Premier Accommodations Nestled in the canyons of Malibu, we offer a private setting to heal.
Dual Diagnosis Treatment Evidence-based treatment for both addiction and mental health issues.
Treatment Programs A holistic approach that is based on individual treatment goals.

    The Premier Sanctuary for Customized Care

    The Canyon offers sophisticated care and customized treatment for individuals with co-occurring conditions. This elite center offers a complete continuum of care that includes many treatment options, services, and learning tools that allow each client to build a lasting foundation of recovery.

    Kathleen from The Canyon

    Kathleen Bigsby, PhD, LCSW CEO

    “I love what we do. I believe in what we do.”

    The professional and caring staff are dedicated to recovery. Patients find relief from mental illness, behavioral problems, and substance abuse issues at The Canyon.

    Exceptional programs such as, Sweat lodge Ceremony, and Adventure Therapy provide individuals with unique opportunities to gain deeper insight and promote powerful change. The Canyon offers a unique culinary experience that supports the mind, body and spirit in the recovery process.The Canyon chef works with the freshest, healthiest, and highest quality ingredients, including organic & locally grown produce, pesticide and antibiotic free dairy products, poultry, fish, and beef. The healing properties of fresh foods allow the body to reach a balance that helps to reduce cravings, create strength, calm the emotions and bring clarity of mind.
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    Co-occurring Disorders

    The term co-occurring disorder is often used interchangeably with the terms: co-morbidity and dual disorders. All of these describe a condition where a person is affected by a type of chemical dependency and an emotional or psychiatric illness. Individuals who experience a dual diagnosis often face a wide range of psychosocial issues and may experience more than two interacting illnesses.

    The program at The Canyon is nationally recognized for integrative and evidence based methods that have produced proven results for individuals with addiction and mental health disorders, we are one of very few facilities that are prepared to deal effectively with a co-morbid diagnosis.

    Research shows that more than half of the people affected by one condition (such as an addictive disorder) are also affected by at least one other condition (such as an emotional or mental condition), and vice versa. Individuals with these disorders often face a wide range of psychosocial issues and may experience more than two interacting illnesses. When all conditions are not simultaneously treated, recovery is far more difficult. Unfortunately, because many addiction recovery and mental health programs treat only one condition, many people are under-treated. A single course of treatment is less likely to be effective than a comprehensive plan that simultaneously treats all addictions, and disorders.

    Clients that are admitted into the treatment center for several conditions might be seeking help for eating disorders, pain management, trauma or more.