About The Canyon at Peace Park

What’s unique about The Canyon?

The Canyon at Peace Park is a private, secluded retreat in the beautiful hills of Malibu, California. Our treatment philosophy is simple: specialized, cutting-edge care, recovery plans tailored to the individual, a supreme healing environment, and a program that addresses both substance use and co-occurring mental health conditions. In a compassionate, fine-tuned approach, we treat the whole person.

Photos of the Canyon

Our Staff

Kathleen Bigsby, PhD CEO of The Canyon
Juan C. Pérez, PsyD Clinical Psychologist
Diana Foster, Alumni Coordinator
Dr. Jim Gagne, MD Consulting Internist
Dr. Mark E. Jaffe, MD Consulting Psychiatrist
Dr. M. David Lewis, MD Consulting Psychiatrist
Dr. Terry V. Eagan, MD Consulting Psychiatrist
Gabriel Boyko, Executive Chef
Eve Martin, LMFT, EMDR Therapist
Dr. Gaetano Vaccaro, PhD Family Program Coordinator
Joni Lavick, M.A. MFT Family Program Facilitator
Juliet Gurevitz, MSW, ACSW Primary Therapist
Lauren Wolff, MA, LMFT Primary Therapist
Dr. Allison Kozonis, PsyD Primary Therapist
Dr. Ian Wolds, PsyD Clinical Director
Robert P. Waldman, MD Consulting Internist