Spirituality and Bonding Boosts Mood in Recovery

Finding a meaningful purpose in life and bonding with other people helps those in treatment for substance abuse ward off depression, a new study shows. Recovering addicts who both feel connected to their spiritual sides and form mature relationships with others enjoy more positive moods during recovery work, says “Attachment Style, Spirituality, and Depressive Symptoms […]

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The Power of a Transformative Recovery Experience

When people say going to treatment changed their lives, you might underestimate what that actually means. A recovery program can do more than just help you get clean and sober; it can change and improve every aspect of your life. The most profound recovery experiences can help you find an unrivaled sense of peace, freedom […]

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Noah benShea For thousands of years anyone wanting to get anywhere usually began by finding a star they could follow. The reason behind this was quite simple, and in many ways, still applicable. No matter the light, the clarity, the vision any of us think we have in our life, as inevitably as night follows […]

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Casual Marijuana Use Harmful

marijuana gateway

Even occasional pot use can impact brain function negatively, a new study finds.

For decades, pro-pot groups have insisted that a little recreational use was no big deal. Now, a new study reports that casual marijuana use may have a not-so-casual effect. Researchers at Northwestern University analyzed how casual marijuana use impacts the brain and found that young adults who used cannabis just once or twice a week […]

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Adults Using More ADD Meds


Adderall use rates are rising at an alarming rate in those 18 and over.

We often associate ADD and ADHD with high-energy children who have a hard time sitting still or focusing. Adderall has become the go-to drug to treat this condition in children, but now it turns out that adults are flocking to the prescription medication. The pill for treating attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is still primarily used by children, […]

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Marijuana Vending Machines


They already exist, but are these automated pot dispensers coming to your area?

Marijuana is already easier to get in several states, having been legalized in Colorado and Washington. Now, vending machines may make procuring pot even easier. A machine called ZaZZZ has been installed in Avon, Colorado and is the first public, automated dispenser of marijuana. Unlike the snack and soda machines we’re so familiar with, though, […]

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A New Type of Bitcoin


Authorities are issuing warnings, but not for the online currency. Instead, they’re referring to a new type of ecstasy pill that has sent some to the hospital.

Bitcoin usually refers to a peer-to-peer payment system introduced in 2009. The virtual currency is controversial, but not as controversial as the use of that same term for a new type of ecstasy. The drug Bitcoin is a hot new variant of MDMA that is popular in Europe, particularly the Netherlands and Great Britain. There […]

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DEA Chief Speaks Out About Legal Pot


The decriminalization of marijuana in the US continues to be a divisive issue.

When Colorado and Washington state legalized marijuana, it led to a lot of joking on social media and the late night talk shows, but one high ranking government official doesn’t think it’s a laughing matter. The DEA’s Chief of Operations James L. Capra called the legalization of marijuana at the state level “a bad experiment” […]

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Traffickers’ Tunnel Discovered at US-Mexico Border


Agents shut down the new drug route before the sophisticated underground pathway could be used.

Drugs are big business and traffickers will go to great lengths to get their product on the streets. One of the latest methods is a recently discovered drug tunnel that stretches between San Diego and Mexico. The sophisticated pathway included rail tracks, ventilation and lighting – all right under the US border. Authorities found the […]

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The Alcohol-Broken Bone Connection


Why are heavy drinkers more apt to break a limb?

We all know that heavy drinking can lead to a host of health risks, but who would have guessed that broken bones are among them? It turns out that doctors have begun connecting alcohol abuse with an increased likelihood of broken bones, and this doesn’t just refer to accidents like drunken falls or car accidents […]

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