Percocet Addiction and Treatment

Your Percocet addiction started in the most innocent way. After surgery for your car accident, you had a lot of pain. Your doctor prescribed Percocet to help you out. After a short while, true pain relief was hard to come by, despite taking an ever increasing amount of pills. Before long, the sensations you got from the Percocet felt better than your real life. You developed a Percocet addiction. How did it all go so wrong?

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21 Actors Who Died of Drug or Alcohol Overdoses

There’s nothing glamorous about drug use, as most of us realize eventually. You may have heard stories about famous people who use drugs to party or get through life, but many of them sadly end up dying before their time. Still not convinced? Here is a list of actors and actresses who died of drug overdoses. Marilyn Monroe – Her death, due to an overdose of sleeping pills, was ruled as a “possible” suicide. John Belushi – Died in 1982 after injecting a speedball – a mixture of cocaine and heroin. River Phoenix – Died of a heroin overdose while […]

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