Top 10 Signs You’re a Meth Addict

Doctor And PatientMethamphetamine, also known as meth, or crystal meth, is a growing problem. Because it’s easy to make and more affordable than heroine or cocaine, more folks are getting hooked at an alarming rate.

Unlike some other highly addictive drugs, meth is manufactured, many times in garages and basements. It’s made with dangerous chemicals and household cleaning products and can cause extensive damage to the body.

Though its stimulating properties feel great at first, crashing is very unpleasant, which creates a vicious cycle. Moreover, meth eats away the brain, contributing memory loss, loss of motor skills and more.

If you’re wondering if you’re addicted, you may be interested in learning the top 10 signs of a meth addict.

Top 10 Signs

1. Meth addicts have no appetite. A sure sign you’re addicted is major weight loss in very little time.

2. A decline in grades, job productivity and excessive absences is another trademark of meth addicts. Many cannot hold down a job for more than a couple of months.

3. You may have heard of “meth mouth,” meth addicts suffer from tooth decay and often have blackened or missing teeth and sore red gums.

4. You smell of cat urine. Meth addicts sweat a lot and the smell is likened to that of cat urine.

5. In addition to having a bad smell and rotting teeth, meth addicts often have an unwashed appearance and suffer from massive acne outbreaks.

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6. Meth addicts are often paranoid thinking everyone is out to get them.

7. Many meth addicts stay awake for weeks at a time causing mood swings, irritability and paranoia.

8. room is littered with squares of burnt tin foil and bits of lightbulb, which are used for smoking meth.

9. Your skin is so itchy you can’t take it anymore. You scratch so much you draw blood.

10. You have to have meth first thing in the morning. You feel you can’t get through the day without your drugs.


Wendy Lee Nentwig

By Wendy Lee Nentwig
Guest Contributor

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123 Responses

  1. donna March 8, 2009

    I would imagine another sign would be the shortage of $$$, or shoplifting to get cash.

    • Llewelyn June 10, 2011

      Reguardless of what the signs are,if you`re hooked,you`re in recovery from meth abuse.i used so much ice in one day,i could qualify as an euphoric eskimo. Its hell detoxing and staying clean.and im home detoxing too.teeth crunchingly painfull

      • krystal September 23, 2012

        Hello mr. L (lol) i dont know how to spell your name so i will call you mr. l or mrs. if you’re a mrs. i have some questions for you regarding detoxing and withdrawls be ause i am an on and off meth user (smoke it of course) my significant otherisa big time smoker/user and well i know it isbad but at times i want it and crave it but my withdrawl syptoms come on so vrry quickly that i am in severe pain all over my body, sickness cant eat for days even when i do try to eat i jus cant i feel like throwing up but he is tbe opposite he eats alot on it and off it so one of my questions is how can he be eating like s “normal” person would and i cant even begin to tTHINK about food anyfood is gross to me even though i still try to force feed it but it just makes me sick. and i dont understand why my withdrawl symptoms come on fast when im a beginer if you will. feel free tp email me about this and we can go into furtjer discussion like my other gorm of withdrawls which are far more intense but some what pleasent not really though but you feel fuced up while itas happening . email is thank you !!

      • carrol February 12, 2013

        i need help my daugher in jail right now they found 4 bags on her dont know what that means… shes loseing her house she up for break and entering and other stuff she wants me to get her out this is twice now i dont know what to do please help what do i do thank you please help me to help her shes 25 and was a great person thank you carrol from ontario …..

        • gizmo77 February 23, 2013

          I was an adict 2 yr clean now. If you realy want to help her hard as it will be let her do the time. Prizion will have alot of programs that will help her. She will be extreamly mad at first but will thankyou in the end. Tough love momma
          Good luck

          • john March 6, 2013

            Does a meth user typically get cold easy?

        • Jones March 13, 2013

          Carrol I will pray for you and send you positive thoughts for your daughter. If I was you, I would send her to Narcotics Anonymous, and if shes in trouble with the law, contact an attorney through the city if money is an issue. You will get this resolved, and she will as well. She will be fine, this is just a bit of a bad time, but its temporary.

        • Jackie April 29, 2013

          I hope you didn’t bail your daughter out. If she is in jail she at least has a chance to detox and begin clearing her mind from the horrible lies meth leads them to believe. Don’t baby her. Let her experience the consequences of her choice to use. Last but not least do everything you can to help yourself through this. Take care of you. I know about this. I am a mother experiencing the same issue with a daughter age 30. Sincerely

  2. missy October 21, 2009

    heres a few more signs, how about bent spoons, q-tips ends tore off, ciggarette filter peices ripped out,

  3. Bob April 6, 2010

    Jezeee I know all the signs on here are true because I have been dealing with my other half like this for along time. and what really is stupid is seeing others be sucked into their habits because people thing this sutf wont effect them that badl.y. yeah right dont think that or you will get sucked into.

    • Jeffery November 3, 2011

      Yeah I think my wife is using she swears she isnt but her friend she hangs out with is a IV user of it. She says she has only done it once and says she wount ever agian. They hang out every day. The sad thing is I work in a treatment Facility and I cant tell if she is or mabey I just dont want to except it. all I know is that the drug causes distruction in every person it touches and if your best friend is using more than likly your using. Wow I just wish I could know for sure…

      • michelle November 15, 2012

        Hello jeffery.they did not state enough evidence to let you know for sure. Here is some physical sign of meth that may not be noticable to others: her lips may have an even darker tent then they are supposed to as meth users lick their lips a lot and they don’t hydrate themselves causing a smooth chapped lip.also she may use lip balm more often then she really needs to. If she has been awake too mnuch her skin on her limbs will be splotchy like she’s not getting good blood circulation.her eyelids may even be red.VERY dialated pupils in the dark.

  4. Sad May 28, 2010

    theis makes me so sad…i know my friend is using but my boyfriend is in denial … been recovered drug addict for 3 years… never used meth but see the signs…. now my bf wants his friend to house sit for us for the weekend and I am just scared…. i dont know what to do.

    • red March 27, 2013

      i hope u can lvik your haitat…its tuff…ive been hooked for 45 years….

      • Louis July 28, 2013

        Iam in love with a 38 year old I met her three years ago . We work together. Night shift. Iam worried she ask me to take shit out of store stupid shit like. Candles , pots , and panda just stupid shit . She’s small but omg she’s a prize I hate to say no to her . But not getting no we’re with her all she wants to do is party , concerts , not my girl friend but want to be she has bad theeth. But not in front back ones she told me she been to rehabs 2 times. She don’t eat much but when she doese she eats but don’t know what to do help her cell phone ring all night She said her theeth hurt . Iam a Sucker. Or what .

  5. rick greeley November 26, 2010

    hello there. i would just like to here from others about my situation.iiam an addict my girlfriend is an addict .we have been clean for six years this jan.but now i have split with my girlfriend in sept finding out iam not the father of my 4 year old son,she is now with the father who is an herion addict and meth she says he is clean but myself and others have seen her car at dealer houses and smoke houses.she and i were very functional useers worked every day i dont belive her when she says she is not envolved anymore and i havent seen her since this all took place.but there has been a few signs like the houses question is can anyone give me a few signs to look for with afunctional user thank you and feel free to email me please and thank you rick

    • meagan February 17, 2011

      i know the sure fire way for me to tell if one of my friends are using again, or for my familyto know when i ws using is the “tweeker movement” the way you move around like a robot when you’re using. It’s uncontrolable and it’s pretty obvious. Also there is of course the pupils, and most people I know can’t put their phone or computer down, or they have some kind of project at all times.
      hope this helps

  6. john February 18, 2011

    i have to agree with meagan,
    i just left my girl friend of two years. she still has a job she takes care of her kid. But,
    she could never sit down and watch a show. she was always cleaning but the house wasnt getting clean. she was always looking at her computer or phone. She was in the house physically but not involved mentally. however. when she initially got high for the first hour she was friendly and talkative. still couldnt sit down tho. Watch for Q tips with black on them. they use them to clean their pipe out. i never could figure out what they were but i got on line and found out. you would never guess that this person was a user. you have to pay attention.
    take care

    • red March 27, 2013

      john,u are so wright,sooo many things slip by like watching a river flow…ya just gotta stay alert

  7. Worried March 20, 2011

    I am woried about my 22 year old son ,i don’t know what meth looks like I have never seen him high that I know. However I feel in my gut theres something wrong and I have heard from is friends he might be doing meth. PLEASE someone tell me how do I know ? I have noticed he isn’t eating much he’s always tired and I thought signs of meth where staying awake is it possible he’s using it and not having the staying up sins? I know I sound stupid but I don’t know what I’m looking for i am asking for help before it’s to late if he is using it. Thanks for taking the time to read and worry about my son as I do.

    • Valeria W. April 5, 2011

      If your son were using meth, one of the biggest signs would be insomnia or staying awake all night – even for days. He might be fidgety or intensely focused on the details of one thing for hours on end. He may seem chatty followed by an almost sullen silence. If he continues abusing the drug over time, he might drop weight quickly and you might find paraphernalia that could include short pieces of straws (for snorting) or needles (for injecting). Other side effects during active crystal meth addiction include feeling paranoid, hearing things and irritability. Hope that helps!

    • sharon May 1, 2012

      yes, your son may definitely be a meth addict because meth users experience a comedown after the high is gone which makes them tired and meth users do not have an appetite to eat.Speaking from experience.

  8. karla May 7, 2011

    hello my name is karla well im a crystal heroin and crack addict im 16 years old and i cant stop i pickk my sking i have holes in my arms for piking to much i alredy lost 2 of my tooths i have 2 1/2 years doing it im all bone i dont eat i dont sleep i fight a lot i sell my stuff just to get meth crack or heroin i need help i fell that everybody is against me i see shadows i hear voices all the time i panic maybe the ones reading these are like dayuum stupid girl fucking her life these way well dayumm i need help my mom died 5 weeks ago my dad is an alcoholic and my brother is never home for those that read these thanks a lot and please i need advices WHAT CAN I DO.??

    • Valeria W. May 8, 2011

      Hi, Karla. What you can do is ask a guidance counselor at school, the school nurse, or a health clinic doctor to help you get drug addiction treatment. Don’t wait, and don’t stop asking for help at free health clinics, at school – even from Child Protective Services until you get the drug addiction treatment you need. You need medical attention immediately. Find someone, anyone, who can help you get it.

    • janey August 12, 2011

      The most amazing man I have ever met was addicted to meth. It took his dad turning him into the police fro him to get sober. After two years of prison my man is smart, sexy, funny, intelligent, hard-working and kind. His life is owed to his dad, the support of his family never giving up on him, the police and sobriety.

      I know that if you want to quit, you ca…he did. He has a career, a car, a house and a great family. Ask for help and do it.


      • Kate m November 21, 2012

        Hey anyone that I can talk to I’m worried I know somebody who was a meth user at a young age and has gotten over it but is now addicted to spice.. Is it possible for somebody to overcome the problems or is there brain forever damaged.. If someone uses meth at a young age is there brain gone forever?

    • Lynn September 14, 2011

      Call the number on this site, Talk to someone now: 877.714.1319
      Valeria is correct, counselors/nurse in school can lead you to the right direction. You need a good support system to detox. Over time without the drugs you will have a clearer mind, be stronger, and crave it less. But it takes time to get strong and not crave it. You wanting helping can turning things around for your pretty quick. You wanting to live and change, surrender that and run with that. Before you know it with a clear mind you can find peace again. But the key is to go to therapy and work out what got you to turn to drugs in the first place. Therapist will lead you in the right direction.

  9. Methy Marv May 11, 2011

    You guys are all squares, man. I do a lot of meth and I’m perfectly fine! I make over 100k a year. Also it keeps me nice and trim for the ladies ;). Lighten up and quit hating on meth!

    • Kayla November 13, 2011

      this is too everyone that thinks its okay to do meth!! Ill let you know that NO its not… I am a 16 year old, i am a junior in high school and all i want is too live my life and stop with all the complicating things that come from my family. My father ( who i live with) he is using meth. i have a 18 year old sister and a 12 year old brother i have 2 more sisters but they have a dif dad. well this is my story.. my father is a meth head our house is always messy with wires tools and ex. my dad go into an accident 2 years ago and lost his left hand other than half his palm and his thumb. after that he lost his job. we were back and fourth to my dads moms house for years cause we would always lose the places we lived. well after the accident he lost his job and everythiiing. he is a guartist and was a maintence man he work all his life till then. He felt that he couldnt provide for us we had nothing never payed rent cause no money the churches was paying our electricity, he couldnt get on disabiltty we were broke. I had a boyfriend and was in cheerleading and my brother had friends so we were barely home. my dad became depressed and started using meth as a anti- depressant. then we lost our house moved back in with my g ma and then this is were it begun . we didint know my dad was on merh at first. then he started leaving my g mas house and staying away for multiplke days at a time leaving me and my brother with my grandparents. not calling or texting anyone to let us no were he ewas when he was gonna be home or whatever we all knew were he was at after while we found out what he was doing. my dad doesnt care about us kids as much as he used to. when he was home he would either go into A sleeping coma pretty much and ot wake up or he woulod be out in the shed that my gtrandparents had bought him so that he could work on things it was winter and im from indiana and he would literly sleep on the floor of the shed in the midle of the winter. after we caught on. he made the excuse to me and my brother that he couldnt stand my grandma. so therefore on that part we understood casuse we had felt the same. after all this which there is so much more you all have no idea and of course theres the people out there that dont have a problem wiuth there family friends boyfriend girlfriend parents whoever that they are doing meth because they are either doing drugs on there own and dont care about anyone elses well being. then whatevre you think that its right but ha your the one dying from the shit not me,. your choice but i will let you know your dumb and for everyone that is actually trying to quit and has recovered from meth than im soo very proud of you cause you have made yourself so much better for overcoming something that serious adn sticking to it and that your worried about your well being. (: well my dad married this girl and she has been to prison for it. now that my dad is on disabitly we had our life back on track. we moved out of my grandmas because she started abuseing my brother and i emotonaly and she also hit me in my throat while i have a thyroid disease and a over sized goider it indeed hurt bad and messed my throat up more and she told me that if i wazs to tell anyone she would say i grabed her steering wheel. because this incodent happend in the car on the way home i really wanted to kill her not litorly but because of her doing that. she told my dad i told her he was on meth when i didnt so it made my dad think i didnt love him and i was talking behind his back so he said i had to pack my things and live with my mom and he was signing off on me and was disapprearing and never comeing back into anyones life. well things got resolved we moved out and lived in a hotel ( quality inn) for a week till i foud us a home too live in at nice and big 3 bedroom 2 bath soo nice at the time it was me my boyfriend my brother my dad and his wife that he just married and has only known for a couple months. so we move than the house starts to get messey we notice my dad up for 5 days in a row cleaning working on things loud music ( slipknot) and them types which of course i like but when you have to go to schoool early in the morning and music blarring then thats not somthing that puts you in a goood mood. well anyways my brother had known my dad was on it and got sick of my dad not caring what we do which we never done anything out of line. and from my dad barely talkin to us nopt giving a damn what we have to say mybrother was either at school or on his playstaion 3. so he tod his school that he was worried about my dadas use of meth. so when my mom found out my brother didnt tell anyone but he. eventhough all she wants is for us to kive with her so she could get a disabilty check for us. so shes money hungary. so he told herand she talked him into moving out and living with her. remind you he just turned 12. well the school had said somthing to me about my mom telling them she was coming and withdrawing me from school over fall break this year which is soon. and so i figured they knew what my dad was up too so i talked openly about it cause after we all found out bout my dad doing meth he became open with us kids about it. cause he didnt want to hide it anymore well last thursday while i was in school CPS and the police went to my home and searched the place they found meth residue in a bag a couple boats and the house was a distaster and since he havent turned the gas on tin the housewe have been useing the oven to heat inside well they figurted since house is messy oven on and open and one of nthe doors being open said my dad was cooking at this time my dad isnt in jail and from what they have found my dads wife is making him take all blame because she already has a class c felony for traffiking to an inmate and meth on her record 5 to 6 diffrent times it shows up. i dont think he should take full blame. its not that my dad is a bad person i love him with all my heart and ive tryed soo much to talk him into stopping before he loses me. i just dont know if he will i cant honestly tell you that my dad loves me like he says he does idk. but then the CPS said i had to find somewere to go fo the weekend until they find out what is going to happen to me and my father. i couldnt go with my mom causerumor has it that shes on heroin and she over takes her prescribed meds like oxys perks and opanas so shes constanly in and out of passing out spells and my grandma hit me and my aunt is crazy and thats all i hae i dont talk to anymore else so either i have to find a place to go or im going to foster care. well right now im sitting at my boyfriends moms house bc i had no were else to go. and im stressing about were im gonna be what they are gonna do also m mom has active warants for her arrest and we are not a nasty trailer trashy type family we are all very well dressed and what not you would never think if your an outsider that i have all this going on. well i just feeel that if i could get rid of his wife that he would be soo much more better i know this story doesnt make as much since as i wanted it too and its way to much too write everything down but i just want adice on how too help him without going to far. i just got a message from my fathre saying he was leaving her and i asked him if he was plannign on getting better and he said no…. im gonna get better(: it makes me happy but he could just be saying that you know hes leaving her and hopefully he sticks too it cause ive heard it before wish my lucka dn please im still taking advice

    • obviously uneducated August 11, 2012

      Who cares how much you do or what you make. I would happily trace your i.p. address and foreward it to atf. I’ve been hooked on it before and was able to clean up from it. It can and eventually will ruin you. And the problem with people like yourself is that you are so self destructive and selfish that you don’t care who goes down with you. Prison is in your future. I can only hope that someday they can get a handle on the ditribution of this junk and clear it out, before someone loses a person close to them and snaps. Start clearing out the dealers themselves.

    • bof October 24, 2013

      Thank you, this is my opinion exactly. This is such a scare mongering article. If you are an idiot, then you are an idiot. Don’t blame the drugs.

  10. sandy May 16, 2011

    do you have any other family?aunts/uncles? Any family that you can go to? You have to find help! I agree with Valeria, find a schyou can do it!ool counselor, CPS, a priest, ANYONE!!!

  11. Rose July 1, 2011

    Hi I’m Rose I need someone to talk to ! When I was 16 I met my boyfriend of 24 it was a battle just to be with him he already had a daughter and I was just young and of course my father fought against it . Long story short I moved out when I turned 18 had a baby girl now 3 . Boyfriend used to do meth before I had meet him and stopped when we started seeing eachother which I didn’t know. Well into the 5 yr relationship he started doing it at wrk which I didn’t know but noticed a change and he finally admitted it and asked to do it together just one time . I said no for bout one month then said ok one time but only nexus he threw in my face that when I was 13 I did it for the first time and got arrested on fathers day . I never did it again till now with him . So I said ok. One time turned to ever other weekend . I hated it he just wanted to be by himself which made me leave made him not care made us cheat , fight and ect.. I stopped . When he didn’t want to stop . I had a friend that always did it but I always said no. But ended up doing it withought him knowing anyways 6 months after I had already been doing it not counting the 1yr he was doing it he stopps. But I do not Im not allowed to have friends not allowed for anyone to come over . He arks 3-4 days a week 12 hrs a day . I’m alone all day . It sucks when I do it its not even fun anymore . Now I see my daughter gonna be three and I missed it all. I’ve been doing it now I think 3 yes. All the friend I thought were friends are now gone or arrested and have stole from me. When I do it it’s not a rush anymore more like I get tired and I sleep and eat but I do it just becuz or I’ll be clean and my boyfriend is caught talking to someone and I say well here I go again. I’m tired of doing it . And my boyfriend sometimes feels even dreams I’m doing it. He says I you have a problem I’ll be here to help you but other days he says if I ever catch you doing it ! And u know. I feel it’s his fault but then again he had stopped only becuz his connect got fired . Whih used to wrk with him. I want help but I don’t want him or anyone I know to know about this problem. And I feel and look awfull I hate the way I look yet I still do it and the amounts increased and still has no affect I still have no friends and still alone . While he wrks and does what he want when he wants. Can someone hive me advice . I’m 22 now and havent lived life. Thank you for reading my life story! ;).

    • tara October 7, 2011

      hi rose…… i’ve been searching on everything to find out questions i have that i cant find anywhere but your situation and how you explain how you are doing it but i don’t knowi just think you might be able to answer my question… even though idk why i’m asking someone using, as I. heres my situation;

      me and my boyfriend do it, i’d say like,……uhh 100$ at the least worth. id say once every two weeks. i’ve been using for 2 years but never go on venges. i smoke it like i smoke weed. if i have exta fun money to spend on whatever, i’ll get dope. but i have/ know i can go without it with NO problem.

      just one….. that this is fucking me all up, i listen to rap music, i have a fuck you attitue and i just am a asshole person on the inside. so i relate to rap, not even just the bad rap even the stupid happy (like too happy) song i like/ listen to.

      but every time i hear a song mention it & c’mon it’s rap, it’s mentioned a lot…
      or even a lyric that just reminds me of it.

      i know i’m not addicted. but i do think about it quite a bit….. i have alot of self control, morals. why i do it? idk fuck it. bored with life. no one i know would ever guess i do it.

      it’s just, i cant change who i am like what music i like. and i just cant handle it because it’s alot of the time…everyday… i get thoughts and crave it. but thats all it is… a thought. i’m not going to lie it’s my favorite drug. and i LOVE it. im just not going to let myself get “bad” on it and look like/be a crazy motherfucker. you know…. im a normal peron. i look normal. all the above.

      it just fucks with my head and makes me worry i might be slowly getting addicted, and i have no idea….. im not planning on quitting, eventually – yes. but not now. & like i said the thoughts only come when i hear music that pumps me up, or says something about it. then im like “ohhh we should get some” other then that idgaf if i have it or not.

      i’m just very lost………………………………………………………

  12. Patrick July 28, 2011

    I can really find nothing that gives me any good answers about sex without meth. I want to know if the old (pre-meth) sexual self will EVER return. Don’t get me wrong, I get turned on but it seems so different. I don’t think this will turn me asexual(?). I am really worried about how I am going to function or react when it happens again. I’m nearing 40 (and don’t really look it). But I know that it cannot be combined forever. Is there a time frame? I’ve heard that one should go ONE year without sex. I’ve been highly sexual for 25 years. This just does NOT seem like something I could ever do. I get really lonely and the combination often gives way to either way too much energy or me wanting to use. What should I do? I take non-stimulant medication for ADHD and bi-polar disorder. The meth, my doctor feels, was a form of self medication. But the meth always went hand in hand with sex for me for nearly 10 years. I am HIV positive. I tribute me being bi-polar to being part of that problem. I turned to meth to over come the stigma of being HIV positive. It all seems so complex (at times). Realistically what should I do?

    • MrPerson September 1, 2011

      Hey patrick… I hope you come back and see this, but I too am in a very similar situation as are many people. I really hope you have a decent ASO where you live (aids service organizations, but they also equally service hiv) , unfortunately that can be restricted to major cities and I would assume more scarce in the US than where I live Canada). I was just diagnosed. Its absolutely terrifying, I was 21 when I found out, dropped out of uni, became homeless, started the drugs, (which were less integral but part of my life pre-hiv) but i just aged up. I bet you probably hate this line as much as I sometimes do, but you REALLY need to educate yourself now more than ever. Its not a death sentence, yes there is no cure so for now it is a life sentence, but now days the meds and stuff basically ensure you will live a full life, and with very little risk of ever getting aids, unfortunately theres the odd side effects from meds. Yes, the stigma, is vast and unfortunately not nearly up to date on where the research and education is, because people don’t want to learn, theres not enough people teaching, and well, theres alot of people on this planet.. And the large personal belief most people have “It isnt the kind of thing that would ever happen to me” (I thought that) I realise im totally turning this into an HIV lecture, I apolagize everyone but I think it is integral Patrick for you to really come to terms with it. Isolation is a factor, but there are SO many support groups out there.. Im HOPING you live in a larger city. It is very common with men I know who are HIV Pos to also be Meth addicts, I think it is well known (im assuming your a part of this-terribly sorry if not) the gay community is definitely one of the most ravaged of all groups by this Meth endemic. I would be lying to say I don’t use occasionally, but from needing it to get by, and cope, I now once every few months do it as a treat.. A horrible one I am working on stopping too. To answer you again in something more concise I would seek support for both HIV and the Meth addiction. Counselling, groups, groups for both in one if you are in a hub city are all available. A big thing for you is feeling isolated and as sad as it is, the city I live in 1/4 men in my community are HIV positive. Its just not advertised so there isnt a since of “well why bother we are screwed” I am not sure where you live but drop an email and I will get at you ASAP, I have since gotten involved with volunteering as much of my time to ASO’s. I might beable to hook you up with some good info! Best of luck Patrick you will be fine, it just may not seem that way right now. Heck maybe we live in the same city. Meth doesnt define you, you just use it as a coping mechanism and you CAN stop. Hiv doesnt describe you, its just a small part of the great person you are, and isn’t a big deal, bigots who think it is can go educate or excuse me for this, but STFU. Yes it seems hard to start dating, thats my big thing right now, I actually havent met anyone near my age who has it, its more where I am your age range. .. But yeah.. again.. You are able to overcome this Patrick not to sound uber cheese.. Just have to really want it, and follow some steps, that a counsellor would be way better suited to aid with :). Hope you are being VERY honest with your doctors. They cant snitch you for the meth, and it is important to share. They won’t judge, if they seem its upset its only because they are worried. Holy cow this is long sorry everyone.

      • Ibrahim December 26, 2012

        brideandjoy,That is very true. We invest a huge amonut of time (and money) into planning our weddings and then just wing it when it comes to the marriage. I suppose their is only so much you can plan for in a marriage though as circumstances change so often. The important thing is to communicate and not lose sight of eachother. Plenty of laughter also helps. I look forward to reading your post about your 4th anniversary. Wishing you luck for the journey. x

  13. krystal August 15, 2011

    Good luck to every one of you!

  14. Wanda September 6, 2011

    I have been with my boyfriend for seven years. He started doing meth four yers ago. I don’t do drugs at all I don’t even drink. Meth has made him crazy. I am scared all the time and he gets mad and znd dont undersatnd why. Im tired of living not know what will happen next. I cant sleep anymore he flipps out at night and thinks someone is hiding under the bed and i’m having sex with them. He has screwed all the windows shut and I cant have a house key to my own home( that I have paid for). Im not allowed to have phone or if I get permission to call my mom I have to talk on speaker phone. I have been around other people doing meth and they dont act this way. Could something more be wrong. I left this morning and am on the run with my kids. He fliped out at 1 am and poured a bottle of cool aid on me nd my 5 year olds head while we were asleep. That was my breaking point. My kids dont deserve it. Hopefully he wont find us.

    • Moadz December 26, 2012

      , I admit that I over-reacted.By the way, how do you suppose you kick meth-dealing, gun-toting hilleillibs’ off of your property without a gun yourself? Talk reasonably to them? Threaten to call the cops? And if you are out of town and your house gets broken into, wouldn’t it be much easier to catch the thieves and get your personal property back if you could see who took it on video? And isn’t paranoia to want a guard dog around your house? I don’t think that is so unreasonable. Neither, I think, is having sturdy locks on your windows and doors. If your locks can be broken into by a twelve-year-old, what’s the use of even having them?Come to think of it . maybe I didn’t over-react after all.

  15. LG September 8, 2011

    I finally had to come to realize that my boyfriend is doing meth and it has now become a problelm. I had to kick him out of the apartment last night. He showed up at my job today, and I had to tell him that I will get a TRO on him if he did it again. I don’t know what to do – he lost his job and has no insurance, and probably wouldn’t go get help even if he had the means. He is in serious denial, even tho I confronted him about all the symptoms. Does anyone know of any type of program that is free? He is also on the streets and does not have any place to go – burned all his bridges with his family, including his mother, who got him started on this crap in the first place. Nice, huh? What a freakin horror show. I’m not going to enable anyone – I mean, I love him, but he doesn’t love or respect himself to be capable of loving or respecting anyone else, so he had to go. I can’t support him, or deal with his mood swings. I think he started doing this crap in order to escape some realities about himself that he does NOT want to deal with – personal issues that, according to him (altho not out loud) cannot be dragged into the light and examined, and need to be. These issues are nothing bad at all, just something that he doesn’t want to deal with because he thinks it’s weired. May be different, but not weird. Continuing to run from and getting high on this crap to get rid of your demons doesn’t ever work, because you are always you in the end. Not to mention, seriously, smoking, snorting, shooting something that some hillbilly in a trailer park made? Give me a break. Any ideas? I feel really, really alone. Totally sucks.

    • Wanda September 18, 2011

      I feel your pain. I had to file an eviction on mine and refuse to let him see the kids. I guess i’m hopeing that a little tough love will make him realize he has a problem. He has no where to go and calls me crying all the time. I tell him to call his so called friends who are feeding him meth and see if they can help. Im so scared all the time that today will be the day he will kill me. I feel so sorry for him but at the same time I have to think when has he felt sorry for me or the kids when he chose to do meth. Im tired of being scared. I’ll pray for you.

    • alonetoo October 10, 2011

      i am in exactly the same situation LG. i haven’t kickd him out tho. only because i feel like he will b worse if i do. i’m so scared for him. he was clean for almost two years and his mom and his sister got him hooked again. he told me he was only doing a little because his sister had some and he ddnt want her to do it all coz he was worried for her. but i knew that was just an excuse to me. he tries to hide it from me because he’s afraid i will do it too. but i have no desire to. he has personal issues too that he becomes incredibly depressed about. and i think that has a lot to do with his use. i love him so much and i just want him back to the way he was when i met him. there is no one i can talk to because i don’t want him to go to jail or anything. but i don’t want him to die either. i’m so lost. i cant talk to him because i dont want to fight and if i was to confront him, im sure it would be a huge fight. he gets super moody when he is coming down. talking to him while he is still high is easier but….he denies that he is addicted so he just makes excuses why its not such a bad thing. he didn’t eat for 3 days. i finally had to ask him to please eat something. he doesn’t see how important he is to me or how much i need him. i want to be able to be there for him and help him but its so hard. i don’t know if i can. it feels like i am completely powerless. how do you help someone who is addicted to meth? especially if they don’t want help.

    • Jennifer F July 25, 2012

      Hi LG!
      I just found out my boyfriend of 2 years is doing meth. We were looking at wedding rings last week and a few days later, I find his meth on the dresser.We have been living together for 7 months. I knew he had used drugs in his past, but we talked about how I have kids and do not want, nor can I be, with someone who is doing drugs. He always assured my he would never do drugs again and not to worry. I feel like he died. One minute we were planning on getting married, and the next he is gone. He went to a medical detox. I am so depressed and sad….and angry. I don’t know how I will ever trust him again. He said he has been doing meth for 4 years. I don’t know if I can trust that becasue he has lied everything and even lied about the meth being his. I feel like he has lied to me from the moment we got together and that he has never been honest. I have stayed up all night long and haven’t slept much since I found his meth! I keep reading information on the internet about it. I keep searching for answers and there are none! I am scared and broken-hearted too!!

      • Leandro December 26, 2012

        Hi Vic:These are illegal steret drugs, but an additonal concern I have is “legal” flavored alcohol drinks. The latest, made by Annheiser-Busch is “Spykes,” which are flavored, caffeinated drinks packaged in “cute” little bottles.No amount of protesting from the maker will convince me that these are not being marketed to children!Nancy L., LISW, LICDC

    • Kate November 21, 2012

      Lg I’m dealing with some of the same similar things please email me I would love to talk

  16. Tiffany Maddox September 17, 2011

    My name is Tiffany and I think my ex my be using meth. My brother told me that they did it together before. I seen my ex a couple of weeks ago and he has lost weight and his teeth have black lines on them. He claims that his weight loss is from working all the time and his bad teeth are from smoking cigarrettes and not brushing them. He says he would never put this in his body cause it split his parents up. As far as I know he eats all the time, sleeps good, and is all the time working. I am not sure if my brother was telling the truth but I don’t know why he would lie about that but he also has lied on my ex before. But i know that my ex and my bro has done drugs before. Is there any other way to tell? Like how can I tell if that is whats making him loose weight? Please help me.

  17. joe October 15, 2011

    meth is death

  18. chris October 24, 2011

    i know lots of people including myself who dont show any of those 10 signs and u would never guess are users, alot of people u would think are probably dont even use that much and just dont care about how they look or things in general lol :p

  19. lucy October 25, 2011

    wanda, im happy you did that he needs that too kno what he took for granted. that was harsh on my part it just makes me mad that he would do that and you would let it happen. i give you BIG props tho, the feeling of this might be my last day alive EVERYDAY sucks. your not the only one tho. steer clear of crazy skitzer guys who lock you out of your huose and pour koolaid on you. seriously

  20. amy October 29, 2011

    Karla, the county should have a place for you to deal with your drug abuse. Also, the Salvation Army has rehab. Call churches. Get online for “free drug rehab places” There are places “IF” you want to do it bad enough. I am 66, been sober 36 years. My son is currently a meth user and I am having difficulty dealing with it but go to church, read my bible, speak with my counselor. TURST ME WHEN I SAY THIS, YOUR FAMILY ARE WORRYING SO MUCH I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO EXPLAIN THE PAIN DEEP DOWN IN THEIR HEARTS, THE FEAR OF WHEN THE PHONE RINGS, IS THEIR CHILD DEAD. WHAT WILL BECOME WITH THE REST OF THEIR LIVES? ADDICTIOIN IS A FAMILY AFFAIR.

  21. jen December 28, 2011

    My boyfriend is in total denial. He became aggressive last night. He scratched my chest and pulled my hair. I want to report him and intervene. He needs help asap!

  22. George December 28, 2011

    I ‘am’ very close to my roommate. i saw signs my roommate was using had drugs as he has been acting ‘weird’ for a very long time (years). Unfortunately all physical evidence did not exist. I later learned, after he slipped and confessed, he was doing the drugs outside the home.

    He had all the classic symptoms. Paranoia, jumping, not sleeping, agitated constantly, lying, stealing from me, hanging out constantly with his undesirable friends. Before I learned of his Meth addiction, I was starting to think he really hated me.

    Yesterday he was arrested for having a meth pipe in his possession. The jail house performed drug tests and confirmed he had Meth in his system. Unfortunately they are releasing him today without getting him assistance.

    Due to the circumstances, I do not want him back in my home. I want him to get help, but he cannot do it with my support as I see someone has to be with him 24/7. I am no longer emotionally strong and, in all honestly, an enabler. Does ‘tough love’ really work?

  23. Amanda December 30, 2011

    Hi, my names Amanda and I was with my boyfriend for 4 years. He was arrested last night for physically beating me. He is an ice addict and I found out a month ago when his friends came to me, they told me they were extremely worried about his using and that they have tried to help and it hasn’t done anything. I confronted him about it and he admitted everything that day and promised to never do it again. Things were going really great for about a week, I had my suspicions still because they would be little things that would make me think he was still doing it. Our 6 month old son went into hospital a week after he had told me everything, he was at the hospital with me and then when we left in separate cars I didn’t see him for 2 days, he would text but wouldn’t answer my calls or text. When he came home none of his stories added up or made sense and we got into a big fight and that when the first physical abuse happened. I reported him to the police and went to court and had a intervention order put on him. The next day after court he rang!!!! And was crying and said he couldn’t get help without me and he just wanted us back ect.. Well I got sucked back in… Same story it was good for a week and for some reason I put up with the seedy call the coded msgs, him not answe his phone for days and not ever having time to see me, in this time he manipulate my family and his into thinking I was the one with the problem and he had been trying to help me. I lost my family because I wouldn’t leave him, honestly I thought I could help him and get him better. Anyway 2 nights ago we went to a hotel in the city to try and make things better, you know have a good night and try and remember why we live each other ( at this point he is still claiming he hasn’t touched it since the day I let him home after his friends had told me everything) so during the day he slept and wouldn’t wake up, in the at on the way to hotel he slept, when we got to the hotel he all of a sudden had all this energy. We ordered room service and he went back to sleep until it came. While he was asleep I went through his phone and found msgs that were clearly in code. When room service came I woke him up and we sat down and I asked him about it… He flipped it threw his meal at me grabbed my phone was yelling screaming calling me names saying I cheat and I do this ( all in true) then the physical violence came, the pulling of my hair, grabbing my arms and ripping me around and even blighting my face and my back. Then he would start crying, tensing up and saying ” help me I dont know why I’m doing this I live u” and then bang he would flip again, he would either get violent with me or pretend to hang himself or grab a knife and say he was going to stab himself and then the crying again!!!! I finally carmed him down and got him into bed and he fell asleep. But while I was laying in ed it came to me that while he was doing all these things he didn’t care that our 6 month old son was crying and wouldn’t let me get him and if I tried he would just attack me. So he slept again from 12:30am to 11:30 am I tried waking him many times from 9:30am but he would just open his eyes mumble something an go back to sleep. Before we left the hotel he was very apologetic. He slept again for 45 minutes on the way home and then again until the police turned up. Thank god for my friend who lied across the road came over and saw all the bruise and convinced me that what he was doing was wrong and for mine and my sons safety I had to call the police. I haven’t heard anything from the police since I made my statement but what I want to know is why do I just want to pick up the phone and tell him to come back? Why do I still want to be with him? Why do I still want to prove that he is using? Why do I still want to help him??

  24. Concerned Friend January 16, 2012

    I would appreciate any advise I can get. I have a friend who is in his 40’s. I believe is a meth addict. Some of the signs I’ve read match and some don’t. First of all, he admitts to being an alcoholic. He admitted that he use to do meth, but quit on his own. Ive seen him consume very large amounts of hard alcohol from 6pm on and at 5 am he is still going strong wanting to shoot pool and keep partying. I couldn’t believe he was still standing let alone shooting pool. He has admitted his two friends who are always at his house are meth addicts. They show up at odd hours 3,4,5 in the morning sometimes. I’ve seen the cut straws. Ive seen a pipe, but thought it might be for pot. I’ve seen towels on his sofa that were wet from his sweating. His mood swings are unbelievable. He can be the meanest most hateful person
    I’ve ever known. He doesn’t go out to bars, but has friends to his house almost every night. Ive told him he’s like a hermit. He works part time hours for his family’s business. He has money, because of the business. His family is disgusted with his work ethics, but keep paying him. His teeth are definitely rotting. His skin does get a very oily look to it sometimes.
    He sounds hours & hours making spread sheets for racehorse betting. He is also a bookie.He does have paranoia issues. Checks & rechecks locks. Keeps th blinds closed.Something else I think is really odd is he dates young women 19-26 yes old from sites like Seeking Arangements. The Sugar Daddy/ Sugar Baby stuff. The girls go to his home and party with him and his friends. I’m guessing because woman who have it together wouldn’t be ing hanging out at his house.
    However, his house is a disaster. I’ve seen the same dishes in the sink for a week. He could stand to lose 15 pounds. No acne or itching. Gets his haircut every few weeks. Likes to cook.
    If I think he is an addict. What if anything can I do? Thank you!

  25. Jackie January 25, 2012

    I haven’t heard from my 23 year old daughter for 2 months. She finally called me today and told me she was addicted to meth and cocaine. She says she was snorting and smoking it and injecting it with needles. She has two kids and has gotten them taken away from the state. My grandson is with the paternal grandparents and my grandaughter is with people I don’t even know. We live in a different state and had no clue that this was going on. Apparently she took a drug test for the county that was a condition for child services and failed. Out of the blue she calls me and lays all this on me, wants to come home and said she went to one NA meeting. I am very leary of letting her come home fear she might rob me blind and hurt me and her stepfather. Does anyone have any insight on what I can do to help her and protect myself?

    • The Canyon January 25, 2012

      Hey Jackie, we will have someone get in touch with you who may be able to provide some helpful answers.

    • The Canyon February 3, 2012

      Hi Jackie, we would be glad to talk with you about this and answer your questions. Our counselors are highly knowledgable and they can talk through the situation with you. Please call us at 877-714-1319– there is always someone available to listen and offer guidance.

  26. Ryan B January 31, 2012

    My girlfriend turned 17 on june 1st. that was the first day she tried meth. for about 3-4 months after that she was an addict to meth. She was living with her shittty friend kayla whos mom was the one who turned her onto the god forsaken devil drug meth. i have smoked weed before but never thought of doing any hardcore drugs. Basically, i rescued her from this crack house she was living in and brought her back to her fathers house which is perfectly safe, functional….. drugfree. we started dating late october. she has been clean ever since.
    HERE is where my problem with her comes in. I LOVE THIS GIRL WITH ALL MY HEAART because deep down she has a wonderful personality and truely cares for me. She wants to go over to one of her co workers apartments. there is going to be a cocaine dealer there. im not really worried about her doing any drugs because its just not her anymore. but i brought it up to her that im worried that shes going over there because of the people thats there. and she kind of got defensive. how can i talk to her about this without her getting slightly upset at me? or rather what would be the best approach on asking her not to go over there?

    • The Canyon February 3, 2012

      Hey Ryan, we’d be glad to give you advice about this situation and answer any other questions you might have. Always feel free to call us at 877-714-1319. Our counselors are very experienced and they can give you some helpful information.

  27. Matt February 1, 2012

    Hey everyone…I am not sure if this is the right forum to post, but I suspect a close person in my life is using drugs intravenously. I caught her once and she swore to me that she would never do it again…I have done my share of harder drugs in the past but am now clean with the exception of a little marijuana. Anyways, this person has been extremely irratable and often snaps at me. She has always been a little edgy, but very much so lately. She has lost from what I can tell, maybe 15 pounds in the past few months, she has very poor eating habits lately. I also found a spoon with some residue on it, and what looks to be like the end of a Q-Tip. I am unsure if this is the same from when I caught her in the act, but I doubt it. I don’t want to think that my wife is lying to me, but I know when a drug has you, you will say anything to get someone off your back.

    So to sum:
    Previously caught her injecting Roxycet or something like that.
    Previously used Oxycontin (snorted)
    Weight Loss
    Spoon with Residue and Cotton filter

    What do you all think?

    • The Canyon February 3, 2012

      Hi Matt, it seems like your loved one might be in trouble. Please know that you can always contact us at 877-714-1319 if you want to talk with someone about your situation. Our staff is very compassionate and highly knowledgeable, and we would be glad to help.

  28. Tadpole February 2, 2012

    my name is tadpole an im 14 years old and ive been doin crank for 2 years, im trying to get into rehab but its to expensive, and i have NO suppport, ive tried everything, and its getting to the point were ill be skipping school to cook meth and then smoke ALL of it by myslelf, i have nothing left, i live in an empty home, my mom sleeps all day, CPS is involved, ive been to foster care. i cant stop. i know i need help. but how am i supposed to do that when all i hear is my own echo when i ask for help D:

    • The Canyon February 3, 2012

      Hi Tadpole, we care about your situation. We’ll have someone get in touch with you. If you’d rather not wait till then, you can always call us at 877-714-1319– there is always someone here who is ready to talk with you and listen to what you have to say.

  29. Annie February 4, 2012

    I am a mother of two beautiful children and a wife of a meth addict. He has been using for 3 years now and will not stop. Will the police arrest him as a meth user? I am thinking of calling and turning him in, I am at wits end. Please help with advice! Is this the right thing to do?

    • The Canyon February 10, 2012

      Hi Annie, we’ll have someone get in touch with you if they haven’t already. And you can always contact us at any time by calling 877-714-1319. We’re ready to talk to you and answer any questions you might have.

  30. Regi February 16, 2012

    My name is Regi im 15 years old. My boyfriend and I had been together for a year and 3 months and he left me 6 days ago,but we’ve stayed in touch ever since. Before he left me he had been acting different, being rude to me for no reason, getting upset over little things, just very emotional. Tonight he told me that hes been acting “crazy” lately because he has been using meth (for 13 days). He also knew that I hate meth because my mom was in jail for 3 months when I was 9. He said he will try to get clean for me, any suggestions on how to help him stay clean?

  31. R February 18, 2012

    December 30,2011,F drove my Honda Passport,with a suspended license-which he
    didn’t tell me about.
    The Honda got towed,less than 200 yards from home.
    Fast forward,I lost my Honda.The only vehicle I did own.
    He stole the money, which his aunt got from her own account,to pay to the tow company.
    I had to give up 2 firearms in order to prevent the tow company from taking me to collections,which would have been over $2,000.00. Which all of the money would and
    has been out of MY pocket,not his.
    F has had a few DUI’s,several drug felonies,2-211’s (211PC is for Armed Robbery),felonies,and for giving false information to a peace officer or a medical attendant,with shoplifitng.
    He got off on all of these charges.
    And, he does owe me a lot of money now-including another vehicle.

    A friend came over to help clean up the front bedroom.Several 32oz bottles of beer, and
    beer cans,along with brandy bottles and whiskey bottles found.
    I found in my former step-sons’ top drawer was 2 of my U100 syringes (I am a diabetic.
    Take NOVOLOG and LANTUS with syringes.).
    Also found many small about 1/2″ x 1/2″ “plastic baggies”, Those bags I found,looked like tiny black skulls,or similar on them.
    And a bent spoon.I didn’t find any black burn marks on the bottom of the spoon.
    I did take photos of the find.And,including a neighbor. I told her, “I did not plant this.”
    She said “I believe you.”.
    Took a photo of his stubby glass pipe too. Some reason,can’t find it.

    He did kick me out of my own home.[January 15,2012]
    F would seem like every thing is smooth,then brings up something from the distant past,
    then smooth again. As if he was paranoid.
    He had me so mentally down,I was crying and would sign over my home to him,which I did.
    F said “I’m going to give you a taste of your own medicine. You’re going to have to dress warm,as it’s gonna get awfully cold.”
    I walked about 3-4 miles in 33F temperature to get away from him.This was at night.
    Called a friend in another town to pick me up.

    Yes, this was endangering my health. I could have had a Low Blood Sugar incident, which if ignored,would have resulted in being unconscious,left untreated,have lead to death.
    I do carry hard candy for these incidents.
    I was without my insulins for 4 days.

    Strange thing is, no one could or would help;Tried the state parole board,PD,Sheriff, and the DA.
    Since i’m 60,I couldn’t file a report “Elderly Abuse”…Go figure.
    2 people that I’ve told about his actions on January 15, both said “Sounds like he’s on meth.”. These 2 were separate, and on different days.

    Got MY home back. He’s to be arrested if found on the property here.Would be for trespass charges.
    The managers and neighbors does know to call LE for F’s arrest.

    Of the things he left here,since it’s now my property,I’ll sell,or dispose of those items.
    F still thinks I owe him yet.
    He’s NOT getting these things back.That includes his old cell phone.
    Claims to have “music and pictures” on it.F acts like a spoiled brat-He’s 37 y/o.
    I was told, the phone has his drug contacts on it.
    Those contacts are about 2 miles from here.

    Yes, I got hard nosed from that 3-4 mile walk I took.

    Thank you for letting me tell of my story.

  32. MICHELLE RATIMA February 19, 2012

    i wouldnt touch any other harder drugs,
    peps that smoke meth,cocaine and or the other hardcore drugs!

  33. Someone February 21, 2012

    It sounds like a terrible addiction. How soon crystal meth causes teeth to decay? Is it righ away or after person becomes addicted? And how it really effects the brain?

  34. Sophie February 21, 2012

    My husband is 50 years old & addicted to meth & morphine. He weighs 95 pounds & I am scared to death that he is going to die. We have no money & no insurance. Where can we go to get him the help he needs?

  35. Mila February 24, 2012

    Hey I’m Mila,

    I live in Perth Australia am 21 female and am a everyday user. I chose to smoke meth.

    I started Nov 2010 and would always do a very small amount. Then quit in June 2011. This was easy for me as I did a small amount and didn’t like it that much. I found it hard to tolerate so I was never concerned about quitting.

    I then thought I would try it again when it was offered to me and I really started to be able to enjoy it more. Started back in November 2011 and am still going. Meth surrounds me everywhere I go. I see what it does to some. Some are ok, But I understand that in the long run it will ruin them. Others are so crazy!

    I feel honestly my habit isn’t too extreme yet, But I am going to take a break from it. I only have between 3-5 bowls a day. I want to enjoy having natural energy. I think I will take this break and see how it goes. I eat everyday and sleep. I find myself lazy and sore all the time. I should go back to pot.

    I am applying for certain work here and want to get back to normal before I start work. No one would think I am a user. I look sweet innocent and act stupid. I don’t want to be fake though. I want to keep my brain working well. I will stop for a while, But prob keep doing it recreationally.

    I hope I can get this job in mining. That is the real life that I want. Not bumming around and smoking meth.

    I just wanted to contribute really. Thanks will let you know how it goes.

    • Karen March 6, 2012

      Hi mila

      I wish you the very best in your recovery. Your story struck a chord with me. I live in Melbourne and have had a rocky 10 years on and off methamphetamines…. I have struggled because I thought I could manage to keep use at a ‘recreational’ level. Please do not kid yourself, I did and it’s not even worth the risk. You seem like a smart girl and each relapse will end up eating away at your strength and self belief.

  36. david March 2, 2012

    hello im david im a meth addict. im clean for two months now and i cant stand my cravings anymore. i try to switch from one place to another (another city for me to have no connections with dealers but i always find one. its like they follow me everywhere i go. i wanted to stay clean for good so i tried to stay with my mom and i admitted i was a meth addict. we havent talked since. i wanted to stay with her to somehow have positive reinforcement from her but none came from her. my family hates me and i dont know what to do. please help me.meth in the philippines is so cheap so i could get a gram for really low low prices. i want to change. how should i tell people around me that all i need is there support. i might freak them out.not a single passed without me thinking of going back to my old ways. i steal i cheat and lie just to support my addiction please help me

    • The Canyon March 7, 2012

      Hey David, you’re not alone. We care about what you’re going through. One of our counselors will reach out to you if he/she hasn’t already. And please remember that you can always call us directly at 877-714-1319. We would be glad to help you and answer your questions.

  37. Gods Vessel March 4, 2012

    I am coming down off a 2 or 3 day bindge, I can’t remember. I used when I was young, it started with crank. I’ve taken breaks and I’ve had almost 3 yrs clean at one point. Well just recently, an old friend showed up. He’s going through a divorce and I can tell he is hurting. Well he had been clean for 6 yrs, and he told me he was a user. Unfortunatly I saw a windowof opportunity and decided to party with him a bit. Well the last 2mths are kinda a blurr needless to say. Well I found out my friend took the big lunge and slammed. Its made me whoa all of a suddden and realize how out of hand I’ve become. I have never gotten this out of control. I am a Christian, which in my book sais I have a relationship with the Lord. Well I pray and ofcoarse read the Bible. Well ever since my friendtered my life, God has put it on my heart that he wants me to help him. I failed misserably by using with him. Now I think I am in for my own battle, I’m scared because I know comming off is gonna knock me on my ass. I’ve done the treatment thing, I know God has different plans this time. I need to get through the crash and trust in God that this will be over anddone with. I know everything happens for a reason, and as soon as I am back on my feet, I will help my friend. But I know I can’t do that without being an example. I ask only for pray er from those who feel the spirits tug . I’m not a traditional Christian obviously, I am out here on the battledfield hanging with the demons, blending in. I’m right where he wants me right now. He works through me to plant seeds in those people who wouldn’t step foot in a church.

    • Michelle August 6, 2012

      I understand completely and thoroughly! We my plant seeds out there but we are God’s beloved children. He wouldn’t want any of us to be hurting ourselves. He works with Steve circumstances our disobedience brings, only for the Glory of Him! He does love us and shows his grace and mercy! I’m trying to stop completely! I had everyone around me going o church. When they see me leave they’d ask where I was going and I’d answer Bible Study?they ask to go and over a year there were a whole group of people in their 20’s. We were a small church.I literally can’t tell you how any addicts, crack dealers, homeless people, who ever I met or was around filled that church. Some are like me struggling with addiction or in prison. One person I was in a relationship with just got ten years. My son’s dad was saved at another church. He quit selling crack, he was the sole provider for 7 siblings. But he s plying football graduates college 2013. Hopelly I will. 5 classes left started 03 and haven’t Gon last two years . My son’s dad is compared to NFL players. Never knew tht. I shoulda quit talkn. God will do the work! You a I need to be obedient not to mention not help others to the detriment to ourselves. It says, don’t throw pearls to swine. They don’t know what to do with it…some people just are what they are and if we hang around long enough we can get seriously hurt..literally I have been repeatedly intentionally hurt or tried t kill me. I was kicked out. And I had to stay with my dealer who is a false prophetic swear h is a real demon. I have told. Him that. He knows the Bible verse for verse. That was taught to me to be a warning sign oft the devil. I do not gt hung up on memorization except for the verse itself. Since meeting him I don’t not want to know the place in the Bible. Be captivates people with that. I call him out on t. Ugh! I really understand. Last night I felt incredible darkness surrounding me.I have been clean and experienced the same feeling. I started reading the Word. I can’t sleep my family is out of town. I know I am giving the enemy an open door by getting high…but I don’t think I was tripping. I never felt evil around me on this except when around that crazy evil man!

  38. S.M. Walker March 14, 2012

    Each to their own. We are all responsible for our own actions and if you abuse something, it will abuse you. A Dr I worked for told me that 30 years ago when I asked him about smoking pot. Since then and before I have been a regular drug taker (no needles or heroin). I am a mum, have a job and I sleep during the night and I have maybe two smokes a day of meth. I smoke a joint at night and occasionally I will indulge in E’s. I do not have missing teeth and brush twice a day. I dont scratch and pick at my skin and I am not paranoid. I dont have smoking implements around the house in front of my kids (kept in garage) and I dont get aggressive or mix anything with alchohol. (which I might add is a far worse killer in this country than any of the drugs I have listed). You have to know what your limit is. I know it can do you a lot of harm but that is if you abuse it.

  39. bella March 15, 2012

    I kno how hard it is to kik the habit….I been using drugs since I’m 16 I’m 24 now…smoke weed.. snorted coke.. smoked coke then got into doin X..but then I came across I. Got no friends besides dealers and users.. I dnt do a lot…I dnt look like user.. but everyday its a strugle for me…I fight not get high! But then Friday or sat comes and I use… I stay up for 3 days …wed comes I’m super tired … Thursday I’m restin Friday I’m cravin and then its all over again!! I hate it but I like it at thesame time!! I use to go out and club and hangout wit friends now I’m alone….

  40. maria March 30, 2012

    My husband is an addict. I had my suspicions for a while, Back in 2000 is when it all began. He’s only 33 , he did 1 month in jail because my mom called him in.But just last week noticed some signs: staying up late till had to leave to work,porn whenever he had the chance and I mean tons Of it, not eating, he will sit on the couch zoned out for HOURS playing Modern warfare, moodswings like he’s bipolar. Sleeping for 24 hrs when he’s coming down.Well. last Thurs I got up in the middle of the night while he was crashed out and went through his things….decided to check the car, in the cupholder was a baggie!!!! I fkin knew It!!!!! I went in woke him about 4 time’s waving the bag in his face, told him to get out!!! I went and flushed it, he came running after me. Crying trying to explain or feed me some b.s. I stood my ground and he left. But Why. THE D! Did I let him come back? I HATE MYSELF! I DON’T WANT TO BE WITH HIM,HE LIES TO ME CONSTANTLY, The only. ONLY. REASON WHY IS BECUZ WE HAVE. 3 BEAUTIFUL KIDS TOGETHER, AND I CAN’T FACE THE PAIN THAT THEY WOULD GO THROUGH NOT HAVING THEIR PARENTS TOGETHER.:( PLZ HELP OR Give some advice. Just tonight BTW…he’s giving me suspicions again.

  41. laurak April 13, 2012

    I am sure my partner is back on ice, he was on it back in 05 got clean now I am my gut I am sure, Maria we have 3 beautiful kids to and they are the only reason I am still here (and the fact he is talking about suicide!)
    Gawd I wish this sh#t never was made!

  42. Liz April 15, 2012

    I Have been there and done all that for well over 27 of my 43 years. Seen and been apart of the worst imaginable. I have had clean times. as well as many relapses. I have been both functional and non functional addict. I have spent several terms of imprisonment. I have committed many crimes all linked to drug use.
    How ever It is possible to turn your life around and It is easier than people make it out to be. I do believe it is only possible with the 100% support of some one like myself who has lived the drug life and knows every trick in the book as well as having a clear understanding of all the reasons WHY PEOPLE USE. triggers and how to deal with them, and most importantly how to regain love for your self and appreciation for life again. The road to total recovery can be emotionally very painful but the outcome is overwhelmingly so worth it. You cant do it alone. I am happy to help and be the support you need. feel free to email me, you or your love one are still so worth saving.

  43. Dylan April 16, 2012

    The past three weeks of my life have totally and completely changed everything that I thought I knew. My roommate in a new city is a recovering addict, as soon as an old friend of hers popped up, the recovering was no longer in play. I’m only 18, the worst thing I had ever done was smoke some bud. Now I have my roommate telling me to try it with her just once. Meth isn’t the devil like its potrayed, everything will be fine. Next thing I know I’m on a three day binge with guys I had just met, ending my meth splurge with smoking heroin for the first time. That night, being the most out of it feeling I have ever had, and yet, I was in love, in love with the high, the conversation, how I felt, how I looked, with all of my new found friends. I took a couple of days off after that, well like, one and a half days. Since then, my days are blurred together, everything runs as one I never know what day it is or what yesterday was. It’s been an almost daily thing with me now, me and these guys I hardly know, yet know better than anyone could imagine. I pick at my skin when I don’t have it, and I hate that so much. Right now I’m waiting for them to get me because I’m shaking and all I can think of, the absolute only thing on my mind is meth. My “tick” is grinding my teeth, and i did that so badly last night i made my gums bleed. I can’t control myself though. I never thought I would get like this in such a short amount of time. My new found friends think its great, I’m their baby user or something. The thing is I don’t think I’m actually addicted as of now. I think I could stop now before it’s too late and I could be fine. But, I don’t want to stop, stupid I know. But, I have fun, for the first time ever I’m having fun and doing something for me, and I really do like my new friends even though I think they are a little messed up for not warning me correctly and for thinking its funny. I love them though, at least in this mind set I believe I do. Seeing and hearing things is definitely a trip though. I think I’ll take my risks and be smart about it, and keep doing it, because if not for my love of everything else that comes with it, frankly, I love to be high. Idk why I’m even posting this, just wanted to organize the thoughts I had while waiting I suppose, you may respond if you feel inclined. I’ll be fine though, im sure of it.

    • The Canyon April 17, 2012

      Dylan, if you ever feel like things are getting out of control, you can call us at 877-714-1319. Even if you just want to talk. We can help.

  44. His girl May 3, 2012

    I have been with my guy for almost four years. He had been clean for 6 months when we started dating, and stayed clean the first three years. I lived with him for awhile but because of child issues, I moved out. I did not know that he started to use again when I moved, mostly because I grew up very naive and have never been around it, and partly because he always swore that he would never do it again. Three weeks ago he admitted that he has been using. I told him that he had two weeks to get clean or we are done. He said that he has stopped using. Why should I believe him? And even if he quits now, why should I ever trust that it will not start again?
    I love him, and planned to marry him, but I just can’t get rid of this nagging feeling that it will never be truly over.

  45. Alicia May 7, 2012

    Im 19 years old, when I was 11 I realized both my parents were meth addicts, I have a little sister, who at the time was only 8 years old. My wole childhood I had to put up with my older sister being an addict to every drug out there. She has always been in and out of jail, prison, and is still till this day a meth addict. She is 8 years older than me, anyways throughout my childhood my parents put a huge burden on me, I hav=d to practically raise my little sister on my own, teach her right from wrong, make sure she ate, bathed, ready for school. It was hard and very frustrating. We lost our house and my parents split up, we lived with my mothers parents, my mother and father were still meth addicts, badly. And I didnt want to believe it. My dad left and he never called, or visit. I had no idea where he was, but I spend countless hours awake all night waiting for my mom to come home from her friends house, alot of times she would never even make it home for days. My teenage years came and when i was 12 I started drinking alot with my friends who were in similar situatons as me, then I started smokin pot to get the stress off my mind. But I always told myself I wouldn’t try any harsh drug, because I had my little sister to care for. By the time I was 14 I has always skipped school, got bad grades and would always drink! I would cry all night because my mom would come home and call me names or yell and go crazy all of a sudden for no reason! She was so horrible I just wanted to leave and never come back, there were times when I wanted to call CPs on my own mother just so we would be in a safer environment but I didnt want to risk beng separated from my sister. Keep in mind I lived with nothing but drug addicts except my grandparents. My mother was so mean! For those of you parents that think it is ok to do drugs and that it doesnt effect anyone you should be ashamed! it does effect everyone involved! Now, 8 years later my mother is still a drug addict, and I am in touch with my father, and the first time I had seen him in 5 years, he looked like a dead man walking. But not once have I ever accused them of using, because I love them so much, and I dont want to believe they are drug addicts. I hate to look at my mother, she is so skinny, and fidgity, her teeth are roten, she’s bi polar and all of the above. She has had a boyfriend for the past 4 years, he is the supplier, very man, but he is to a drug addict. Thankfully I moved when I was 15 years old with a cousin, my mother wouldnt let my sister come with me but I figured Id finish school and get full custody of her. Well, 19 months ago my little sister got pregnant at 14, I blame my parents. So I couldn’t get customdy, I couldn’t handle two responsibilities. i now live in my own home, have 2 jobs and go to school. My sister comes over and stays all the time. My parents need help. i don’t want to lose them, and my mom is at that point where I believe she is going crazy! I myself cant help but cry all the time when I think about her being a drug addict! I cant help it, to top it off my sister got pregnant by a 22 year old man! & my mom was to scared to press charges!

  46. mayra May 10, 2012

    I’m 21 years old its only been a couple months since I started using!!! I got introduce to it by my work friends!!! I met my boyfriend thru my friends and we been together for 7 months!!! He’s been on ice since he was 9 years old!!! Recently he just started tripping out bad !!!! He got too the point we he started hitting me because he thought I was cheating. He started hearings people he was seeing shadows he actually thought I hid someone in. My car trunk while he was next to me !!!! that day he did try to stab me!!! He actuAlly thaught I had people get him. Idk way to do anymore I love him so much !!!! He’s currently in jail right now about to get out !!! I’m just scared this situation may get worse !!!! Pls any advice he’s actually a nice person when he’s not using!!!! Way should I do

  47. bella May 13, 2012

    @ mayra….stop..sounds to me like ur not super hooked….ur man hiitin u and tripin on u is just the beginin …its gna get bad…been there done that… u can do it….just try n get ur mind rite…u can stop… get help from relatives and friends if ukant do it alone… u dnt have to let them kno that u r usin…or if u think they will understand then be straight up.. if u really love ur boyfriend then help him stop by u stopin first…tell him to get help….I kno rehab is expensive but I’m sure there’s low income centers or even churches that help addicts… and if he dnt wanna stop then RUN..GET OUT ur self… u dnt want the tweeker life… trust me I kno is hard…but wit will everythin is possible…I’m tryn to change my life my self… I hope I was able to help u atleast lil…good luck to u and ur man… its a shame that us three had to come across meth…. its a horrible drug…I dnt wish this life on anybody…

  48. Keekee May 18, 2012

    Well um hi….my names kanisha and im 14 yrs old….my dad died my mom lost me and my lil bro to the state…i runaway all the time jus lyk right now ..anyway ive been doing meth and ive lost bout 70 pounds in the month ive been doin it Ilose aout twelve pounds a ek.week around there…i look in the mirror and im like im fat but everyone else says im not…idk I used to smoke weed but meth gives me this feelin like im different nd its ok yet im so depressed sumtimes idk wat to do with myself I do it everyday n if I dnt im a mental case im so moody I dnt pick at myself I dnt have acne my teeth are fine I dont look tired..i look fine ive jus lost a singer ha im rlly good at it and wen im gacked im even better..i,do heroin to im juss not strung out I do it for fun ..i like meth yes I never have muny not cuhz I spend it on drugs but because I have no way to make muny im a runaway ha im fun ti hang out with im not too paranoid only the normal amount wen ur wanted ha I dnt think im too hookd if hookd at all wenever I get muny I spend it on weed I rarely spend it on meth..anyway im askn…what should I do…i dnt want the governments help I wan nd do it myself or im not doin it at all…thanks fur readn plz comment

  49. Sam May 22, 2012

    Hey guys I don’t understand how or why I smoke this sh** , Thefirst time I heard of this stuff I said I would never so much as touch it . I’m finding it really hard to Stop smoking it, lately it seems like the only time I enjoy myself or am happy is when im on it . It started as smoking it once a week with my friends , it has changed to 3 to 4 times a week I smoke knowing I start work the next day at 7 . Could somone please give me some suggestions on what I can do stop myself as well as my friends from smoking please.

  50. Skyler Con May 24, 2012

    For me, meth = the biggest regret of my life. I pray to God to take me back to that day and I would have said “No dude, I have to leave, good bye and stop using that.”
    I’m 24 and I regretfully 🙁 first did it while I was drunk at a stranger’s house when I was 21. Now I do it about 3 or 4 times a month. I dropped out of university without a degree last year : ( It’s a scary, and f–cked up secret in my life, no one knows except the people I did it with. My siblings and friends sometimes ask why I’m acting strange, when I’m on it. I just say I smoked some weed with a friend or took an adderall. I promised my myself to quit that and alcohol and to return to university this fall to make my parents happy or get a full time job but I keeping going back to it more and more now. It really messes me up in almost every way! I was very anti-hard drugs and alcohol when I was a kid and I never even tried weed and alcohol til I was 20. I’m not the same person anymore. I was never a straight-A student but I had many friends and great opportunities that are slowly slipping away. People used to like me way more before :(( I can’t even keep a normal job for more than a few months. I barely work part time now. I love my family and friends but I cannot tell them at all. It would be beyond horrible and I would lose soo many friends. I wish to recover without anyone knowing.

    PS- It is changing my appearance also : (

  51. NiddyB June 2, 2012

    A few years ago, I used uncut glass grade crystal meth by smoking it, snorting it, and via Injection for several weeks. It was fun for a while, until my tolerance built up. So I decided to quit, and I did so with barely any effort. Crystal isn’t as addictive as the media / government wants you to believe.

    I was also a heavy user of Heroin before. Heroin, is far more addictive than crystal. Withdrawal from H makes you painfully physically ill, and you literally can die from withdrawal.

    While I will readily admit that Crystal is bad news, it’s not nearly as threatening as Heroin.

  52. sad June 3, 2012

    I have kids with a guy thats a meth user…we have been split up for about 6 yrs now. he has nothing to do with our kids at all but everyone always tells me things about him…we talk like once or twice a year…n e ways how do i help him?

  53. ann June 5, 2012

    Im done wit this S#it!!… I kant do it all.. school and meth.. I’m exsausted I. Dnt wanna give up on school.. I gotta work to provide and I’m dam sure I’m not give up on my kids over this crap.. I trew my pipe away … that’s my first step… its been a year since I started using… so much money gone to waste.. family time that I wasted sleepin or tweakin.. imma focus in school and my kids.. I’m only 24 I can do so much still … but its really up to me to stay clean…. and for those who are seekin advise in how to stop.. its really up u to to decide ur destany..either u want a regular peaceful life or you wanna be tweaker… best wishes…

  54. natasha June 6, 2012

    please can anyone tell me more about the effects devil / black seed can have on a person while smoking meth. my partners personality and his outlook towards me has become dangerous

  55. April June 28, 2012

    Hello all. I am sorry for anyone clean who is living with someone on this life-wrecking drug. Last year I can honestly say was the hardest/ most emotional year I have had of my life so far.Beginning around fall of 2010, my boyfriend if six years started acting different. . At first I couldnt see much change. He had a good job, we had a nice home with 2 dogs and were happy. But after a while he was taking ambian, but instead of falling asleep, he would stay awake and hallucinate and see things and talk to things in the house that wasnt there. One time I caught him kneeling by the wall talking to it. he said he was talking to albert einstein. Talking to imaginary people happened a lot, mainly at night after he took ambian(at the time I didnt know he was also on meth. So I thought it was just the sleeping drug making him crazy, I didnt know it was the mix of the two. I begged him to stop taking the ambian, but he said he had to bcas he wouldnt fall asleep if he didnt. For weeks maybe months, I would lock myself in my bedroom with my gun, afraid he would hallucinate and try to hurt me or my dogs. Im only 106 lbs and he was about 230. So I was really scared when he started seeing ppl who werent really there. Hed keep me awake until 4 or 5 in the morning, running into things spilling things and having conversations with himself until he would finally pass out because of the sleeping medicine. Then he wouldwake up and go to work at 7:30am every day. I ended up getting a second job just to stay away from him. I would work from 7:00 to 4:00 at my day job and then 5:00 to closing time around 10:30 at my restaurant job. A bunch else started happening like him getting in trouble at work and he had a few seizures, but to speed up my story, on I think Feb 1st 2011, I got a call around 11:00 on my way home from work. It was him, and he was yelling saying hurry and get home. When I got home he had burns covering his face, arms, and stomach. He had been making “shake and bake” in my laundry room and had been making it for a while without me knowing it (I was ignorant on how you make it and didnt notice the signs. basic household chemicals he would put back in their place by the time I came home every night.) Anyways so I rush him to the hospital and they keep him for a couple nights in the burn clinic, and for the next week I changed his bandages and took care of him, and then he got arrested because the hospital wanted to know what happened so I told them the truth. I wasnt going to cover for him and possibly get myself in trouble. So he was arresred and stayed in jail for 99 days. During his time in jail I refell in love with him. I forgave him for all the tormenting days and nights he put my through because hevmade me believe he really changed. When he got out of jail we got married. ugh big mistake. It wasnt long before I started seeing old signs of him being on drugs again..meth…Im nnot sure, but he would take all kinds of prescription drugs as well. After3 months of marriage I filed for divorce. In December it was final and he was out of the house. He now lives in his grandparents spare guestroom but I keep in touch with his mother. She says she thinks he is staying clean (hes on probation and has to take drug tests) She says he is going to church on weds, but still doesnt have a job. It was after he came home from jail and started doing drugs again and wouldnt get a job why I finally left him. I just realized I had tried as much as I coul, worked myself to death to pay the bills, lost so much weight from depression that I finally had to leave him I am so mych happier now that I live free of a drug addict. I eish he could have got it together after jail. But he didnt. Advice for people living with a drug addict…you can not changethem. They have got to make the decision themselves to change. Or at least he did. But if you have tried and tried to help them, it may be time to help yourself and get out of your situation. Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this…and final note, God helped me through that entire situation. I couldnt have made it through it without Him.

  56. shavon June 29, 2012

    Im scared&dont know what to do. I tried meth for the first time in december I just wanted to try it because I was so depressed &just wanted something to numb the pain in my heart. so many times over the past 7 months that this would be the last now 7 months later I feel like I can’t stop. I tried to confide in a couple of my friends and family member &let them kno i a problem but they don’t have time to help me like I need it after a week they for got about everything& im alone again. a few of those symptoms but don’t need it everyday but I do think about it all the time I can usually control those urges but as soon as I feel sad or or anything upsets me I go straight to it. it’s like it just appears and I have it. I’ve lost so much weight I am so embarrassed of myself I don’t even like to go anywhere I avoid my family and friends because I don’t want them to see me like this and I think it’s starting to really starting to mess with me emotionally I told my therapist got vitamins& medication this stuff is taken over my life I knew nothing about it before I tried it the person that gave it to me I don’t understand how anyone could ever give this to anyone expecially if they haven’t even tried it what it could do too you. want to just get up and leave away from where I live & all of the people so I could clear my mind and my body but I have children leavethem how can I get over this with no support no help stuck in this hell hole and I can’t get out I don’t want to do this no more I’m really really in my heart I don’t want to do this anymoreanymore

    • q1978blue July 28, 2012

      @ Shavon…..

      Its good to hear that you recognise that you need help and that you have in your way asked for it. My husband is a meth addict who also needs help. The first thing that you need to do just like my hubby is to put one foot forward and get help. No one can do it for you, not your friends family etc….they can be there to support you but the rest is on your shoulders.
      With enough will power and determination you can succeed!
      You deserve better for yourself and so do your children. Have faith in yourself even if everyone else doesnt, all you need to do is go to your gp or call a help line of sort.

  57. April July 1, 2012

    sometimes people will have support and help to stop using, but sometimes they wont. You have to have the strong willpower and love for yourself, and even more, love for your children to stop using. You are affecting their life and wellbeing if their mom is a drug addict. Think of what they must be going through and look at it through their eyes. How selfish if you cant find the will to stop. You have the strength to say no. You just have to say it.

  58. JoJo1984 July 20, 2012

    Just like any drug, you can do it, or it can do you. If you feel like you have a problem seek help. I tried it a few times and thought it was ok. Nothing special about it really. Like anything in life its all in how you handle it.

  59. Rene August 10, 2012

    My Story,
    I’m 26yrs, I have been a meth smoker for 8yrs now. I must say that METH is not a problem, the PERSON who decides to do it, IS. Over the past 8 years I have seen the best and the worst this drug has to offer. This drug is NO worse than alcohol,video games,prescription drugs, or even fast food. What ever you do in life, if you don’t do it with a purpose you will end up getting caught up in the first sensation of hype that is presented to you good or bad.
    I have a full time job mon-fri, I am also a DJ that dose private parties(ie:weddings,S16’s,B-Days…) I pay bills and I ALSO MANAGE TO MAINTAIN MY HABIT(meth). What has been the key to my success in living a decent life besides my addiction to meth? Well there are 5 very important rules/guidelines that I have followed since I first began my habit of using meth:

    1-You need to learn how to EAT when you are high on meth and DON’T get high on meth right after you just had a meal. Drink lots of water!!!

    2-You need to shower every day at least once and have a presentable appearance

    3-You need to learn how to REST YOUR BODY even if you cannot close your eyes for one second


    5-Always use a GLASS PIPE, anything else will just add more contaminants.

    Now, I feel no pity for those who have shared their sad and tragic life stories. I grew up in SOUTH EAST SAN DIEGO,CA. My whole childhood and teenage years i was what some people call a “LATCHKEY KID”. My parents were never home always working and when they weren’t I was at school I only saw them when i left for school in the mornings and when I got back home from school for about 30mins,and my 2 older brothers, well they were never home either. Yes we were a poor family living in the ghetto. I first smoked Marijuana when I was 9 yrs old. I had my first beer at 10 yrs old. The first time I tried meth was at 18yrs of age and I must admit, I WAS HOOKED ON METH SINCE MY FIRST HIGH ON IT.


    Here is/was my situation: I grew up unsupervised with no real role models, I lived in a gang war zone, most of my friends were from some type of gang, most of my friends did some type or many types of drugs, and worst of all even though i was suppose to be at home(“LATCHKEY KID”) i was never home either, I was always running around on the streets with my friends. I saw with my own eyes how many of my friends got killed or how they killed them selves slowly.

    What was the outcome of a childhood like mine????
    The outcome was “ME, MYSELF,& I”….Nobody in the true sense of the words really cared or looked out for me. I eventually learned that it was my own decision to take whether I would end up getting killed or killing my self slowly like many of my friends did. I decided to stay alive and well, even though the worst of influences were the same people I still call my friends.


    “The problem is not doing what ever you do, the problem is learning what to do after you do what you do.”



    My advice for those of you who are suffering on behalf of a loved one:

    Let your loved one know that you love and care for them and that you will always be there to help them . Ask them to please never loose themselves in a stupid careless way. And ask them to always remember to do what is best for them and the people around them who care for and love them…


    • Steven Jacob September 26, 2012

      You couldn’t have read my mind in any more clarity. I too am a producer/dj and have been snorting crystal for the past two years. 4-5 years prior, I had spent the entire time training myself and learning about music theory and how to use all of the equipment I know and use today. The result? about 8 years of f*** ups and wisdom from experiencing them. Another result? I learned how to apply what I know about musical structure to how I keep my life in order. I’m at a very happy place in my life, but the people I love waste so much time by letting superficial fear run their life. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t be concerned, I love them all to death. I did at one time get caught up in the “INEEDIT” phase and stole for what I wanted to obtain, but I literally have spent no money on meth or marijuana in over 4-5 months. I learned something cool about living; you do have to make things happen for yourself if you expect to move forward in whatever way you’d like, but one of the rewards of taking those actions and responsibilities is the way that the drugs come to you whether you seek them or not. I believe my lifelong interest in creation and being involved with music has a big role in why I am alive today…. Meth isn’t my addiction, (though I do crave it at times), rather, music would be my addiction. My wall is a poster board of track listings of mixes, notes on musical theory, mathematics notes, and quotes of me that enable me to remember that my life isn’t just being a meth addict; My life is one of experience, gratitude, and hardship. To some, people here might call me delusional or maybe even dysfunctional and imperfect. A few years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to live with that assumption that others made. Today, I embrace my imperfection as well as the imperfection of our world and how it is perfectly imperfect to harbor life. I don’t know what perfect or normal would be to me other than boring and mediocre. If you have a place to live, own possessions that make you happy, and have more than a lot of people all over the world, you can not, in any way, say to me that I am right or wrong for being human and allowing myself to be human after rejecting my true potential and capabilities because of that fear. I wouldn’t take back any of my drug dependency issues I’ve experienced for anything, that being said, I still wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Life is, has been, and will be tough along the road; but if it weren’t so rough and imperfect, we would make no mistakes therefore depriving us from learning what purpose, gratitude, and self worth genuinely means. These are just my thoughts, can’t claim that I’m wrong or right as opposed to what anyone else thinks; All I can claim is that ever since I developed an extra eye for perceiving perfect imperfection and purpose in relation to my reality, Meth nor any other drug I have done has ever been the problem. Drugs were my only way to cope with the bigger issues that have nothing to do with powerlessness. So instead of accepting powerlessness I chose to take charge, give myself credit where It’s due and criticize with optimistic solutions. It took me being so frustrated at my stagnant behavior to make me realize that if I want things to happen for me, I have to step up and stop being scared of my success. I’m still scared, but that fear is my motivator today. I want to show myself that I can do anything I work towards, regardless of any problem I may struggle with. Humans were never meant to lose control over something so simple as a substance. Everybody on earth has a varied amount of potential, reason being, potential is something you determine as a limit for yourself. It’s easy to think that we don’t have the potential to grow because it’s easy and natural to someone who is ungrateful to rest on their laurels. My only question is, why do people still strike themselves with anger when they see that I actually am succeeding in something that was always a fantasy of mine, while still being able to wire up everyday without pursuing it with a fistful of cash?

  60. abbas September 7, 2012

    my name is abbas i have questions and i need an answer asp i have used meth 4times during tow weeks the fourth time i ended up in the hospital having anxiety and that was 6\22\2012 and every since the day i did not feel normal like how i used to be before i would worry and think a lot my vision seem dezyness in it when i look at words or read something ,i can not focus much and its been since i got in the emergency and till now 9\6\ questions are 1 is this going to stick for long time 2 those 4times did it damage anything in my brain please someone help me with my situation because im so confused

  61. Big Abz September 17, 2012

    Abbas u should be alright bro…. A lot of guys can’t handle their sh*t and they keep taking their frustration out on their ladies… How sad u male junkies… I’m glad that I quite Evan though I was only smoking for 2 years… I’m 24 black and clean lol…. Wish everyone here the best…

  62. Sarah September 19, 2012

    Hi All,
    My name is Sarah, I’m a meth addict of 4 yrs & I’m 35 days clean today.
    In the beginning I thought I was in control, would starting using on Thurs night through til Sunday & then stop. My come down wasn’t too bad, was a little moody come Tuesday but other than that in my eyes I was ok. I had a great job which I have now lost due to my addiction.
    For me my habit became an addiction when I started using daily. Ppl would call me 2 score for them during the week so whilst I was @ my dealers for them I may as well grab mine for the wknd (bad move) It would be a Monday night & i’d have all this ice @ home, whats the point in waiting 4 the weekend, I may as well use it now, can’t just leave it sit there. By Wednesday morning I would have ran out as I was also using whilst @ work so to get through the rest of the week back 2 my dealers I went. In the end I had a $600 a day addiction which also lead me to loose my job so I started dealing myself so I could afford my addiction. The profit I made, I should be a millionaire right now however my addiction had me. I ended up having a head on accident as I fall asleep driving after being awake 4 5 days & that was my wake up call – the fact I nearly died or killed an innocent man all because I was on drugs. My parents took me into a drug & alcohol counseling centre where I was admitted into detox for 8 days, mind you I had already detoxed the first 5 days @ home where I literally just slept. I spent the next 8 days in detox which was fantastic & am currently waiting to get into rehab now. Just want you all to know there is help out there for you! I tried to give up on my own so many times but relapsed each time. This time I havent! It hasn’t been easy let me tell you but its all worth it in the end!!! Good luck to you all!

  63. Steven Jacob September 26, 2012

    A few more signs, if they haven’t been mentioned already; Bottle caps with droplets of water on the inside, random a** hotel key cards and/or credit cards for cryst-crushing, hollowed pen tubes, grimacing, feeling nasty and the feeling of a stench that follows you, and the decision to f*** the b***** or let crystal f*** you.

  64. ann September 30, 2012

    I m havin the worst cravins ever!! All I kan think off is callin my dealer…what can do to get thru to my cravings…?? I dnt wanna use but its so hard for me rite now!

  65. The article clearly points out the ten top signs of a Meth addict and I know personally that they are literally true. Addiction to Methamphetamine is really a great problem and one must deal with it with iron hands and firm willpower.

  66. Frances October 15, 2012

    I was with what I thought was a wonderful man for the last five years, 15 days ago he literally walked out on me, our three year old daughter and his whole life, home, car, dog, clothes, everything!!! I felt he was sneaking around on me for the past year, come to find out he was hiding his little meth habit. He NEVER admitted to doing it but I found some baggies and know they dont belong to me or the kids. I know hes out there doing Meth, I dont know what to do?? Should I go looking for him..I dont think I can!!!! I hate him for walking out on us and all the financial straits he left me in!!! This whole past year was a big lie, Will he EVER come looking for his daughter or can we just consider him dead to us?? He changed his number, we got a hold of his new one and my daughter left him a message that she missed him..15 minutes later he changed his number…dont know what to do..I have no income a toddler a teenager BILLs dont stop coming water and electric have both been shut off since hes been gone..I have no energy to save him, Im exhausted from just trying to keep me and my kids afloat..
    Thank You for reading and I appreciate any/all advice.

  67. Jonah Vandergrifft October 28, 2012

    Hello I think my mom is a meth user still. She has admitted to me that she used to do meth. Her Grammy passed about 2 months ago she says since then she hasn’t used. But I never see her eat she’s never home. When she is home she gets aggressive. I find the tube of a bic pens, it looks burnt on each side and has white resado on the inside. She doesn’t go to sleep till 4 in the morning. I don’t know what to do!

  68. Jean October 30, 2012

    alright so i slammed two 20’s this morning and i felt great. its been about seven or eight hours and i feel like shit. ughhh and i feel sad and bummed and i dont even know why. its a beautiful day nothings going too wrong. i dont know what i should do.

  69. Pat November 30, 2012

    I need help & can’t find it anywhere. My son is 29 & hooked. He lost his family & now has put distance between himself & me to a point IDK where he is most of the time, he avoids me. He has new friends & is mad at the family because we stopped “loaning” him money. The other kids all have their own families now & can’t afford to lose a few hundred–he never pays back & now he’s asking for a few hundred just for a few hours. He got angry w/his twin sister for refusing him $300 & is mad now. IDK how to reach him, he’s so far gone. First it was pain pills due to an injury. Now his face has sores & he paces alot & has NO MONEY even on payday. It’s killing me to watch him destroy himself. HELP. I’ve called clinics & detox & even the ones that would take him, wanted $2000 up front that we don’t have. Even w/insurance they still want $2000. IDK if he’d even agree if I did have the money. He says he has no problem. He hasn’t seen his son in 7 months because his wife won’t allow it unless he takes a test & passes & he refuses, so I know he can’t pass a test. I want to think if he saw him he’d wake up, but IDT that will happen. She tried meeting w/him to see the baby & he always got mad & left & baby is 3 now, he understands more. I don’t want my grandson hurt & confused as well & I don’t know what to do. I cannot keep watching him kill himself this way. He passes out, not sure how he manages to work every day but IDT that will continue for long. He said he had a friend who was helping him get off the pain pills & the following week, he had sores on his face & I’m thinking they upgraded him from pills to meth because he’s also mean now & acting different than he was. He stopped staying here 2 months ago but his things are still here. He stays w/his sister & her family SOMETIMES because he has no gas money to get to work & even after child support, he still nets between $500-600 a week & pays nothing to live & eat w/me or his sister & he is still broke on payday. Something isn’t adding up here, his money goes somewhere & it sure isn’t spent on new clothes or housing. I can’t turn my back on him, IDK what to do.

    • Ruth January 22, 2013

      Hi Pat
      I live in Australia & have just read your story….I know how you feel, how are things with your son now ??
      I have lived this nightmare to & looks like it is about to begin again :(( Please contact me if you want to chat, I could do with some support to from someone who understands this horrible addiction x

    • Phil G. Jones Sr.... February 15, 2013

      Pat , my heart goes out to you The only thing powerful enough to make this demon leave your son is God , and tough organized prayer that comes from righteous and honorable , good people. Do you attend church anywhere ,and would they pray for you and your son? I hope so . I truly do. I am certain that your boy feels horrible for the things he is putting you through. But that doesn’t excuse his love of excess and lack of self control.. tough love, prayer and refusal to accept his behavior is recommended lady. Does your husband or a relative have a job that might help or again could your congregation take up an offering? Good luck. and from another addict -me-who feels so much shame for losing the last years of my mothers life to drug use and self pity and just oh God , ****! Trust me , he is missing you and the old him with a longing you will never , thank God know I hope. I will send this and pray for you dear lady and your son.. God bless. ****

  70. Reebok December 5, 2012

    Ummm, I never got itchy. You’re thinking of opiates. That shit will make you itchy. Not meth. I would know, I used to shoot up.

  71. melinda January 4, 2013

    I am 15 years old and have done meth twice.. the first time I did it all I could do afterwards is think about it, and want it.. I didn’t wanna do it again. But my anxiety shot threw the roof and I was feeling like I needed it.. I wbanted it BAD. So I did it again.. I’m scared, and Idk what to do. I know where all this leads to. I’ve seen my parents do it my whole life. I love meth. But I don’t wanna loose my teeth, or let this have could.tell over me anymore that what it already does.. I’m scared.. I regret trying it. And I’m lost and confused.. I can’t tell my parents cause I can’t bear to hurt them. I may sound like I’m being over dramatic. Because I’ve only done it twice.. but it honestly only takes one time to become addicted..

  72. McKenzie February 27, 2013

    Hello all, I am a 14 year old girl that is scared concerned worried but slightly pissed.. I have recently found out my mother has been using meth.. My boyfriend helped me as he has lost 2 brothers to it and know about it. My mom will sleep all the time then be up for a couple says straight. She barely eats. She is bipolar and has mood swings like she will be happy and fine for a couple days ten she will start freaking over everything and anything. She always thinks people hate her and she will punish me for no absolute reason. I just don’t know what to do anymore.. I wanna get out but I’m scared ill go into a family and I wouldn’t we able to see my boyfriend anymore who means everything to me.

  73. Shelley March 3, 2013

    France’s, my name is shelley and I’m also in your same situation. My husband of twenty years won’t contact me or the kids. He is in contact with his two oldest because they help him find the drugs. I cry all day everyday and feel like I’m dying. He’s 46 and is running with a 32 old meth user with four kids and has custody of none of them. I honestly can’t believe what my life has come to. He steals and lies and won’t contact me or call. He also changed he number. He is with her for drugs a car and a running mate. When I think about the sex and meth I seriously throw up. I am hardly a prude actually I was the one of us with the sexual appetite. To think of my husband with n ugly meth whore kills me. I’m wondering if there’s any hope left at all. I think to myself if there weren’t the meth he’d be right back with me. I am very attractive hard working and smart all of which she’s not. I pray and pray for him to go to prison hoping that brings my husband back to the forefront.

  74. JT April 1, 2013

    I have a 24 year old friend who has been doing meth for almost 3 years. He’s very goodlooking and amazingly his body still looks like he works out. He started using meth to get off heroin. Although he identifies himself as heterosexual he has been selling his body to men for money and/or trading sex for meth with various 50 year old men in West Hollywood. He is spiraling further down a rabbit hole and I’ve tried to help but it’s not working. He has done meth with his mother and his brother. Any advice?

  75. Alexis April 6, 2013

    Hello, I’m 19 and I consume this drug. As I read the stories how this drug has been destroying your life and family Im crying knowing what your going through.i overcame many obstacles and this will be just another I just know. I fight for my life everyday not only for me but for my family, i’m gonna live life because i didn’t put them through hell for nothing, this drug is powerful but not as powerful as me and the rest of you. Stay Strong marked on my thighs is a reminder to never give up.God,Positive atittude, and the support from family is what it takes to stop consuming it. I know its not gonna change a day for another its gonna take time be patient. Everyday I realize I do it less and less i still hate the fact that I do it but, God will not leave me alone he loves me and I want to make him proud. I can honestly say it sucks there was times when I had no reason to be here I felt less about myself no importance in life,heartbroken,back stabbed,alone but I realized there’s no such thing as friends no one will Love me more than my Parents,2 Brothers,2 Sisters. I know I won’t be the same as I was but ima be a better me, because I kno

  76. Paul May 6, 2013

    It was common practise to use any bug spray (Raid, or any fogger we could get at the dollar store) and make this stuff and sell it with full intention to kill people who used amphetamines. Often, a battery (the anode) was connected to the aerosol can. The cathode was connected to ANY type of metal screen that could be found – copper, aluminum or otherwise. The resulting white residue was then dried (often with toluene – or carburetor cleaner) and sold directly to the user. I hope they all suffered well – since profit was greatly made.