ve been smoking since I was 11, and I smoke every weekend and some days in between.
    I have a job. I have a loving girlfriend. I love running, and I usually run 2 miles every night before I hit the hay. I’ve been playing guitar for 3 years. I love drawing and often enter contests or anything else art-sy. And let me finish by saying I am an honor’s student. I get all A’s and work real hard for ’em.
    Now let me introduce my friend’s friend, Quinn.
    He gets F’s and D’s. He just lazes at home all day, and when he isn’t he’s doing something morally wrong like airing out tires, committing theft, and generally just being a real d*ck. He smokes weed too. HOWEVER, he has acted like that LONG before he smoked weed.
    Weed won’t effect your persona. If you know a pothead that is lazy, hateful, apathetic, or ANYTHING negative, chances are, they would have been like that regardless of what they smoked.
    All you people that hate weed need to open your eyes. Even my friend, Danny, hates weed with a passion, but he believes it should be legalized. Why? Because he’s smart enough to look at both sides of the arguement. Weed would be a much better alternative to drinking alcohol, or smoking cigarettes. I’ve lost enough family members to both to tell you this, and I’ve gone through high school and never accepted a beer or a cig. If anything, they should be illegal.
    Any negative expieriences you’ve had with weed, personally or to someone you know? Substitute those hits on the bong with several shots of vodka. I can tell you right now, it would have ended up much worse. How many people beat their wives after smoking a joint? Now how many do it after chugging a few brewskis? I’ve never heard of a person dying in a huge car accident because the other driver just left his stoner friend’s house. The bar, maybe.
    Please think about it. Please oh please.

  136. Sebastian August 17, 2012

    @noah, i know exactly what ya mean. my sister lives near teenagesr that get drunk a lot, and apparently once 1 got alcohol poisining and was taken to the hospital. and theyre always breaking sh*t. but, ya, i live next to my best friend, and his nephew often smokes weed with his friends. i think the worst that ever happened is that they kept us awake one night with a 20-somethin min guitar solo. i’ll take the potheads, personally :p

  137. Mikey August 20, 2012

    I have been smokeing pot every day since i was 13 years old, i have ADHD and it honestly has helped me wonders, adderol just made me feel like a zombie so ive been smoken pot and my symptoms of ADHD are controlled better than any pescribed drug….finding pot is no big deal, and to be honest pot is heella cheaper than an insurance co-payment on a pescripton painkiler…..i( rather spend my money on something that works other than what makes you depressed and suicidal like almost all adhd meds

  138. SB August 20, 2012

    I’m a high functioning person on the autism spectrum with some accompanying anxiety issues and I started smoking regularly two summers ago. I grew up in the Bay Area so when I first started I had a medical marijuana license, but then I came to the East Coast for university and stopped for most of the year. I resumed again around April, when my insane psychiatrist was kind of blindly attempting to change my medications, and the combinations he cooked up caused my anxiety to escalate out of control — so smoking weed helped me with the come downs from those drugs. After a few hellish weeks we finally found meds that worked for me, but I kept smoking anyway — and although my experiences are limited, they have heightened my conviction that marijuana use should be legal, at least for medicinal purposes. Because of my aforementioned, uh, neurological differences, I’ve been on a lot of prescription medication throughout my life, and marijuana is the only drug I’ve taken that genuinely helps me without creating other problems. The meds I take in the daytime can make me irritable, stressed, they decrease my appetite — and from extended use from an early age, they stunted my growth as well. They are also somewhat addictive, and any time alterations need to be made to the dosage, it’s problematic for me — but from trial and error I’ve also found that I need them, and nothing else is any better.

    The thing I love about smoking weed is that it allows me to relax, which I can’t really do on my own. My anxiety levels make it so I have to be busy constantly, do a million things at once, and I can never shut off my mind. I used to have a lot of stress-related nightmares and general difficulty sleeping — at night I would beat myself up for “not getting enough done” and worry about all the things I had to do the next day — but all of this was resolved when I started smoking again. And although I smoke every day — and at this point, rather a lot — I don’t feel that it interferes with my life because I would never dream of smoking before 9 or 10 at night; it makes me too lethargic and it just wouldn’t be fun to be high while trying to get things done. But there’s nothing better than smoking a joint before bed and watching old sitcoms — the way my brain is wired, I really can’t do that otherwise.

    I found this article doing research on whether or not marijuana was addictive, because I love it so much and I don’t like to take breaks (although I do whenever it’s necessary or whenever I want to get my tolerance back down) — and these things were beginning to strike me as a little worrying. I feel like the information we receive from the media is so skewed in one direction or the other — people who still have the old “Reefer Madness” mentality and people telling you that pot is completely harmless. I think there are obvious risks — and perhaps it can become a serious addiction for some people — but my guess is that the numbers of pot smokers who become addicts is about the same as the number of drinkers who become alcoholics. I believe that alcohol is much more dangerous, and I’m incredibly skeptical about the studies claiming that pot smoking makes people violent. Huh? How? When I smoke weed I just want to sit in bed and watch TV, and most other people I’ve talked to feel similarly. Violence cannot be a typical reaction.

    It just makes me so angry when I think that the meds I’m on for anxiety/aspergers/ADHD are legal and prescribed to CHILDREN despite their risks, while marijuana use is still a crime in many states. It has helped me cope with my disability more than anything else I’ve done, and I wish it was more readily available for other people. While there will always be instances of pot use getting out of hand and becoming destructive, this is true of almost any substance, and I think we need to realize that not everyone is “wired” in the same way. Because one person became an alcoholic, should no one be allowed to drink alcohol? I think if marijuana was legal, regulated, and publicly regarded in the same way that alcohol is, our society would have less problems with it (not that it creates too many social problems the way things are now!)

  139. anthony August 21, 2012

    If you want the choice Ron Paul 2012

  140. Anthony August 22, 2012

    I smoked all day er day for 4 years and for the last year almost every time I smoked I fell like sh*t, I took everything way out of perspective and lost touch with reality, I became very OCD and my anxiety which was nothing other than normal before smoking go through the roof. Which has led me to be a very isolated person and when I was high I was even lazier than I was when I wasn’t ( I always got lazier even before it made me feel like crap). So I’m just going to quit for however long I feel the need to so I can sort out everything in my mind. Idk if this had any added effect, but I once took 4 hits of acid at once and it drove me insane for about 7 hours feeling like everyone was messing with me. But I’m going to try to be as optimistic about quitting as possible. After 5 days I feel more productive more alert more looking forward to work saving money and making more. I think weed can help a lot of people with a lot of different things so I’m not against it at all, I still love the smell of the good stuff and wouldn’t try to convince anyone to quit. I think I just abused the hell out of it. For anyone who feels its effecting them negatively id say give it a break or quit, if your not experiencing any negative effects keep Tokin but don’t bash people or make accusations for saying its effected th negatively because you have no right and literally no knowledge to speak on another persons behalf

  141. Dahnews August 29, 2012

    To my fellow Cannabis smokers:
    You would be taken much more seriously if you could spell. Finish high school and get the most out of college that you can, you’ll be more prepared to have this argument. This site is for a rehabilitation center that makes roughly 30% of their income off of marijuana users. This is going to be a biased site, just like you’d expect any 420 sites to be pro ganja. Just do your research and dont give into the pandering.

    To the “Pot-Ruined-My-Family”-ers:
    Folks, cannabis is NOT destructive in the slightest. Anything can be addictive. Hell, I know people addicted to coffee and chocolate. But destructive? No. Any substance plays on the personality of the person ingesting it. I have been both a lazy jacka** and a world beating over achiever in the past 7 years. I have my dream job, a great home, a high level college degree, an active social life and a wonderful girlfriend. The difference was me. Not weed. If i want to spend a Tuesday night watching TV instead of going out and wasting my money at some lame theme restaurant, thats what I want to do, not what the weed makes me do. If I choose to smoke pot, thats not what made me stay inside. If I want to go skydiving instead of watching TV, being marijuana free that day isnt what made me want to do that, its because think that would be amazing. I’ve quit several times, the longest of which being a year. It wasnt hard. I enjoyed my time away from bud, but I missed the serenity and pause for self reflection it gave me. The chance to wind down in a way that I choose, in a way that only an illegal smile can provide, to quote John Prine. Your husbands and sons are not drug addicts, they are weak people who have let THEIR CHOICES, not pot’s, THEIRS, get the better of their daily lives and relationships. I quit no problem, I have friends that have quit no problem, and I have friends that smoked for years and then quit one day never to return for their own reasons. And you know what they all have in common? They attribute any bad decisions and missed opportunities in their lives to THEMSELVES, because they take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR ACTIONS. I smoke cannabis because it makes me a better more empathetic human being and I know that any decisions I make while high are mine to own, not some herb that “makes me” sleepy or lazy. Grow up. People, if your husband smokes now chances are he liked smoking ten years ago. you’re the one who decided his actions are unfit to suit your needs years later. I KNOW that your son or husband can be a wonderful productive loving successful member of society while smoking a REASONABLE amount (remember, be responsible for your own actions). How do I know this? Because I’ve lived with some of the most beautiful human beings I’ve ever met that contribute immensely to their communities and families and smoke cannabis on a regular basis. Tell your family members to stop blaming their sh*tty decisions on their habits and take responsibility for their choices. If they are too weak to handle the herb then they need to find something worth living for that isnt weed and then maybe they can use marijuana to enhance their experience of their chosen love or obsession if they feel its right. The bottom line is that marijuana isnt addictive, people choose their addictions, if you’re drinking coffee now, you chose that, if you had fast food for lunch you chose that, and if I smoke reefer today while balancing a %100 percent satisfying life, I choose that. Take responsibility for your lives and encourage those around you to do that same.

    I leave you with this quote on sex because it applies much the same to weed as it does that
    “An intellectual is someone who has found something more interesting than sex”
    Or in my words
    “An intellectual is someone who has found something more interesting than weed”
    It doesnt mean intellectuals dont have sex, its just not their goal in life, its a piece, a great piece.


  142. marten August 29, 2012

    just because YOU specifically arent addicted to marijuana and YOU can control yourself, doesn’t mean others can. this guide is to help people who are or believe they are addicted to marijuana, not to stigmatize it. it is a drug, and can be addictive to some. ive been smoking mj for years and years and only now im starting to realize it has become more of an addiction than a recreation for me. i am not alone.

  143. John August 30, 2012

    i’m a daily pot smoker and i have been for 5yrs, and marijuana is not addictive, it doesn’t stop you from doing any sport/activites. If someone wants to stop their sport for weed that was their descition. I play soccer i go to the gym i dont smoke but yet i still get high. yes it can cause mental problems but so can anything else, drinking can make your liver fail, smokeing ciggarettes can cause lung cancer but yet marijuana is still worse….how is this? When was the last time you read or heard of someone dieing because of marijuana over 50,000 people a yr die from smokeing,drunk driveing,and high drug problems. marijuana is not a drug, it grows from the ground it was once classed as a herb indians used it as a way of peice, doctors use it for medical help to slow down cancer cells or even help with pain. It is not hard to stop it ive gone 4,5,6 days without a toke of a bong/bucket/pipe and i was still able to get on with my daily rutine. people have made marijuana out to be dangerous even “the gateway drug” thats a load of BS, if someone gets offered coke,speed,shrooms,magic and they take it it was there choice, You don’t get as high as you use to of weed? stop for a week and it will come back, yes if you have smoked marijuana for many years it might not have the same affect as it did when you first started but you should’ve knowen that cause it happens with everything else take a break from time to time and it will always work or even better get better weed if you smoke grass all the time buy a bit of pollon or hash it does the same but it might have a higher T.H.C than your grass hell it might be better than your grass.

  144. Shannon September 8, 2012

    I did nothing but laugh at this when I read this and some of the things you all have said. I graduated in one of the top schools in Arizona WITH a 4.2 gpa. I smoked weed from 7th grade until now. My grades are excellent. My relationships with people are too. I love to talk and write. Weed is not harming me. And there are many times that I quit cold turkey and didn’t feel upset or have some weird ass symptoms. I did a survey junior year and most people only didn’t smoke weed because of the fact that it’s illegal. Thank you all and this website for a wonderful laugh and something to talk about tonight when me and my successful friends smoke a few blunts. 🙂

    • Randomdewd October 21, 2012

      I’ve also been very successful like you. I don’t smoke weed, I have in the past but not for at least 10 years. I drink beer almost every day. I don’t overindulge in my beer drinking. There are people that are alcoholics. Their alcohol abuse consumes their lives and destroys them. Similar thing with weed. I’m not saying weed and beer are similar. I’m saying the negative impact that substance abuse has on people lives are very much the same. I suspect you smoke weed but you don’t make it your priority over everything else. Obviously not, because you bought text books instead of spending the money for more weed. You went to class; instead of staying home and smoking weed (see my point). You seem like an intelligent person. There is one concept you need to grasp. There are different levels of weed addiction and how it affects people’s lives. Just because you are able to smoke weed and be successful doesn’t mean the next guy can. The best way to think about it is like this. Marijuana abuse vs. Marijuana use.

  145. Bre September 10, 2012

    I can’t really say if I agree or disagree with those who say marijuana affects the brain I really don’t no but I can say I been with my husband for 7 years married for almost two and he smoke pot and when he can’t get high he is abusive only time we can have a good time is when he is high and I am tired of it I don’t have nothin against weed but been addicted to something anything beside God is a sin. Me personally I have never smocked anything not even cigs so be with some who have a habit of both is stressful so maybe It does not affect everyone but certainly have a affect on my husband

  146. robbie September 11, 2012

    My only response to this is control the drug don’t let it control you
    And to the remarks about the money issue. We all have guilty pleasures we enjoy. Starbucks,mcdonalds,energydrinks,movies,tv etc that we do everyday most likely. I’m sure all of these things equate to over 5 bucks a day for a bag. For the people who has kids doing pot at a young age instead of blaming pot why don’t you find out where you went wrong. Parents never seem to want to blame themselves for their child’s behavior. Just like all the old people that enjoys calling us the bad generation and how a lot of sh*t that’s f****d up is out fault because itsnot the same as back in there day. Mind you we(age 21 below) don’t make the big dealcisions that effect our everyday lives. Hold yourself accountable and stop blaming weed or friends. Its your job to make sure your child has the mindset to survive in this world and if a kid is an addict of anything at the age of 15,16 we can only blame that on bad parenting and not having a strong enough role model in that persons life.

  147. Devon Hernandez September 16, 2012

    I think that weed sucks, I’ve smoked pot and went on plenty of adventures that sucked. Rehab gave me sports equipment and things that I didn’t even know about and I accomplished graduating from there. The place is called Progressive and it’s located in Zachary Louisiana. Lately I’ve been saying weed should be legal but I really think it’s time for a change of mind and attitude. Weed should stay illegal and I don’t want to ever do it or be around it again, as far as I’m concerned I hope it comes to a non-existence.

  148. Allicia September 18, 2012

    Hi, I am a wife of an addict and as much as you all say why did you get married or start a relationship in the first place with a ” pothead” is because you are lied to and they smoke more behind your back( any honest addict would admit to this). My husband smokes from the morning he gets up until he goes to bed, it’s the first and last thing he thinks of. My husband paces around the house,crys,sells things and even said he will kill himself when he can’t get his fix. We can’t go abroad cos he can’t get stuff and yes I know this cos we went to new York for our honeymoon and scored there days later after verbal abuse and crying and screaming. He says he as no life and he don’t see friends etc and that’s my fault? Excuse me but after spending over £ 300 a month while having 3 kiddies how on earth can you also do these things. Sacrafice your smoking and spend the money doing different things? But NO cos that’s to much. So over the years he’s put his fist through our laptop, throws everything daily, rips clothes and is very verbally abusive. The things my husband as said to me as been so very hurtful and heartbreaking. Yesterday it came to blows after spending our last bit of money leaving our pet starved and me running to the supermarket before school to get kiddies packup stuff(payday today) is that normal? He never thinks of his family and intimacy? I may need lessons in there category again cos it’s been so long. On the other hand I look at him with disgust and do not like the person he is. This is cos I now know who he really is cos for years he lied and did so much behind my back. I feel like he’s with me for money and a roof over his head cos he does nothing for the kiddies, does nothing round the house and is late for work daily.napparently cos he works full time that means he needs to do nothing? But I work yet that means nothing to him, in fact ” weed” is all he’s interested in. I have said I want the relationship to end cos I can’t deal with him and his temper. He said he’s not got a problem etc, oh ok then. My life is crap and yes I have been to blame cos I have helped him to get his fix to get him off my back but no longer, I need to think of me.

  149. eric September 19, 2012

    according to my calculations all thiz iz 100% true i never ever smoked till 3 monthz ago now i smoke wen i got to go every wer ,work, party, pool, exercicse, eating ect u name it nd itz very hard to stop no matter wat u do or try u end up doing it nd dtz bad cause i spend alot of money on LAO. so people never smoke for anything not even to look cool u dont want to be like me.

  150. John September 24, 2012

    This article is a joke right? Physical addiction to marijuana? Like seriously, this can’t be a serious article?
    All those 10 points (which are extremely ignorant) can be used in context for any sort of ‘drug’ in your life. For example caffeine. Anyway, this article just reteriates how backwards and completely ignorant our world still is.

    • Thatrandomdude October 21, 2012

      You are absolutely right. The ten points could be any substance. Marijuana addiction does not affect everyone in the same way. Not all marijuana users are addicts and their use is perfectly fine with absolutely zero negative impact on their lives.

      There are people that are marijuana addicts where their marijuana use is affecting people around them. It really depends on the person using the marijuana and how deep their addiction goes. To say “All marijuana users are addicts and they are ruining their lives and ruining everyone’s lives around them” Is making a false blanket statement. Same as if we were to say “all marijuana users are perfectly fine and their use doesn’t have any negative impact on their lives or anyone that is close to them (like spouses, and children).
      So, yes you are correct this world is ridiculous; the 10 points above could be any substance. Marijuana is the substance being abused in these cases that people are describing in this thread. Not every situation where someone is addicted to marijuana is the same. Some cases are severe like Allicia’s comment from September 18, 2012. Others are still problems but not so severe and some just are not problems at all.
      If you smoke weed and your wife, husband, children or family are completely fine with it and you’re not causing them any turmoil. Good for you.
      Oh, just a joke to lighten the mood. Caffeine abuse is serious business. You know actually there is some dentistry forums discussing the effects coffee abuse has on your teeth. They have some great bleaching therapy for that. LOL.

  151. Akash September 28, 2012

    Come on. Thats not true. First of marijuana is not even a drug, it makes you smarter infact. Come on marijuana lovers.. What do you think?.
    And second who said you cant do your daily responsibilties, you can probably do more when your high or rather makes you smarter, its all in your mind..
    These 10 facts are not really true i must say!

    • Thatrandomdudeagain October 21, 2012

      It is true. It may or may not be describing your experiences with marijuana, but that’s just the thing about addictions. Addicts of any substance don’t usually see the negative impact they are making on their families lives. It’s like alcoholism, the alcoholic drinks so much his vision of reality becomes obscured by his addiction. The people around him see the alcoholic’s life spiraling out of control but the alcoholic thinks he’s fine.
      I want to make one thing perfectly clear. Alcohol impairs your judgment and motor skills WAY more than marijuana and can actually kill you. I’m just using alcoholism as an example of another addiction we see destroying people lives, and how denial is a similar symptom of the disease.

  152. housewife October 3, 2012

    When you spend your families $$$ that you need for bills on POT to the tune of $600-$800 a month face foreclosure, face having to cut down things for your children and face a possible divorce AND STILL DON’T STOP SMOKING there is a problem. I don’t have a problem with pot, I have a problem with people who fail to grow up and take responsibility for their families.

  153. David October 3, 2012

    If you saw that picture of weed at the end, and wanted to smoke it, then you’re addicted.

  154. Maria October 7, 2012

    Marijuana kills people and is very dangerous. It’s the devil’s weed. Hopefully, God keeps it illegal.

    • obvious junkie December 13, 2012

      i cant tell if youre serious or trolling… some people are just too dumb to think for themselves.. but thats ok i guess

  155. Randomdude October 21, 2012

    I am writing this as an example about how marijuana addiction is affecting me and my wife’s relationship. This may or may not describe any of your experiences with marijuana.
    My wife is addicted to marijuana and I am not. I do not smoke it, I have in the past. It has been several years since I have smoked weed. I stopped just because it didn’t fit with my occupation. I am required to test for drugs. I don’t breath in the smoke. My wife is very good at smoking in a separate room where there is ventilation removing the smoke from the house. We have a very large house so there are no issues concerning second hand smoke. We do not have children either.
    She is really slow and not very alert when she is stoned. I can absolutely tell 100% when she is stoned compared to not being stoned. When she is not stoned she is an intelligent woman that stays busy with priorities and is on point, alert, outgoing and assertive. She does get really grumpy though if she has no weed for a couple days.
    She spends about 40$ every 4-5 days. I have a good occupation so we can afford it. I never give her a hard time about her marijuana addiction. It makes her happy and as long as she is happy that’s fine. That is what matters in life right?
    Here is the thing though, I smoke cigarettes and she doesn’t. I only smoke after work and hardly on weekends. I write down on the calendar when I buy a pack so I can keep track of how much I smoke. One pack of twenty cigarettes lasts me 5-7 days. I also drink beer and she doesn’t. I only drink after work and hardly ever on the weekends. I don’t drink any other type of alcohol except beer. I do not drink wine or spirits. I drink about three to six 12 oz. cans or bottles of beer after work. I don’t get drunk and fall around puking everywhere. Just mellow watching T.V. having a few beers then going to bed.
    I work 40-50 hours a week depending on the situation at work. Never under 40 hours. She works about 35 hours a week. I make 2x as much income as she does.
    GET THIS….. She complains so hard about me drinking beer and smoking cigarettes cause “It costs too much” and “It’s a waste of money”. She claims I spend $10 a day on beer 7 days a week and $8 a day on cigarettes = $18 a day O_O. She literally starts huge fights with me about it. I get home late from work usually about 7-8 pm with a six pack of beer the cheap 6$ kind. She’ll throw a fit that I bought beer, everyday. Same thing like she forgot the argument from yesterday. While she is sitting there smoking 8$ worth of weed. I cannot ever just come home from work cook dinner then sit in my yard relaxing with a beer and a cigarette without arguing with her about it first. (Oh I do all the cooking too btw).
    I think Marijuana is clouding her brain and she is not seeing reality for what it is. She has always been a pot head though since the day I met her 12 years ago. I’m not going to make her change but I am going to make her go to therapy so a shrink can tell her to get the effing hell off MY back about beer and cigarettes because that is WHAT makes ME happy. Lol.

  156. Torn October 21, 2012

    Pot “defines who someone is”. A first I thought maybe my BF was just making excuses.. But as I was reading more and mor comments.. The more I see this being said by those who smoke pot.. Whether it be a lot or just rcreational.
    I have gotten to the point where if you are that dependent n pot, the you need help. I smoked and was able to quit, however I only smoke for maybe a year before I realized how it was affecting me.. I was lazy, moody, was late to work.. Etc. now my BF has cut down significantly, however he lied to me the other night bout getting some. When confronted he said he threw it out the window due to feeling guilty. He has admitted to me that he is addicted. (Has a pot smoking family..so been smoking for years). He asks to be able to smoke every few months and during specials outings. I didn’t have a problem with this before.. Until he lied to me. I will not have pot in our car or home due to having a child. I will not risk losing her Over a plant.pot is just another thing that I think affects each and every person differently. Ex. I can’t drink a full glass of alcoholic drink cuz I am a light weight however others can drink 10 beers and still hop on one foot, rub their belly and pat their head. It just a matter of who you are and how well you can handle it.. And if you have children.. Cuz I for one, will not risk losing my child over pot.

  157. Chad October 31, 2012

    Hey guys,
    I just wanted to say that these articles and posts are making me very sad. The reality is that pot is horribly dangerous… I know first hand. When I was 15, I remember coming back from school. I had just gotten of the bus and was walking into my house. I recall there was this strange pine like scent filling the home. It got stronger as I went upstairs. When I realized it was coming from my brothers room, I started to try to kick it open and yell for my brother but to no avail. I actually ended up kicking it down and thats when I saw it. My brother was unconcsious, on the ground, not moving. The marijuana pipe still having smoke coming from it. I tried to help him and even called for the police as no one was home. Basically, thats how my brother died. Marijuana overdose said the paramedics.
    So yeah, smoking frosty purple nuggets on the daily and rippin z-bongs of some dank ass kush til you wanna eat all of your little sisters coco-puffs is a bad idea.

    • Lauren October 31, 2012

      Dude, ur obviously a fucking low life piece of shit why would u make up a story about ur brother overdosing?? Go to hell

  158. Jessica November 5, 2012

    Hey all,
    throughout my teenaged years I suffered through addictions to various chemical drugs. Everyone says pot is a gateway drug, I don’t find that true considering I started off doing chems. When I quit doing harsh substances I relied on pot to help with my withdraws, and to help me sleep and since then I have remained to rely on it. I do believe marijuana is addictive, it all depends on the person, some people become addicted to things a lot easier than some. Approximately 2 weeks ago, i attempted to quit smoking weed cold turkey after doing it several times a day for 4 and a half years, and here I am today still craving it and going through withdraws. My body shakes, I have outburts of rage, and I get rashes and migranes, I also barely sleep. Since attempting quitting I’ve cheated a few times and smoked anyways. So you people can say “ohhh its **** pots not addictive” but that may only be true for you. Everyone is different and I find quitting a huge struggle, and so far an unsuccessful one thats taking over my life.

    • t December 13, 2012

      actually pot is not physically addictive, ill agree that when i dont smoke for a day ill get pouty and just wanna relax and take a break from it all. but rashes, trouble sleeping etc have absolutely nothing at all to do with weed i wouldnt lie to you, i dont really care what people think about it.. im just sayin see a doctor because something else is wrong with you. not pot withdrawals lol

  159. Troll November 20, 2012

    To each his own

  160. Lost Teenager December 1, 2012

    ok so does anyone know anyway to cut down on smoking bud? i usually get a tinnie everyday and just smoke, but i can never say no to it even if i say to myself i’m not gonna get any -_- I don’t want to end up being a bum because that’s the way I see myself going if i continue, i just can’t say no to it. any help would be thankful.

  161. Janice December 5, 2012

    I read all your comments and see one similar theme…the defense and justification of marijuana use for YOU. Never mind your families, children, co workers, girlfriends or boyfriends. THAT is precisly what continued drug use of any kind does-it becomes central in your life and is defended by the user at all costs. Read over the comments –covered with the words me and I. People who love you are telling you otherwise, but you continue to deny that marijuana effects you and those around you. Denial, folks, is what keeps the drug alive and thriving, not any law or selfish comment defending its harmless nature. And God Bless the cancer patients. I am sure they would trade their suffering through pain, chemotherapy and radiation treatments –and resulting legal use of marijuana to relieve their physical pain and suffering- for a healthy body if given the chance. What a selfish defense of using marijuana from a cancer-free user. YOUNG PEOPLE- STAY AWAY FROM MARIJUANA. IT WILL RUIN YOU AND THOSE AROUND YOU IN WAYS THAT WILL NEVER BE RIGHTLY JUSTIFIED AS HARMELSS.

  162. Mike December 11, 2012

    I took a year off of college due to depression. Therapy was alright, but the drugs were a nightmare. Eventually I stopped being depressed, but was still in a slump. I hadn’t touched pot up to this point in my life, but started to use it on occassion with friends. Now I’m not saying that pot is the reason I very soon after went back to college, got good grades and my degree, and now work full time a year later, but I will say that I use pot fairly regularly (not during the day, but a few nights a week) and I feel like it helps me more emotionally than any of the prescription drugs I took during that brief period, without even a hint of what real addiction feels like. There are times that I *want* to smoke, and times that I enjoy using it in order to calm down before sleep or to reflect on spiritual growth, but the desire to use pot is really at the strength level of my desire to eat a favorite food, play a videogame I enjoy, or read a book that I’m into. This is different from the withdrawal I felt taking prescription meds when I was on them, which made me physically ill when they weren’t in my system. Even caffeine makes me feel a larger crash and need than pot does. So again, I’m not attributing pot to my own success in life, but I both do not feel like it has inhibited me in any way or that I am any more addicted to it than my hobbies or favorite foods. People who appear to be addicted to pot are more than likely psychologically addicted rather than physically, the same way a depressed person could become addicted to a computer game, shopping, exercising, or gambling. If you have a friend or loved one who you feel is addicted to pot, maybe you should approach the subject with a different attitude – by treating the person and their need to be psychologically addicted rather than demonizing the drug and attacking your loved one for enjoying something that they know they are not physically addicted to, but may be psychologically addicted to. Just my two cents.

  163. obvious junkie December 13, 2012

    LOL. this is so stupid… take your stupid ass list of things that apply to anything and replace the word marijuana with junk food. or chocolate. or COFFEE. then this all would make a hell of a lot more sense.

  164. obvious junkie December 13, 2012

    also.. people just dont understand how fragile the human brain is. there are so many things that affect your brain that you do without thinking twice. because everyone does it. if you smoke pot then why should that be the first thing you quit? im not saying its good for you. it isnt. but wtf? are you saying no one should ever drink ever? i smoke weed every day. never drink. got drunk the other day and was like WTF. this feels like im high accept im so fucking dumb right now. never drinking again. smoke weed every day. weed is a part of nature. if i believed in a specific god like i assume most of you do i would thank him every day for weed before i thanked him for all the crap you people do.. junk food, television, coffee, ALCOHOL, ALCOHOL, ALCOHOL, prescription medications for anti anxiety, and all anyone cares about is what everyone else cares about. i dont give a fuck about the way i look, the only reason people try is for their primitive ‘urges.’ i see a teenage girl all dolled up and i nearly puke. like wtf are these peoples lives composed of? material objects, sex/physical appearance, and ‘family’. before i hear about what an angry person i am im not the person attacking a random wonderful plant. what do i do? i smoke weed, not to get high but to get different. the only thing you can feel is feeling so if youre not satisfied with your feelings smoke a bowl. it wont hurt you and it will make you feel better and what more could you hope for as a living organism? a thousand middle men based on age old illogical normality? im a deep thinker and this is just so stupid. isnt there between 10 and 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999 better things you could do than prey on the rare adverse side effects of a plant? if you must then at least attack tobacco. but marijuana? its time you forget what your told and look at it from a mutual point of understanding. then if you still hate it i dont care just dont claim to be better than those who dont. you people could never admit that we’re all equally hopeless. because you were told the things you do were different. but they arent fundamentally different. i would give any given human weed before i gave them coffee, end of story. so enjoy the 9-5 and telling yourself that youre closer to your family than those damn people with alternative lifestyles. youre so damn great that an alternative HAS to be worse. right? RIGHT? dont respond i dont want to hear it. you people are not progressing youre just holding on to what you were raised with and you cant stop for a minute to think “what if im wrong?” i mean how strongly do you have to feel to make a blog about it? “i dunno.. i just.. i just hate it so much 😐 it like.. does stuff and stuff” then you get really into it and pick and choose the worst possible outcomes. people who support weed arent cramming their lifestyle down your neck theyre simply choosing their own actions. but this.. is fucking propaganda. thats all it ever was. george washington grew weed on his property and SMOKED IT. then it was around just like anything else for awhile, hurting no one, causing no deaths. THEN propaganda started from the paper industry and it never really stopped. they spent so much freakin money changing peoples minds. now the only people who get killed over it are the ones trying to make a profit and the only reason they die is because its illegal. it would be as safe as the tobacco industry(cuz so many tobacco farmers get shot for their crop) and it would be way healthier than alcohol. way more enjoyable and way less stupid too. so go on. just point out the 5 things that could possibly go wrong and explain why because im associating with this drug i take on all 5 of those things. TELL THE WORLD YOUR BELIEFS. then you religious nuts can tell your gods all about your righteous work and your god will say something like “uh. i made that.” oh but was it the devil? “RAWR I WANT EVERYONE TO BE FULL OF SIN, I THINK ILL MAKE SOMETHING THAT MAKES THEM HUNGRY AND TIRED. SOMETIMES IT WILL GO AS FAR AS TO DEMOTIVATE THEM MUAHAHAHA”

  165. Reality December 13, 2012

    You people are moronic at the least. Government puppets. You hear some shit on the news and assume it’s true. That’s not educative. That’s not knowledge. That’s close-mindedness. The kind of close-mindedness religion brings to people. How many people have died in the name of their natural medicine? Yeah, not everybody is mentally stable (not to mention all your kid’s names), but is that marijuana? That might be bad parenting. Don’t be so quick to jump the gun. Now to finish my thought, how many people have died in the name of God?

  166. Chambre December 24, 2012

    Once again I am in the process of setting my son up. He is 29 years old now. He earned an associates degree in a two year program in May 2012 (Electrical Engineering Technology) in Massachusetts. He is severely dyslexic. Here in California, the local university requires him to be retested because his test records are over five years old. The counselor says he will most likely qualify for the Disabled Students Program and has conditional admission for the 2013 – 2014 school year.

    I plan to get him a studio apartment. He should have his own place. This coming semester, he might have to attend the local junior college to undergo disability testing while enrolled in whatever courses may need to qualify for admission. However, I am also looking into private testing. I hope financial aid and student loans will become available to him. I also hope he will apply for Social Security Disability and State Rehabilitation Services.

    He uses marijuana. He is a staunch believer and advocate of it. I believe he began at age 13.

    My son is always stoned. He is occasionally verbally abusive, irritable, controlling, and unpredictably moody. He is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Most recently, I have begun to feel disgusted when he is euphoric, wide eyed, and babbling nonsensically about the most trivial things. He explodes when I broach any subject pertaining to his future plans, things I know he needs to do to enroll in school, or get a job. He let his driver’s license expire. He has no valid govt. ID. He is angry because I do not allow him to drive my car. He brought bums into the house when I was not home. I had cataract surgery and was away from home for a few days this month. These are his friends who also use marijuana, have no job, and/or receive SSI for mental illness.

    I have paid housing, food, tuition and books at many schools and colleges for him over the years. He even enrolled in Ho Chi Minh University in Vietnam! I sent him to Denmark and Guatemala to study.

    I am 70 years old. This is my youngest child of four. I raised them as a working, divorced, single parent. I plan to run away, far away to Cambodia, in March 2013. I been having fun. I took two courses in oil painting last year. This year I completed Beginning French.

    The rest of my family will have nothing to do with him. They are fed up, but still worry about him. They think I need counseling/therapy to deal with this relationship. I don’t want any therapy. I already devised a guilt-free plan that I can live with.

    At least he didn’t get any one pregnant yet! He can write to me. I wish him a healthy, happy, long, successful life. I’m out of here.

  167. Britney December 28, 2012

    I have to say that I disagree with this 100%
    My name is Britney. I am 21 years old. I live in Texas (where marijuana is literally everywhere and easy to find.) I work
    at Emphysis Medical Management which is a medical billing office and I have worked there for over 2 years now. Never been couched, never gotten in any trouble for being late or anything like that. I smoke marijuana everyday. An ounce of marijuana lasts me 4 days so I’d consider myself a chronic smoker, for sure! Although my half’s are “corn grade” I do still occasionally smoke dro/kush grades. Probably in one day I smoke up to 4 joints. I control when I want to smoke and I work for the money that I spend on it. Because I am financially stable enough to do this. I am not addicted and the reason I know this is because I’ve very easily went periods without pot and yes I did get a little stressed out and depressed because you are no longer “high” but I did not get angry or violent. Real marijuana smokers know this because they experience it first hand; unlike these people that claim to be professionals who are more than wrong about marijuana being additive. If it were addictive, then tell me why states are starting to legalize it? If something on the market is addictive, it’s cigarettes! I had a really hard time putting down the cancer sticks that caused health problems for me. I was in the ER because my heart wasn’t pumping enough blood through my body and even my doctor told me it was due to cigarette smoking, I then told him I smoked marijuana regularly every day and he shook his head at me and said it was most definitely the cigarettes and not the pot. It is impossible to overdose on marijuana and believe me you, I’d know this! As much as I smoke… I have smoked so much marijuana one weekend with some friends that I needed to go to sleep! Woke up the next morning fine… not feigning or anything. Well rested and off to work. If I didn’t smoke marijuana I’d be okay. Stressed like I said before because I do have a lot to deal with but that’s why people smoke cigarettes because they need some type of reliever. I do not consider marijuana even a drug and if you label it one, then I believe cigarettes should be labeled something a lot more terrifying because they do kill people. When I quit smoking cigarettes I felt so much better. I can breathe normally now and I can workout without getting tired so quickly. My marijuana use has not effected my life in any negative way and I can say that with confidence. Everything I own, I got it myself by working. I have my own apartment, car, job, and if you ask me I am a very sophisticated and independent woman who is a chronic marijuana smoker! AND PROUD OF IT 😀

  168. Truth. December 28, 2012

    I for sure know that marijuana is addictive, since I am an addict. I’ve been smoking marijuana for over 11 years, and I cannot quit no matter what I do. It is not a good example for your children, and it is most definitely not a grand prospect for people who actually want a good future. Jobs hire people who don’t smoke pot 89% of the time over people who do smoke. I for one know the withdraw symptoms, sweats, anger, anxiety, insomnia, because I experience them all the time. Pot doesn’t do good for anyone, unless your a cancer patient. Even in people with mood disorders shouldn’t use because pot only makes life worse, especially when your sober for a day. Please people, be smart, pot is for losers and cancer patients. I sure as hell don’t want my child growing up in a world where over half the population is marijuana addicts…

  169. Matt January 2, 2013

    I see a lot of people saying things like ‘I smoke pot all the time and I’m not addicted’. So why are you smoking it all the time? Point is, I only really started smoking pot 2 years ago. A bit throughout school but not much. Anyways I used to get so high off one hoot, now I can sit in my car and smoke for hours and feel hardly a buzz. I try all the time to skip a day, but I can’t remember the last day I didn’t smoke up. I definitely agree that pot is addictive as I’d say I’m addicted myself. My New Years resolution was to stop smoking so much. I woke up hungover and went outside to smoke a bowl, and have smoked all day since, chasing a high that ill never get again.

  170. Bill January 4, 2013

    I love how people say they aren’t addicted to weed even though they claim they have been smoking it for years. Ignorance at it’s finest.

  171. Nick January 10, 2013

    I’m turning 21 in less than a month, i remember the first time I got high i was 16 years old.. but I never actually started smoking weed until about a year and a half ago, I remember I’d get so high I could barely hold a conversation without zoning out. Now I can smoke day in and day out and by the end of the day I’m so exhausted, I eat tons of food and pass out with no real recollection as to what I did all day.. it’s been like that for about a year now.

    I didn’t realize that I’d become so anti social, I limited my circle of friends to those who blazed and I’d argue with my family for coming home stoned all the time. They’d argue with me because I’d be burning in my car and i’d be driving high, which for me isn’t all to difficult.

    I dropped out of school twice, wasted money on tuition and am in debt with a vehicle to pay for and no job. I’ll admit that this is due to my lack of willpower, but also the marijuana has made me lazy and I haven’t had a drive to do anything other than find weed and smoke it all day long. I always thought “hey weed’s not so bad, it’s not addictive and it doesn’t give you brain damage so sure i’ll smoke it to get high and have a sick time with my pals” i was pretty wrong.. i see that now.

    It’s addictive to some people, but the quitting process is really as simple as doing it cold turkey. Sure the irritabilty and insomnia kicks in the first couple of days, not so much a loss of appetite but then again I’m Greek and i’ve always had a massive appetite. I’ve been clean for two weeks now, I can already tell my mood has been lifted and It’s like i’m reborn again.. my outlook on life has changed, and i’ve accomplished more in the last two weeks than I have in the past year and a half, ever since I started smoking weed.

    I do enjoy smoking up though, although I was addicted I wouldn’t mind the occasional joint or two, but the minute i find myself craving more or if I even get the feeling of wanting to buy more or get high, I’ll stop because I know it just doesn’t mix well with me anymore. It doesn’t ruin lives or detriment your health, it’s just like alcohol.. hell, it’s just like any substance out there. Too much of anything isn’t good, gotta take it things in moderation. I have some friends who smoke a ton of it a day, every day and have been for a good 4-5 years now and they’re still going fine! They’re productive, school and work, still go out with their friends and sure i hear them say damn i wish i could smoke a joint right now. Is that an addiction? Well if i had a nickel for every time i heard someone say they wish they could do something (whether it be alcohol related, food related, work related, or pretty much anything) i’d be one rich stoner lol in the end it all depends on the person smoking it. Sure it’s harmful, but nowadays what isn’t?

  172. missy January 11, 2013

    Marijuana isn’t addictive? I strongly disagree and as a recovered addict I can see both sides of this issue. It starts first with just experimenting with it to see what it is all about. Then at parties with friends you think “well I tried it before and nothing happened so no big deal in doing it again”. This continues for awhile then before you know it you are using it more and more then eventually find yourself wanting it all the time. Then one night you are high…..again and someone slips you a joint that is mixed with something other than marijuana and you see little people walking on your bathroom wall and you are actually trying to converse with them. Then as the night progresses someone asks you if you want to try some heroine. Again you figure yeah I will try it once and I will be fine. Wrong! I was hooked to not only pot but now to heroine, yes the first time I tried it!! This whole time I was carrying on with a good job, new car, new house, good boyfriend and nobody knew I was ever on drugs until slowly as time passed I began pushing friends, family, and everyone away just so I can hang around my so called “friends” that I had left , which resulted in me getting high more and more often. Well finally one day I was stopped during a routine traffic stop and was so high I don’t even know how I managed to drive. Well, the officer who stopped me was coincidentally my sister in law and because she knew I was messed up, she had no choice but to turn me in. At first I was angry as all hell at everyone and anyone when I was court ordered to treatment but looking back now, I am glad it ended up going down the way it did because now here I am Sober three years later and the happiest I have ever been. So you see it is very easy to get wrapped up into pot and not always other things but most times it is the other stuff also.

  173. CJP3 January 14, 2013

    All you weed heads out there listen up, you claim weed has no permenant effects, well tell that to my two children who are now victoms. thier mother chose smoking pot over keeping our family together , she knew i was not sopportive of this so chose to divorce me so she could be freeo to smoke when she wanted. 20 years of marraige down the drain, but it doesnt effect you! Now our children are victoms of a broken home and suffer through no fault of their own,. before you say well I could have given in to letting her smoke and we woud still be married, sorry but that dog dont hunt. I as a parent dont believe in telling my kids do as I say, not as i do! I, me , my wife are obligated to be positive examples to our children.

  174. Darius January 24, 2013

    I smoke wewd through out my whole day.When I dont have it, I become very frustrated, my head hurts and, I do not want to eat..I feel and I know Im addicted to weed.which may not be good but I love it..I really want some help on stopping.

  175. gilly January 30, 2013

    I am 28 and have smoked pot since I was 13 I have 4 kids and finds it really helps me 2 destress however I think I have become addicted its like I’ve forgotten how to relax without it . I love the high feeling it doesn’t give me any negative side effects just positive . I have found when I can’t get any tho I start to panic and stress out I also smoke like the majority of people I know of the pot with tobacco so 4 this reason have made the decision to give up for health reasons don’t wana die of cancer if you smoke weed purely by itself then you must have a lot of money . Any way have gone cold turkey now for 3 days its been hell all I can think of is lighting up need some good tips 2 get me ova this craving cnt believe how addictive the weed is only realise now that it was controlling my emotions and I was reliant on it needed it to chill out with the kids n that. Want to be able to do these things without needing to be stoned

  176. PotHead February 3, 2013

    I use pot a lot, and well if it hasn’t ruined my life, it didn’t make it any better either. weed is addictive and I’m the prove of it. I´m trying to give it up, and I know I shall succeed in short terms, but I don´t know if I can make it in the long term. You people defending marijuana’s medicinal use etc are just potheads like me, but the ones that are stupid enough not to see what they are/ could become. I have a friend that smokes 15-20 joints a day, you come with us and tell me that that´s not being addicted. The fact that some people can keep it under control doesn’t mean it’s not addictive! I could smoke my first cigarrette tonight, and not do it ever again. Does that mean that nicotine is not addictive? INFORMATION, PEOPLE! I don´t have a problem with it being legal but I do have a huge problem with it being demonized or sanctified.

  177. munchies February 3, 2013

    Ok people, let´s put an example here:
    I´m 25, and I have a group of friends that I’ve known for 22 years. We are eleven people (including myself). we started with weed at age 13. From these 10 people, every one smoked pot in daily basis at some point. Nowadays 2 of them don´t smoke, the rest smoke on a daily basis. the 2 that don´t smoke are the only ones who have a university degree. The other 8 divide in: 6 unemployed potheads and 2 unemployed heavy drug users. Most of them say they’re not addicted, they say they just enjoy it. However, nterestingly enough, if you get to the place where we hang out a “sober” day, a day that no one was able to get their dose, IT’S LIKE A MENTAL INSTITUTION, they talk as they despise each other , making the most hurtful statements… them someone appears with a bag of weed, everybody rolls one, and everything is OK again. IT’S A DISGRACE AND THE MAIN REASON I QUITTED. Teenagers be aware! you can use it, but be ready to face the consequences.

  178. Brian February 5, 2013

    I quit smoking weed for good 7 months ago. I smoked almost everyday for about 22 years. I feel like it messed the balance of brain up to the point that here, 7 months later, I’m searching for answers on the web in the middle of the night. It’s easier now than it was 7 months ago…..But I swear I became insane for a good 2-3 months after stopping. Looking back now, I realize that it was the most emotionally disruptive thing I have ever been through. I cried at the drop of a dime for weeks, it was awful.
    To those who say it’s not a big deal, B*******. To those who say that it’s like caffeine, maybe so. Caffeine can be profoundly addictive. I don’t go around trying to change anybody and I mean that. What hits a nerve in reading this thread is the hostility of pot smokers toward those who can’t stop, and the people that care about them. I am 38 years old and smoked for over 20 years and I personally was unable to stop for a long time. It took years of trying and failing. If you aren’t dependent on it that’s great. If you smoke it everyday and you don’t have cancer you are kidding yourself if you think it’s harmless. You live in fear of losing your drug and you feel threatened by anyone who even suggests that it doesn’t make your life better. You spew the big-pharma fallacy quips and point out the fact that that no one has ever overdosed. I did that too, I said those things too. Fact is, if you smoke it everyday it is going to **** your brain up over time.
    If you throw a frog in a pot of boiling water, it will jump out immediately. If you put a frog in water that is being heated slowly, one degree at a time, until boiling……..The frog will stay in and die. Yeah, it’s just a metaphor I haven’t tried it. Pot should be legal I do believe that, but don’t lie to yourself or others. If everyone was smoking medical grade pot all day everyday, this world would be even worse than it is now. My post may offend you and if it does I apologize. I am no longer a social outcast and I no longer hide from my kids so they don’t smell weed on me. I don’t have to get taken advantage of by cops or authority figures because I have nothing to hide anymore. I can jump in the car and drive in an emergency without putting visine in. I can travel without that monkey on my back.
    Today’s weed is like an opiate. One hit can totally alter your state of consciousness. When you smoke weed you are drugged and if you do it a lot it WILL **** your brain up. To the ADHD guy I have that too and weed makes it worse. There are no studies to support the idea that weed helps ADHD. There have been studies that show that ADHD’rs get addicted to pot at a much higher rate than the rest of the population…..But it perpetuates the symptoms that you are trying to avoid.
    If you smoke at least one hit a day, do yourself a favor…..Quit for 6 months and come back here after that 6 months. If you feel the same as you do now then ***** us all out. Until then, I bet you don’t make it 10 days. It’s really hard to stop smoking pot because it is addictive. The idea that it isn’t has been refuted and is outdated rhetoric. Even the dutch researchers concluded that the stronger it is, the more users became addicted.

  179. reena February 10, 2013

    Im sorry but marijuana is a drug and it has addictive personalities people can say whatever they want, but if you cant live without it and its all you can think about and you let it destroy your family, its bad.

  180. nignog February 14, 2013

    every day every person comes in contact with at least 100 things that dramatically increase your chance of developing cancer. I bet You did not know that marijuana actually cures many types of cancer. and does not KILL brain cells. also did you know an average inmate incarcerated in any state prison for the time length of 1 year will coast tax payers over 31,000 dollars. why are many states already regulating weed and allowing any person age 21 and over to buy and grow for personal use? revenue.. national debt over 60 trillion. it all leads to a bigger picture. GO BACK IN YOUR MIND AND THINK OF THE TIME PERIOD WHEN G W BUSH WAS IN OFFICE. OK NOW COMPARE THAT TO PRESENT TIME. even the weather has taken a worse

  181. Meltyjo February 18, 2013

    I applaud all of you that is at least attempting to quit. I too don’t mind to smoke a joint now and then, around a campfire to relax if the paranona doesnt get me first or my job decides to test me random and then there goes my career that I worked my ass of for so many years and ready to retire in 15.
    Now my relationship of five years is now ending because of this addiction to marijuana. This isnt my addiction this is my partners who denys he is addicted but cannot quit?. It has affected our relationship. In his mind it is my problem and not his? I have seen him so stoned he cannot talk or barely walk. We cannot even go on a vacation without him tracking down a supplier. He is not hirable for a good paying job, even Mcdonalds drug test. He has learned the system on how to get around it. My question is…………..Why am I even on this website writing my opinion if pot is not a problem?

    • Joshua February 27, 2013

      Whats up boys n girls men and women . I have been smoking pot since the age of 14 . Every day all day 5 to 10 times a day joints ,blunts and bowls . Have been arrested more than once because of it. After probation started smoking all over again heavy . Long story short Im 27 now and stopped smoking 3 months ago. lol Yes I know only three months ha . I can get it easy just decided to stop . Had enough .Peace Love and bacon grease.:-)

  182. Hemi February 20, 2013

    I think this article hit the nail right on the head! I answered yes to everyone except the relationship thing because Im married; but I do not be around people who will judge me. About to go to rehab.

  183. teresa February 22, 2013

    I’m with a heavy pot user who has smoked for 35yrs and has black lungs and a severe skin condition that looks non-human. At one point I was madly in love with him and smoked with him, until I noticed he was smoking heavily and became anti-social, bad tempered and controlling when he was not stoned. Last saturday, we went out grocery shopping and he wanted to go to the beach to smoke one with me, I said I’m not interested nor do I wan’t to be driven around by a stoner, he went berserk!. He has become a lazy addict, can’t be bothered to hang his coat up, can’t get anything done, and has no interest in anything expect flicking through the tv channels. He says he knows he has to quit and it is always on his mind This morning he said he wants us to own a $700 vapouriser and if I care about his health, I should agree. I’m at the point now where I try to avoid him as much as possible. He also talks non-stop but never any action. I know that I will have to leave him

  184. Wiz February 24, 2013

    Whenever you see me, I’ll be somewhere up in the sky.

  185. don February 26, 2013

    here’s a 1 sign on the road “bear left” . so do you turn to the left or stop hunting bears ? i don’t use cannabis cause its illegal but as soon as it is it will improve my health significantly – trust me i know , whoever is describing this marijuana addiction did not realize the person was obviously addicted to something else… so please do everyone a favor and keep your addiction help for the real problems that plague society. “get real”

  186. don February 26, 2013

    p.s. all this paranoia everyone is talking about is due to prohibition of cannabis

  187. Pete March 2, 2013

    I’m a pothead. Daily smoker for over 20 yrs. is pot addictive? To some people, definitely.
    If you use weed recreationally, enjoy it, you don’t have a problem. However nearly all daily users will develop problems mark my words. People who say its just weak will etc well I drink beer and have done most drugs without getting addicted to anything bar pot, so how is it that I’m weak?
    And to those who smoke everyday saying I get good grades etc, well let a hardcore pothead tell you something.
    I smoked for years with no problems. 8 to 10 spiffs a night after work. Only 2 or 3 now though. I said the same things as you all, how it didn’t affect me negatively etc. well give it time. I’m talking 10 yrs plus. I guarantee most of you won’t be so cocky about it.
    To the people who have relatives etc with problems, the side effects you all talk about are spot on. When you’re high you’re all good. When you’re not you become a moody prick. In time it affects motivation, causes isolation, and yes emotional immaturity. Why? Emotional maturity is dealing with the bad emotions as well as the good. When you smoke the bad ones away the problems start when you have to deal with them when not stoned.
    Emotionally mature people have learnt to deal with this without getting high.
    I became very angry over the years during my working day when I wasn’t stoned. Less ability to cope with stress.
    I work with my brother, one day I flipped when we argued and hospitalised him, putting him in traction. Nice huh?
    These mood swings were definitely down to my weed addiction. And this was recently, not in my days of mega heavy use.
    Yes pot is great fun. But abuse it and in the end it takes a lot more than it gives. To be honest it dominates your life.
    Not good.
    My brother has forgiven me and we are ok again now, but I am making a big effort to quit. How far do you have to go before you can admit the problems it causes? Not as far as me I hope.
    And people who have to put up with an anaesthetised zombie in a relationship won’t be too happy about it either.
    Ask my ex girlfriends.
    Like i say occasional users who DO have control, enjoy the fun. Daily users beware, it will catch up with you

    • Steph December 3, 2013

      Pete u speak the truth! I would like to know more about how your helping yourself, because I’m in the same boat!!

  188. mats March 3, 2013

    I was addicted to marijuana for 10 years (maybe 11 years even) I smoked alot of pot there, cause it made me feel better about my depression, but It didn’t help me deal with my depression permanently. However, it did work non the less. I’m not saying you should smoke pot. But pot can do wonders, since it doesn’t kill you. It only raises your LIFE QUALITY and make you into a more “positive” person. I tried working out, tried shifting diet, tried meeting and pills.
    Nothing really works for depression as pot does, it really delivers. The pills don’t do anything but show up on your bill and mess with your brain. Pot actually does make you feel better and that also means, you’re able to be more positive around other people and therefore having it easier to deal with the social life by putting out postivity and not negativity.
    Marijuana isn’t dangerous. The only thing bad about marijuana is if you can’t afford it. That’s the only downside to it really, that qualifies as “BAD” according to me, who’ve been smoking for 13 years in total.
    Marijuana addiction to me if like the same as being addicted to movies. It’s just non-sense but it does help you
    with your problems, even if it’s not permanent.

  189. God March 4, 2013

    Marijuana effects EVERYONE differently! You cannot base your view on what someone else’s opinion of the drug is.

  190. Blake March 6, 2013

    So ignorant, and full of lies…

  191. Karen March 8, 2013

    My son started smoking pot regularly at the age of 15. He is now 20. He quit high school, cannot keep a menial job for even a few weeks, cannot keep track of time or do even the most basic life skills, has destroyed all family relationships, has been put in a psychiatric hospital twice, has been to rehab twice (costing my husband and myself tens of thousands of dollars), has been in jail 3 times, has been arrested 5 times, has been kicked out of various homes at least 6 or 7 times, has no real friends, and no real hope for the future. He comes across as dimwitted and slightly “off” on his good days, and completely schizophrenic on his bad days. His hygiene is poor and he has gained a great deal of weight in the last year. He can no longer come into his childhood home (or the home of his grandparents) because of his propensity to steal items to pawn for pot money. He lies so much I don’t think even he knows the truth anymore. In fact, right now he is homeless and penniless (unless he has stolen something recently). Before he started smoking pot (and synthetic marijuana), he was a bright, athletic, affectionate, attractive young man with optimism for his future. He once showed a lot of talent for drawing and painting. Now he is too lazy to even pick up a pencil. His marijuana addiction has destroyed him and I grieve daily for my lost child.

    • Jill April 14, 2013

      “He comes across as dimwitted and slightly “off” on his good days, and completely schizophrenic on his bad days.”

      Sounds like your son might have Schizophrenia. Why aren’t you posting on a Mental Healthcare reform article? That would do a lot more good then complaining about a drug that is proven to help many people.

      Pot has been shown to exasperate mental conditions, such as Schizophrenia. But it in no way causes the symptoms.

    • connie April 16, 2013

      please help me this is what i dont want to do to my family im nearly 21 and been smoking since 11 quit school no work no grades

  192. Jessica March 11, 2013

    Weed isn’t bad for you. I’m not sure if it destroys brain cells. I just think it’s gross and I think people who do it act really slow and annoying. My friends do it, it doesn’t necessarily affect them. They do like to do it. I’ve smoked before and decided it was disgusting afterwards. It is the person who develops the addictive behavior, however weed is NOT the drug that’ll do anything to get someone addictive.

  193. haleigh March 13, 2013

    Weed can be addictive ! But it depends on the person and how the brain works with it . I rather my child smoke weed then drink and do meth , coke , etc. There are no reported deaths or overdoses on weed !

  194. studentwhosmokes March 13, 2013

    I am in the 10th grade started smoking last year , i completed two school years in one . i have a 3.3 gpa and i do sports ? Weed does not effect your education or social life . The person chooses to do so

    • alex March 26, 2013

      you obviously don’t have anything remotely addictive about your personality…

    • connie April 16, 2013

      well in this case you are smoking it for fun, not to block out memories or sleep at night. thats social smoking not addicted smoking

  195. Justin March 21, 2013

    I have been a heavy pot smoker for several years now and as far as the evils of civilization go it is waaaaaay down there on that list of evils. But it goes to say marijuana is a demotivational drug I can say this by experience. It also causes social anxiety which debilitated your ability to pay attention to and contribute in normal conversation and causes anxiety as a result making it nerve racking to talk to people. I notice when I am not smoking I am more awake and aware of my surroundings. I don’t have a brain cloud all the time and a hard time remembering ANYTHING. I much enjoy normal social activities much more and am a lot more excited to get out and accomplish things in life.. Not everyone experiences it this way but a lot of people do. If you have troubles socially and with energy and concentration and your a pot smoker it could be the root of your problem. Take it from experience.. It’s not a really harmful drug but it does have some debilitating effects.. Mostly psychological.. The addiction to it is also purely psychological

  196. Mehmang March 31, 2013

    I have been smoking pot for about 7 years now (wow can’t believe it). I would say that I am addicted to it because when I am so stoned I think to myself “I have to stop this, it is going to ruin all of my dreams.” When I go on not being stoned for a period of time after binging on pot I am aggressive and everything around me feels negative. The most productive month of my life was a month where I had to quit for a drug test. I got so many things done and I wish I had just ceased to do keep smoking then.

    Pot stole my initiative to pursue my dreams and it turns me into something that I hAte. I become the opposite of everything that I am (compassionate, loving, sensitive, hard working)

  197. Mehmang March 31, 2013

    Sorry, my message was cut off.

    I went through a serious hardship in high school. People made fun of me because I was gay and I used pot to escape my feelings. It was my friend that was never mean to me. I never stopped and I used it in the same manner to avoid doing homework for college and not give a damn about it because I was stoned. I wasted so much of my parents money who love and trust me.

    I went to another state and did the same thing in college. I wanted so badly to succeed but pot stole my initiative and eventually failed and wasted my parents money again ( out of state tuition/dorm money). As I am writing this now I feel so ashamed.

    I told my parents to give me one more chance. I moved to another state on my own terms and got a job and worked very hard. I have been smoking pot throughout the entire time I have been here in this new state and as I stated in my previous post that I had to stop for a month. I have never felt so free. My personality is like a sharp edge of compassion and I am a born leader. I don’t want my addiction to imprison me to be something that I hate or trap me into a life I never wanted.

    I am on my last leg ( this is my last chance.) to make everything right and cease this ridiculous behavior of smoking pot. I went on a binge last week, but I plan on quitting today and from here on. I hope and pray that I can quit.

  198. Jenny April 14, 2013

    I smoked weed everyday about six times to ten times and still had a full time job, payed all my bills, had a relationship and friends. I’m also a student and someone who wants to get far in life. I did other drugs for a while but stopped (with help) and kept on smoking weed with no problem. Right now I’m barely smoking. So weed is not as addictive as people who obviously have never smoke think it is. I quit alcohol and other drugs and I smoke pot occasionally and unlike alcohol or other drugs I never feel like I NEED it or I’ll die. Weed also helps with my stress my allergies, my back pain, speeds up my metabolism. I believe whoever says weed is dangerous is a huge ignorant. This coming from a person who is no longer a pot head. It is more dangerous to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes than to smoke weed. But I also think weed is not for anyone. So everyone is entitled to their opinion just try it first and then talk.

    • connie April 18, 2013

      well your body is different, have your parents taken drugs or your family. That can pay a big contribute to how easy or hard it is for you to get off drugs. OR your just not smoking enough in one joint which isnt enough to make you addicted or the stuff is just isnt good lmao. It does work different for other people, but it’s not like people that choose how the drug will effect us.

  199. connie April 16, 2013

    I started drinking and smoking every night due to problems i was having, such as depression and anxiety. Unfortunatley i got addicted to it and needed more and more then it no longer worked for me, i was waking up the next day feelin stoned but the weed was not actually doing anything. That was makin me agitated because there was no where better to find different weed and i had to stick with it, i was also drinknin alcohol with weed every night which eventually gave me poisoning…but did i stop…..NO because i was addicted to how it made me feel when i was on it even though i felt ****** after and i also couldnt stop taking them because i couldnt sleep without it. I remember a time i didnt have any sleep n i layed in my bed all night i was drained. i can’t even get sleeping pills because of my history of depression. Another main reason people drink and smoke is because they want to block out bad memories or experiences they dont want to remember, im one of those people but it just got out of hand and i didn’t want to stop THEN it got to “i dont know how to stop” THEN further i was like “i cant mentally and physically stop myself” what do i do. i was telling and telling myself that im not addicted BUT THAT MY FRIENDS IS THE SIGHT OF ADDICTION SAYING YOUR NOT ADDICTED IF YOU SMOKE IT EVERYDAY. If you cannot go a day without A joint then you have a problem the difference is i can NOW admit it but i still have the problem lol (not really a laughin matter) but i am thinking of ways to help myself. as the blogs says if you have no routine, that shows you are becoming lazy, mentally because you cant be botherd to plan anything and physically because you cant be botherd to do anything and that is the weed taking over your system, AND HOW MUCH YOU DENIE IT, SHOWS HOW MUCH YOU CANT HANDLE PEOPLE AND YOURSELF KNOWING YOU HAVE A PROBLEM, OF COURSE YOU CAN STILL CONTROL YOUR SELF ITS NOT LIKE BLACKOUT DRINKING WHERE YOU COMPLETELY FORGET JUST OVER TIME ALOT OF WEED SMOKERS DONT REALISE HOW MUCH IT REALLY IS CHANGING YOU, you may still have the same views but slightly not care about them as much, anyway im not writing anymore coz i won’t stop hope this helps some poeple

  200. connie April 16, 2013


  201. Nathan April 16, 2013

    I have been smoking pot for 5 going on 6 years now. all the FACTS about MJ is false. comming from some one who smokes all day every day for the past 5 almost 6 years. MJ to me helps keep me focus. my freshman year in high school sucked. i didnt pass a class. then i met MJ. the years folowing the day i met MJ changed my life. starting getting better grades. geting more certifications. all this ****** is false. talk to some one who actually smokes it

  202. Joe April 17, 2013

    Wow all of these things are exactly like I used to be. I was a pretty heavy user of marijuana for over two years and for the last six months I was trying to quit. I’ve been clean for a while now and looking back I see how much of a waste it was, both of time and money. Great article and thanks for posting it.

  203. ed April 21, 2013

    yes.We can become addicted to everything that we are surrounded it with. money, sex, weed. alcohol. drugs cars, ect.,,,,, to STOP any addiction is not to do it. or STOP!! doing it. Completely STOP.

  204. Tom May 12, 2013

    Hi all!!

    I would like to first say that there are many mixed opinions on her i have read only the first quarter of the threads but i get the picture :o) i have been cronic weed smoker for at least 10 years starting at 3.5 to 5 grams a day in that timeframe, i quit for three months 3 years ago but chugged on again to probably 1-2 grams a day until now. I started at 15 years old an i am now 27.

    Basicly im bored of it now but it has me by my emotions, i had one night off last night and i could not sleep for the life of me, reading some of these post and the anxiety was back just from the though of not having any weed right now an the lack of sleep im going to get tonigh.

    Now i do agree with most points of views on weed apart from the “official gornment” propaganda rubbish.

    I have first hand experience that weed is addictive no itn junkie term that is called dependency . An addiction is only something that you repetedly to cause plesure for yourself. And yes it probably is to mask my feelings and to be able to hide my self and mind away from me . Yes i may have problems in my life that require me to mask my truself and felling and emotions attached to me from others. I UNDERSTAND ITS NOT WEED ITS ME! I see everybodys point of view.

    Psycologicly weed is addictive!! Ther is no if or buts about it the people who say its not probably havnt abused, havnt smoked for years on end or most simply like all us addicts it the critisiser that we used to be ; I can give up whenever i want because weed is not addictive and all the people complainig about it are just weak! ( i remember saying hings like this when i was 20 oooh the neivety. ;o)

    I would just like to say that the people who want, are quitting weed .
    Need to look at themselves and how they behave ( by this i mean how you learn and how you handle information as in what ypuse hear taste smell ) this worked for me as everyone is different and you need to know you befor you understand what is wrong. People say do this do that but, it doesnt work for every one find what works best for you. It may even be standing on one leg and flaping like a flamingo! Hey if it works and takes yor mind and makes you laugh then do what you please remember its about your well being not your addiction.
    Peace and love man lol!!!

  205. Heather May 29, 2013

    I was alot like most of you thought there was no way someone could get or addicted to pot till a few nights ago I went into what I thought was labor my husband stoped me off and he went to take our oldest to his sisters so he could join me at the hospital a few hrs past and they sent me gone me calling and calling my husband Finley get an answer tell him I’m done and ask where he was for the past 3 hrs come to find out he stoped our daughter off and then went to get a bag ended up staying to smoke one.. know I was ok but what if I was not he picked his addiction. Over being there for me and our unborn baby..

  206. Sarah September 11, 2013

    Stupid and lazy people finding excuses why they have to live in a haze. The use of marijuanna and defending it (other than people who acuatlly benefit like cancer patients ect) as recreational, are just LAZY. It is an excuse not to DO SOMETHING with their lives and watch the world go by. The amount of money spent on this DRUG gets into the hands of criminals. What have you users REALLY done with your lifes??Morons!

  207. Teresa October 15, 2013

    IT’S ILLEGAL PEOPLE!!!!! Unbelievable! It can be the first step to becoming an addict to many more things!! It doesn’t matter if its about a chemical addiction or physical addiction. As a parent who has worked so hard in keeping my children informed of illegal drug use, alcohol use and having good morals, I must say this shocks me to hear people defending a drug!!! That right there is an indication of a problem in itself. My husband is an alcoholic, (as both of his grandfathers were) so that scares the crap out of me for my boys. They have that addictive gene and quite frankly if I found out someone had so much as even offered “weed” to either one of my boys, I would freaken snap their heads off in a heartbeat!! How dare someone defend/encourage something that has the power to ruin peoples lives! U should be ashamed of yourselves. Think logically here, get some help. I know many people who have become full blown drug addicts and it started with “just a little weed”. Its just as dangerous as alcohol is. What good parent wants their child to grow up being a pot head or even an alcoholic? Not me!! Please for those of you who do smoke pot, please, please, please, do not encourage this younger generation. There are already enough challenges and struggles in life for them to deal with let alone the peer pressure of marijuana. I’m just simply asking.

  208. Rehabcenternet November 27, 2013

    If you don’t feel you need help don’t sweat it. There are others who feel they need help. It is a personal choice.

  209. Marijuana Addiction Treatment December 19, 2013

    It makes sense to eat more of the healthy foods that will lessen your smoking cravings. It also make sense to avoid those foods and substances that will only increase your cravings. Foods that have been shown to both increase your health and help to lessen cravings include:

    – fruits (especially apples)
    – vegetables (especially carrot and celery sticks)
    – lean meats
    – drinking large amounts of water, tomato juice or tea. Cranberry juice is particularly good.